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  1. Thanks man! That's actually Liberty Twp by Jenny Jump State Forest.
  2. No, he was in my work parking lot today, located in Maywood NJ. Sweet looking ride though, love the brakes on that thing.
  3. Sitting next to 997 GT3 RS today.
  4. Sorry but feeling nostaglic,possible repost of my old S60
  5. Spending an entire Saturday at work wishing I was at Carlisle.
  6. Cars are looking great guys! Did a bunch of maintenance like oil change, axle, powersteering rack, angle gear, poly subframe inserts, etc.... Different pic with the new wheels. And some pics from moving into my first house. Moving in How she sits looking out my new window
  7. Nice looking T5 Chilli! Good luck with the Saffrom sale. I might be picking up a 1998 C70 T5M in Saffron soon. I changed up for the summer season finally, still need some center caps. Eastwood fender roller, kinda awkward at first but easy to get the hang of.
  8. Do you guys check the ring gap and grind the rings if need be or do you just put them on the pistons as is?
  9. It looks great so far. Do you need special tools to put the rings on the pistons? Any special steps when installing the rods and pistons? Like do you check the ring gap?
  10. Glad to hear you got it smoothed out, I bet it feels better not to worry about that all the time.
  11. I think the consensus is the 2.5 LPT is probably the weakest of the RN motors so I don't think anybody is that surprised it went south with the 20G. Looks like th main problem was the weak stock rods, I have seen a stock 2001 S60 T5 bend its rods too so I think forged are the onyl way to prevent that. The cylinder liner looks slightly cracked, I believe the 2.3L block and shims are gonna help there. I am following this closley as I am starting my own 2.3L build here shortly.