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  1. Did some work with parts Ive has for years now. Mocked up the biggest turbo I currently have and got it clocked. Fitting up a divorced external wastegate and downpipe for the PTE5952 turbo for later down the road. Not sure this is any better than other choices but it allows me to run the turbo I wanted on the S60R exhaust manifold (or perhaps Japanifold? Still need to shave the lip on whichever one) while still using an external wastegate, to maximize the pressure drop across the wastegate I'm leaning towards an open dump or possibly WG cutout, rather than plumbing back into the 3" DP. I wanted to try this type of setup, mostly cause I thought it looked cool and sounds cool but also because it's rather simple idea and not too pricey. I rushed a bit and may have to redo a bit, I should have used a small straight 2.5" spacer section before the angle cut into the bellmouth. It's a bit tight for the lowest bolt, I'll have to get a shorter bolt or perhaps use studs. Also, right now this is 38mm Tial unit, need to swap to 44mm for sure. Still need to port the WG passage on the turbine housing, just bought sets of burrs to do the job. Took some comparisons side by side with K24, doesn't look like clearance should be an issue despite the huge size difference. I'm using what I have, it's a mix of mild and stainless, using flux core for now cause that's what I got, I did try some new blue demon stainless steel flux core wire but it wasn't happy so I went back to Lincoln regular flux core mild wire, oh well it works. Again, better choices for materials and processes but making do with what's here.
  2. Have you tried disconnecting the new gauge? Maybe faulty and back feeding? I don't have wiring guide handy but when in doubt try another isolated 12 key on source. Ground close to gauge if possible. If you put it back like it was and still have problems then it's not the gauge. Double check engine, charging and ecm grounds, can never hurt to have clean tight grounds.
  3. http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/168942-td04-turbine-and-compressor-upgrades/
  4. Hello guys, It seems like the same questions are being asked over and over despite there being numerous topics , including stickies, about this very topic. I know everyone thinks they need to know now but often these dead end and just clutter up the forum. As Andy just statd, he and many others have performed these swaps and documented here for us to follow. There are writeups covering the different gearboxes, M66 is really your only practical option at this point and is the best choice anyway. More or less it bolts up, some work needs to be with mounts, wiring, TCU removal, etc....these are all covered extensively in the threads. Andy's even covered this before for others, listing the threads to read...http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/166491-s70-awd-manual-swap/?do=findComment&comment=2314320 see below: OP needs an M66, flywheel, PP & clutch, slave cylinder, etc. Plus he needs a shifter, cables, and x70 manual pedals. Both axles and bevel gear are fine to re-use, and he'll need to mod his left side trans bracket or buy one from Hussein (lookforjoe) Here are some very nicely detailed threads explaining the AWD manual swap Big Will 98 V70 with M58 swap: http://v70r.com/forums/topic/14234-m58-swap/ Lookforjoe 98 XC with P2 M66 swap '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Korruption 98R with P1 M66 swap BlackT5 00R with P1 M66 swap '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Details on axle differences from year to year: http://v70r.com/forums/topic/33058-98-00-awd-components/page-2#entry123834 Hussein's M66 Build http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/index.php/topic/91903-m66-awd-in-98-v70-awd-xc/ DO people even search anymore??? Rhetorical question. I have an ongoing build thread in which I am currently documenting a parts build up and M66 conversion on my 1998 V70 AWD. Your only difference in your ME7 in 99 so you different wiring and ECU issues. You will need a ECU reflash to a manual tube for best results even if you get it running but I'll leave the ME7 specifics to others. Nothing you are doing has not been done before, there are many e amples for us to learn by here, please search, read, read more, and then create a build thread once you are putting it together and have actual specific questions, other wise we wend up with countless threads all about the same things with very little content The swap is reasonable for a mechanically inclined person who is willing to do extensive research and problem saving with some fabrication and customization needed. It will not be easy, cheap or fast. Certainly much more realistic than buying a P1 V70R (in stick I'm assuming)...... There are no P1 V70, P1 refers to the smaller, modern platform the S40/V50 are built on. Gen 1 V70 are chassis code P80. There were no manual AWD V70, R or otherwise, sold in the USA either, we only got auto.
  5. Ahh, so then the gate is very practical and huge benefit to if you can fit full sheets. How nice is that! Do you expect any difficulty or special steps to resister and use on road? I see the bed posts, do you plan for wooden bed floor or similar?
  6. Just like that huh? You have a knack for making it look much easier than it is! Amazing transformation and I love the wagon hatch though not sure if it's that practical but worth it. But really looks like it's coming together well, your planning and layout seems to be perfect.
  7. Ok well that's what I'm seeing too so as long as I'm not alone I can work around that easily. I have compared only stock 609, rev5607, and my tuned .bin and, as amateur as I am, was pretty easy to see the big changes. It's helpful for me to look at how the different engines were tuned and then how my old tuner did things, the general trends are becoming apparent to me but I have much to learn. I am rereading the tuner pro manual just to be more informed there and also pulled out my old EFI tuning book for general refresher on some things. Yes a tool or function like that would be very helpful indeed! Especially for the small changes that may not be so apparent at first glance. I did use the Difference Tool but that yielded results in a format I'm not familiar with and I didn't see a way to import that differences either.
  8. Wierd part is that the .bin we pulled works perfect with the 609 xdf. All tables and axis are correct. And the show compareompare to another 609 xdf bin the data and axis display correctly Only when trying to compare another bin with a 607 xdf do the values in the table get jumbled.... . Here is my extracted tuned bin being read with 609 xdf, VE table looks fine(upper instance). Below is a rev5607 bin with 607 xdf showing VE table. I note the "offset" values are different below the tables, not sure what that means. Here is an example of the show compare bin data function displaying correctly between my tuned bin and stock 609 bin, both using 609xdf, everything works, compare data, difference, axis all good. Here is the compare difference between my .bin and stock 609. And yes I would be happy to share the extracted bin with you, I have a list of what I could see done but I would appreciate your insight. Can you PM me your email?
  9. No I didn't, I need to read more on that but that makes sense. For now the axis has been changed back to stock. What's interesting is that my tuned bin shows target load values up to almost 12 but the load axis is still stock 8. So I understand the ECU will use the upper most values for conditions that exceed the tables, mostly by rescaling and refilling the values in the table give you higher definition and finer tuning for the load range you are actually using. A bit confused when I read that the lower half of the axis should remain stock since many tables reference them ....soo mostly rescale and tweak the upper ranges where it exceeds stock values? Is this close to the idea for rescaling load axis? Also have been able to move over the maps that were different from my tuned bin to a base rev5 607one bins and flashed to one of my other ECUs. Car is down with a cracked radiator, aluminum unit en route, will test soon. Was able to use the compare function on different .bins using same xfd, but I couldn't compare between different xdf, the axis get messed up and values don't display correctly in the compare data.....maybe I'm missing something. If I copy the maps to a bin using same xdf then I can compare but that's not as streamlined. So for now I just sorta manually compare, good enough for my purposes but would like to understand what I'm doing wrong. Here the upper window displays the compare bin data , below is the actual compare bin data. You can see the messed up table data in the upper instance, if you look at the file info the upper instance is viewing my tuned .bin using 609 xdf, lower instance is a slightly modded 607 rev 5 bin using it's matching xdf. Also received some photos from my partner doing the ECU hardware work. Here is the flash EEPROM being reinstalled on the board of my tuned ECU. Should be good as new which lets me still use it while I get the tune ready for the manual trans swap and K24, etc.... Anyway photos of computer parts, simple maybe for some but this was just a bit out of my comfort zone. 1. Cleaning the pads with flux & IPA 2. Tacking down opposite corners with little solder 3. Applying solder paste 4. Heating solder paste to complete the chip 5. Final cleanup with IPA & inspection
  10. I was able to recover my old tuned .bin file I have been running for years. I have manually identified the major changes in VE, timing and target load maps....but I am having difficulty using the compare functions, to show the difference table values between the two maps while editing. I think it might be due to the .bins having different xdf? All I did was take the standard rev5 607 .bin and swap in the LPT timing map. My extracted tuned .bin wouldn't display correctly with the 607 xdf but it shows correctly with the 609 xdf. When I load the two bins and click compare buttons I get values but they don't seem to make sense but I can't recall exactly how it's messed up and I didn't get photos of that, I will have to follow up after watching YouTube tuner pro compare and reading a bit more on the thread here.... I also attempted to rescale my load axis last time to 12.24 but honestly I only did that because I saw the trace bottom out at max stock load +8ms pretty much right away. However I don't actually understand how that scaling affects things, do I need to change the table values as well after rescaling the load axes? I noticed my tuned .bin still has stock load axes..... Tuned file ontop, rev5607 with LPT timing map and rescaled load axis on bottom.
  11. After researching EEPROM reading and writing, hot air rework stations, etc .....I have hired a electronics guy to help me obtain the .bin contents of my current ECU. My goal is to first compare the .bins to see what my old tuner actually changed. I am very pleased with how my car currently runs on the tune but given the tuner has long since gone out of business I am unable to have my tune updated for the new turbo, MAF, injectors and pending manual transmission swap. Once I have the tuned .bin I can make sure it's setup right and import the maps to my rev5.bin complete with WB02 and Boost logging, giving me an established base to start from for changing injector settings for Greens, rescale MAF tables for 3.25 ID housing and then tune for the K24. Been reading more and more thread, trying to digest, only a couple hundred more pages of awesome information to go. Some pics of my current tuned ECU for RN LPT, whites and 18T.
  12. Ok good to know. The ECU from my car originally was a 460, I don't see 460 bin listed, I did see 459 but I opted for the 609 as turboforslund had the xdf already. I may poke around the 459 or other LPT bins to see if they display right with the 609 xdf. I just want to see other examples. I also really want to view the .bin from my current tuned ECU and am looking at EEPROM reader for that. Can anyone confirm if this Willem programmer would do the job? http://keeelectronics.com/WillemPro.html
  13. https://i.imgur.com/qfv63H7.mp4 Video of live trace data review, sorry for bad quality and link
  14. What maps did you copy over exactly? Today I redid the tune by swapping in only the ignition map and the reengage ignition advance maps, left the VE and the TCV stuff alone. I also figured out the datalogging process and recorded a bit of data. Initial impression is it runs ok and avoids the CEL till the upper end now. I was curious how much boost it would build and it was less than 10psi for the little testing I did so far. I will hook up the boost and wbo2 soon. I did notice in replaying the live trace data that we are already hitting the upper load cells by 3900 rpm, so I rescaled the load axes to 12.24 using the downloadable rescaling tool but I'm not sure if that was required really or makes a difference without touching the other maps that use that axes. Honestly I need to catch up a bit on tuning procedure as I am in new territory with this project for me, this is the farthest I've been able to get and need to keep learning. I am trying to review the data to determine if the CEL was lit for knock at the upper end of the two pulls I did and if so, where to make adjustments to ignition timing of it would help. Another thought Im having is that the VE tables are quite a bit different and would think I should use the LPT map. But then I started to think my motor is even different than the LPT map, I mean wouldn't the VE be different between N series LPT and RN series LPT? Or is the difference likely not enough to matter? Anyway I will attach my bin and log if I can figure out how to do so. https://www.dropbox.com/s/le8dzn67n149gxj/first pulls log.csv?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/jljke08ouq147qm/607_rev5bnjgb18tlpt.bin?dl=0