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  1. This is all really helpful, thank you. My initial thought has been 300 at the crank, with everything overbuilt for reliability. Car is pretty much at stage zero, been a very reliable daily driver for the past three or four years, hunt down vacuum leaks like crazy, etc. new head seals as of two years ago, turbo rebuilt three years ago, etc But Andy that's solid advice on the oil pan seals. That and the main seals are original. I would *love* to start hunting 300 at the wheels, but I think the only way I'd let myself do that at this point would be to start with a fresh rebuild. I count on this thing too much. Aaron sounds like the way to go, tune wise. I'm currently about to get into a little trouble working on a 70's Ford truck, but after I get that running passably, I think a VAST tune is the next step, along with fuel upgrades. What are folks running for a fuel pump?
  2. And, sorry, just as a bump-- Is IPD/MTE still the least-likely-to-grenade-your-engine tune? (also $$$) ARD is a no-go, right? Seems like folks like Hilton, but seems like there are no tunes for the older motronic...
  3. 👍 Thank you! At least now I know this intense clearcoat damage is OG 🙃
  4. I feel like an idiot posting this, surely it must be searchable, but... The black 850R's -- were they single stage paint or BC/CC? I'm trying to determine how much of my quickly deteriorating paint is original...
  5. I seem to remember a few years ago there was some disagreement as to the timing for NA cams and even whether both were helpful with the stock TD04 hot-side. I -4 / E +5 still the recommended setup?
  6. This one has me stumped, forgive me if its obvious. about 4 years ago I was about a thousand miles from home when one of my rear breaks started sticking on my 854. I was on a job, unable to deal with it immediately, and the situation got to the point where the rear brake locked up, boiled the fluid, clamped the other one shut, and I had to get off the road for a few days and have both calipers and rotors replaced. If I recall correctly the passenger side was the one sticking. Two years later I'm on the highway about 700 miles from home and I hear the telltale "snick, snick, snick" again pulling into a rest stop. Brought it to a shop, replaced both rear calipers. Now I'm hearing it again. Not terribly bad, but its there. What on earth could be causing this? New remanufactured calipers each time. I'm thinking a bad wheel bearing or some kind of problem with the hoses? The bearings are silent, though.
  7. Hi all, I'm coming back to the 850 game after years away and I have a few questions about what is now common knowledge as opposed to several years ago... First, my car: I'm on my fourth 850 (third if we're counting engines.) I have a '96 854 R running mild bolt-ons. 16T, R manifold, IPD turbo-back. Big K&N cold air intake from the previous owner. Stock tune. Stock injectors. Its a quick, rattly, lovely car, (suffering a bad repaint from the previous owner) and for the first time in my life I have the time and money to work on it right. My goals: Pretty simple. I would like to get to a *reliable* 300hp. My first 850 had an MBC and a beat to hell 16T and I ran it like hell bouncing off fuel cutoff until I burnt an exhaust valve. This 850 is my daily, carts my kid around, and I can't risk blowing anything up with this one. She's got close to 200k on the clock, good compression numbers last I checked. My assumptions: At this point I'm assuming my intercooler is a weak link, and the injectors probably are too. I have some NA cams sitting on a shelf in my basement. Are they worth the work? Final question--what is a good, reliable, affordable tune these days?
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