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  1. I would just replace cam sensor with junkyard one and see if anything changes...The sensor is relatively easy to replace also. Sine it does eventually start its probably not throwing a code
  2. Thanks Zappo,. I checked the owners website and it appears he would have the experience/knowledge necessary to repair my engine. I will bring my car in and see if he's interested in doing the work.
  3. atefitty

    Help lifter ticking

    So looks like I have a cracked piston...part of the skirt was in the pan..Not sure if I should replace all the pistons or just get a junkyard motor...I have a lot of money invested in this car and engine...This really sucks.
  4. Any local Volvo owners have opinions on shops in Tacoma/Seattle area....I live in Parkland so I'm near Art Works, Rolf's and Boyel's...I just visited a shop in Kent too called REMPT. If you have any experience with these shops or can recommend a shop in the area please chime in...thanks...
  5. atefitty

    Help lifter ticking

    Makes sense to make sure those oil pan seals are good...Will probably start there..I don't feel and power loss at all and motor is running great...I will still do a compression test just to know the nmbers right now...thanks B_Dub
  6. atefitty

    Help lifter ticking

    A Volvo tech said he would advise me to change oil pan seals first before doing lifters...he said a bad seal will cause aeration of the oil and cause starvation to lifters....I understand this is a common issue but wouldn't I have oil pressure light on if the oil pressure was low? Plus my motor was rebuilt 5 years ago and seals were replaced for oil pick up. I picked up a quart of Mystery Oil and added it to crank case yesterday...I will drive it a couple hundred miles and report back. Oh, and thanks for your reply GDOG
  7. atefitty

    Help lifter ticking

    I believe I have a stuck lifter I listened to top end the mortor with stethoscope and it appears to be number one cylinder exhaust side.. I called the shop and the guy said I should replace the oil pan seals first because it could be sucking air and causing aeration... any thoughts or opinions I would appreciate it
  8. atefitty

    Dougy's Sonic Blue 850

    sonic blue looks awesome on wagons...damn, how many pole eaters do you need?
  9. atefitty

    Double R Garage

    first thing i would do is swap out that filthy steering wheel..nice car though.
  10. I got a name for him, " LUCKY"
  11. atefitty

    1997 850r

  12. atefitty

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Found a couple steering wheels at a local junkyard that looked way better than what I had..I went with the all black 850 wheel.
  13. atefitty

    Manual Swap

  14. atefitty

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Did i use enough tools? Notice the croewbar?
  15. atefitty

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    I got my foot pedals out today!! Removing shift mechanism