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  1. too many people in my news feed are pouring ice water on themselves.

  2. so bored. i can't even find something interesting on the internet.

  3. phone is broken. i am not ignoring anyone. Olivia Mary Aiken please let the parents know.

  4. after living on the west coast for a bit. it is quite entertaining to me how many east coast towns//city's are named after British towns/city's

  5. the worst part about living on the west coast is no Dunkin' Donuts

  6. So tomorrow I will be 25... Kind of scary, until I think about what I have already done in my life. I have over 350 runs down the drag strip. I have sang at Carnegie Hall. I have been skydiving. I worked the nightshift struggle for 3+ years. Shot the biggest dear in grand isle county of the season when I was only 14. Made food for incredibly demeaning people for years. Most of all, I was strong enough to embark on a life changing journey driving to literally the other side of the country to...

  7. i am the last thing as anything close to what could be considered a "grammar Nazi". Aside from other people who always call people out on the 3 "there's" what really gets under my skin and also preaches ignorance is the difference between "good" and "well". All i can ever think of is some young inbred southern girl saying something like "you done taught me good pah"

  8. life is pretty alright.

  9. come on Montreal! lets keep it going!

  10. Today at work i was a commercial truck digital speedometer specialist. I have officially been coined the "Jake of all trades"

  11. I am a forklift technology technician, only with the help of mr.

  12. day 2.5 of being a forklift technician ended successfully, with a fully operating 10k lb forklift.

  13. today i was a forklift technician... i can be anything if i want to be, and my company has a need for it.

  14. stay in? or walk across the street and sing karaoke? MEH. its time to finish this beer and head out. It's only Friday 14.3% of the time

  15. so tomorrow its likely i will be picking up a 1 year old chinese crested to be my partner in crime. I could use a little buddy.

  16. I've decided to sell my trailer and use the money to buy a transmission for my car.

  17. Up early for at work today

  18. the curch of jesus christ of latter-day saints just knocked on my door and tryed to make friends.

  19. tungsten is heaver then gold.

  20. should i buy a counter-top deep fryer for my apartment?