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  1. Looked at it. Tranny's fu@#$^. Just in time for Christmas! Jason :ph34r:
  2. Love the work! Kudos. Im glued for more. Jason :ph34r:
  3. Holy crap!...good job. Jason :ph34r:
  4. Problem is we are too passive when it comes to detering this kind of behaviour. Need to ensure that immigrants adhere to strict guidlines when entering an adopting country. When we moved from England to Canada my parents were put through a series of tests and quailifiers before we were even accepted. What work exp/education/trades..etc..etc. Thing that pisses me off most. How can you open your door to someone who cant even take interest enough in learning your language. What do I know! Jason :ph34r:
  5. have so much should be two cars! Jason :ph34r: