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  1. I inherited some parts a couple years ago and am trying to figure out what this downpipe goes to. I was told a Volvo, but can't find any pics online that look identical. I have owned 850R's and S60R's and am hoping it's for the S60R as that's what I'm currently driving. I have checked and can find no markings on it anywhere. It has three ports (I guess that's what they're called) - one right on the back of the head, one down a little ways and one all the way at the end. I assume those are for O2 sensors although thought my car only had 2. And why is the back one extended like that?
  2. I am considering rebuilding my turbo. What level of experience is required? I've done just about everything on my cars other then rebuild an engine or mess with a transmission. It's a Viva K24 Upgrade with compressor wheel damage. I figured I'd have it completely rebuilt instead of just replacing the wheel as I know it's a PIA to get that thing into the car in the first place. That said, it only has a couple thousand miles on it. If not myself, any recommendations of good shops that do it? I'm not above shipping it if I have to if I have trouble finding a place in Sonoma
  3. Good question. I'm wondering if the turbo in my 2007 S60R is the same as in my 2005 XC70. Is there someplace that lists this? I have had trouble finding anything like that online.
  4. Damn yellow Volvos! Here I am ready to sell one of mine (I still haven't seen one with as few miles; mine has 80,600) and all of a sudden everyone is selling theirs. I did some work to mine (new axles, hubs, struts/shocks, plus fixing lots of little things) and want to get back at least what I paid but don't want to list it until some of the others are gone. It is like a freakin' yellow sell-off! that dude in LA with one for $2,200 is unreal. I can't believe there is nothing major wrong with it but am still tempted to go grab it just because...well, because it is so damn cheap.
  5. Installed Koni's, IPD anti-sway bar, lowering springs, 302mm brake kit and IPD strut brace...oh ya, and front O2 sensor while I was at it. The strut brace actually went on about two weeks ago and I am really surprised at how much better the car felt. After installed the IPD sway bar I don't know which one made more a difference in stability. I only added the brace because it came free on a junker car otherwise I wouldn't have bothered but DAMN, I am going to install them on all my cars now. The Koni's and springs went easy; I have done that job before. The brakes went pretty easy too; I p