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  1. Sorry to only have questions and no answers for you but have a 2007 S60R with 150k and have been wondering when/if I'm going to have to deal with mine. Why did you pull it? Did you know it was bad? Does it throw codes or cause sounds/vibrations? Can I assume the car is still driveable even if the AG is bad? How long did it take to replace and how hard was it? (My experience level is that I've gotten as deep as replacing shocks/struts but never opened up an engine or tranny.) How do you run it in only FWD (what protections/precautions need to be taken?) I have seen some cheap used ones and was thinking of picking one up just so I don't get jammed up if mine needs to be replaced. Anything in particular I should be looking for to make sure I'm not wasting my time? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. Can I drive the car while the ABS module is out at the repair shop?
  3. Thanks - good to know. ...disappointing, but not as disappointing as trying to swap it out only to find out I'm SOL.
  4. I have figured out the part number for my 2005 Volvo XC70 (no DSTC) ABS module and am looking to purchase a used one to replace mine. (I will confirm the part number prior to ordering but first wanted to do a quick check online for prices before tearing the car apart.) 1) If I get an ABS module from the same year/model as my car, will it have the proper programming or will I still need to head to the dealer? 2) If it does not need to be same year/model as my car but just the same part number, are their any other concerns if I get one from a different year or model? (I am aware that there are services where I can ship mine in for repair and where they will send me fully-programmed ones for my specific vehicle. However, if I can go with a used one, it appears I can save a lot of money. I have kept the costs down on this car and am hoping to continue to do so.)
  5. Damn yellow Volvos! Here I am ready to sell one of mine (I still haven't seen one with as few miles; mine has 80,600) and all of a sudden everyone is selling theirs. I did some work to mine (new axles, hubs, struts/shocks, plus fixing lots of little things) and want to get back at least what I paid but don't want to list it until some of the others are gone. It is like a freakin' yellow sell-off! that dude in LA with one for $2,200 is unreal. I can't believe there is nothing major wrong with it but am still tempted to go grab it just because...well, because it is so damn cheap.
  6. Installed Koni's, IPD anti-sway bar, lowering springs, 302mm brake kit and IPD strut brace...oh ya, and front O2 sensor while I was at it. The strut brace actually went on about two weeks ago and I am really surprised at how much better the car felt. After installed the IPD sway bar I don't know which one made more a difference in stability. I only added the brace because it came free on a junker car otherwise I wouldn't have bothered but DAMN, I am going to install them on all my cars now. The Koni's and springs went easy; I have done that job before. The brakes went pretty easy too; I painted my brackets and calipers silver to kind of match the Pewter colour of my car. They look freakin' awesome against the Volan wheels and the tinted windows. I also painted the Koni's silver even though they are barely seen but I hate anything that stands out...like yellow shocks or red calipers on a silver car. The sway bar wasn't too bad although I could only get the car a little ways off the ground and my driveway is gravel so my back and sides and arms are all bruised now even though I used pads. oh well. The hardest part was the O2 sensor and not the fitting but the electrical connector. Without being able to get close it was very hard to figure out how the hell you opened it....without breaking it. I finally figured it out although it still seemed a bit weird. It looks like it is meant to be snapped open and close but the only way I could figure out how to open it put stress on the plastic tabs. They didn't break but they easily could have. Anyway, glad I did it while I was down there. I don't notice any difference but hopefully my fuel economy will improve. I started at about 9am and didn't finish until 9pm. Damn I could use a lift!!! Working on the ground is a serious pain in the arse.