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  1. I think I saw your wagon last weekend when I was walking around downtown ?
  2. Eh not concerned about doing the work thats the easy part. Finding the right parts these days seems to be the hard part.
  3. Did you end up getting a full P# list together for all the bushings you replaced ? Also about how much ? Just picked up the laser 99R and thinking of doing all the same stuff to it.
  4. Just Texted Lucas .... hes slow to respond if at all sometimes.
  5. I think the rear bumper is mounted kinda like the front bumper with those brackets. You should be able to grind them off and put new brackets in ? ( its been awhile since I chopped a car so .. )
  6. Id buy a FWD car and swap the FWD rear end in and delete that mess :D How hard was it to remove all that Jazz?
  7. Not possible. - Well you could but gas tank wiring and all ..... pass
  8. I bought more parts for both of them ..... Picking up the white one on Thursday :D
  9. I was just in Albany / Rochester last week LOL so you were down here and I was up there!
  10. If its a Old Nittany Lion .... go for it
  11. Unquestionable faith is the epitome of Ignorance. Repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. Religion is a cancer on humanity. How old does your magic book say the earth is? How long does your magic book say humans have been around ? :D No. They prove over and over all over the world why they should be trusted the least of all religious groups. :D
  12. Drive right past my house and dont say hi .... what ever... side note I will be in Albany on Tuesday next week .
  13. Black modded 850R in Lemoyne Yesterday afternoon.
  14. I bought one .... New Project in the works :D
  15. Meh did that last year it was fun , now I am stuck in the North East again ;-/