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  1. Because hopefully you have a bunch of notifications in your inbox now.

  2. I think I saw your wagon last weekend when I was walking around downtown ?
  3. Eh not concerned about doing the work thats the easy part. Finding the right parts these days seems to be the hard part.
  4. Did you end up getting a full P# list together for all the bushings you replaced ? Also about how much ? Just picked up the laser 99R and thinking of doing all the same stuff to it.
  5. Just Texted Lucas .... hes slow to respond if at all sometimes.
  6. I think the rear bumper is mounted kinda like the front bumper with those brackets. You should be able to grind them off and put new brackets in ? ( its been awhile since I chopped a car so .. )
  7. Id buy a FWD car and swap the FWD rear end in and delete that mess :D How hard was it to remove all that Jazz?