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  1. I think I saw your wagon last weekend when I was walking around downtown ?
  2. Eh not concerned about doing the work thats the easy part. Finding the right parts these days seems to be the hard part.
  3. Did you end up getting a full P# list together for all the bushings you replaced ? Also about how much ? Just picked up the laser 99R and thinking of doing all the same stuff to it.
  4. Just Texted Lucas .... hes slow to respond if at all sometimes.
  5. I think the rear bumper is mounted kinda like the front bumper with those brackets. You should be able to grind them off and put new brackets in ? ( its been awhile since I chopped a car so .. )
  6. Id buy a FWD car and swap the FWD rear end in and delete that mess :D How hard was it to remove all that Jazz?
  7. Not possible. - Well you could but gas tank wiring and all ..... pass
  8. I bought more parts for both of them ..... Picking up the white one on Thursday :D
  9. I was just in Albany / Rochester last week LOL so you were down here and I was up there!
  10. If its a Old Nittany Lion .... go for it
  11. Unquestionable faith is the epitome of Ignorance. Repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. Religion is a cancer on humanity. How old does your magic book say the earth is? How long does your magic book say humans have been around ? :D No. They prove over and over all over the world why they should be trusted the least of all religious groups. :D
  12. Drive right past my house and dont say hi .... what ever... side note I will be in Albany on Tuesday next week .
  13. Black modded 850R in Lemoyne Yesterday afternoon.
  14. I bought one .... New Project in the works :D
  15. Meh did that last year it was fun , now I am stuck in the North East again ;-/
  16. 2016 Ford Fusion , One week vacation to Punta Cana. S60R rear rotors :D
  17. Only thing Social Media is good for is dicking around. Reposting this on FB is no different then praying IMO
  18. I find anyone who watches MTV or E or such channels like that is a pointless idiot.
  19. I say we start hunting the humans that are complete whiney cunts about this. Maybe we can eliminate some unwanted bitchy humans.
  20. LOL nice. If I had the space I would be doing the same thing.
  21. Never was cool and anyone who did it in the past or now should just be shot in the head and left for the trash.
  22. Then yes those are the exact same ones. I just picked them up off of him a few weeks ago.
  23. Actually those are Modas not Heicos lol.