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  1. "I'd rather you hate me for everything I am then love me for something i'm not."

  2. I fapped on your pornfile

  3. Hunting Cougers .....

    1. T5power


      cunting hougars

  4. We need more hot naked bitches in here.


  6. So you going to sell me one of your cars some day ?

  7. Bieber,

    Keep your toy to yourself.

    I dont think grant wants to use your used dong.

  8. Kevin better watch your backside grants going to be all up in you soon ....

  9. wait what when was glow bowling you wankers ?

  10. Ahhhh Skeet Skeet Skeet

  11. beiber and huge dong

  12. LOL at your new screen name .

    I was wtf ... then lulzed

  13. I think this poor man has fallin off the face of the earth

  14. Oh please , it truely shows how stupid he is when he uses terms he doesnt understand

  15. Cougars FTW also cassie also :D

  16. Boobies you must show them to me :D

  17. bewbs send them to me and pedo bear says hi