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  1. Unquestionable faith is the epitome of Ignorance. 

    Repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. 

    Religion is a cancer on humanity.

    How old does your magic book say the earth is? 

    How long does your magic book say humans have been around ? 


    On 12/23/2016 at 1:50 PM, Fudge_Brownie said:

    To keep this topic focused on religion, since you bring up tolerance, should Muslims enjoy the same religious freedom in the US as Catholicism or Mormonism, etc? No additional screening at the border, no national database, and ability to build their place of worship anywhere they can buy?

    No.  They prove over and over all over the world why they should be trusted the least of all religious groups. 



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  2. 2 hours ago, fivex84 said:

    No body does forums anymore. It's all FB groups and Instagram. 
    It doesn't help that fly out pretty much every week. This is probably the second week this year I'm not flying. 
    The last few weeks I can remember... Los Angeles, Newark, Oklahoma City, Dallas... I'm perpetually tired. 

    Meh did that last year it was fun , now I am stuck in the North East again ;-/

  3. Yeah, couldn't recall the name.  Yes, the Modas.  Question remains the same. :D


    My car when it was still Matt's...

    Steve had those wheels at some point.  Did you and he swap?

    Then yes those are the exact same ones. I just picked them up off of him a few weeks ago.