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  1. that doesnt work do that or talk with the officer before hand majority of the time they will knock down on what you got , NEVER JUST PAY THE TICKET that cost you even more in the long run with your insurance going up and chance of losing your liscence also I would know I have lost mine 3 times for speeding and wreckless driving lol
  2. Regardless who is gets to be the idiot of the US , we as taxpayers are going to get screwed. You have to be kidding yourself if you think one is different then another one. there all evil and are only out to serve themselves and F us over. Go Hiltler :lol:
  3. And it looks like they should be buying that car for you
  4. that is going to be one sweet car B)
  5. well my cat pic made this thread ok to read <_<
  6. hes dead and part of the inside of his neck is hangin outside of his neck
  7. if you ask my opion (wich your not ) I think hight madders more then width you can be the whole way accross and it wount affect the screen to much but I hight is more important due to taking up extra screen space that can be used for something else . if anyone understands what I am saying lol
  8. how in the world can you tell ? lol let me see what I can do should be shrunk enough now any smaller and I wont have any bumpers lol
  9. am ok ? I think I need to cut the tops and bottoms off and I should be fine.
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    Chilled man