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  1. Wagon Needs - Tuned , Reverse lights to work , Horn. Put about 500 miles on it so far runs and drives fine with no issues. Coupe Needs - Interior put back together 100%, Aftermarket Radio and some custom LED stuff I want to do. Oh and just as of yesterday I need to change the passenger side wheel bearing out . It was smoking when I drove it home yesterday lol
  2. 2001 V70 XC-M66 1998 C70 GT
  3. Or the code that keeps your AC or Heating Running the lights on in your building or the power on in your part of the country. Shoot the water pressure in your hotel strong enough to take a shower or flush the toliet Youi would be surprised the amount of programmable controllers there are on the market keeping your day to day stuff easy.
  4. Anyone on here living in Venice or Rome ? I have some free time this week and next week Instagram is Outsiderep to see photos.
  5. I approve of this photo and all of the silver wagons !
  6. Me when talking about Jehovahs Witnesses and anyone who defends them..
  7. yeah if you can just send a few of those yellow wagons over here that woudl be great !
  8. Already asked LOL . I asked if we could put in a dip / chinnup thing here and that was shot down. Fat people
  9. I hate being in the fucking office
  10. I gotthe steering wheel and the rest of the matching wood trim LOL
  11. Come join the masses of volvopeople ! One thing I noticed outside of "you people" I dont have any friends. - Seriously due to growing up in the cult no friends from elementry school , and since leaving I dropped all the cult friends so all I have is you dudes on here .
  12. I finally joined facebook ..... so odd.
  13. Would bang like drum. What is the difference if any between 98 Tails and 04 Tails on C70 ?
  14. Drove the XC up and down the block ! - Also WTF volvo on the sunroof and making that act retarded if the car hasnt been driven for awhile ?
  15. actually I was there this February when I was in town for a AHR Trade show
  16. R bumper on the Coupe Debadged it ... fender must of been repainted since I was able to scrape the paint off behind it with my finger nail .... doh Need to debadge the rear Ordering springs and getting some stuff PC ... Anyone have ABM Black Turnsignals for sale ?