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  1. Trane / 18seer = waste of money .... anything over 13seer will never see the payback. I think the highest right now is 24seer ... LOL I am seeing a lot of manufactures using the BLDC Compressors for now much larger units where IMO its a waste of money due to the cost of the compressor / VFD and controls needed for it. Its almost as bad as the 0 payback for installing Geothermal in your house . ( but I would never say any of that in front of my customers ... since they use my controls and VFD to operate these silly things. )
  2. I think cant really tell the localtion perfectly if its on the right side of the gas pedel then yes if its left of the brake pedel then no.
  3. Where you ran that line .... thats where your clutch pedal is supposed to go .... interesting.
  4. Saffron R bumper S60 AWD Rear Shocks S60 AWD Rear Springs R Bumper Grills Bumper Plastic Mount cars are expensive ... Bunch of grey dash pieces will take more !
  5. I have a Epson 1080p LCD$pcmcat158900050018&cp=1&lp=4 Living Room 60" Vizo LCD TV and thats freaking fantastic !$abcat0101001&cp=1&lp=2 Bed Room 42" Samsung in the Kitchen
  6. Send me calipers I send you back brackets and calipers . $50 Already broke my promise to myself to not to buy anything for the saffron coupe... Rbumper R Grills Plastic Support Foam They actually met Tasca pricing and didnt have to pay for shipping ! R Steering wheel ..used $500 doh no more parts !!!!
  7. eh what Should be driving it this weekend
  8. Awesome ! That would be a bad ass 12 months ( wait thats only $5k a month ... pathetic ! )
  9. Yep I worked in a few and even a rendering plant and meh.
  10. Meh . If she hunted butt ass naked I would watch it . ( for about 15-20 min ... )
  11. I would but it would be a small fortune ... but at least it wouldnt be AWD regardless of what the stick on the car says ..... Looking like its going out on friday to pick up that 98R . Looks in good condition with the silver trim and such . Just waiting on milage , going to try to get it for $500 Ahhhhhh snap ! and yes your right.
  12. Where are all the 98 V70 Turbo wagons at ... just 2-3 years ago they were dime a dozen now I cant find a halfway decent one
  13. Uh .... Ok ... You have $750 for a camera but not $350 for filing bankruptcy ? How about at least not positing on here about it .... Prioritys ... yours are a bit backwards ...
  14. Last night on 283 around 7:30 pm Red 850 wagon with OBX Exhuast.
  15. I think he has a problem and thats pretty bad comming from me
  16. I tried doing tranny out the side and F that noise in the ass. What a crock of crap being faster and easier . So took 30 min and pulled it out the top and bolted the tranny on . I am dropping off two turbos at the local turbo shop and might just put the 18t on right away ... not sure yet. Other then that figured out why it wasnt shifting and such so should have running by the end of the month with all the mods I wanted done also. Just when you only have 6 hrs a week to work on it and its 40 min away its a really slow process.
  17. Tranny I can over head press ( did it yesterday just because ) , and engine by itself I can pick it up to hood height but dropping it back it would be ugly.
  18. Utter Junk. Unless you get the largest one all the smaller ones just end up bending a breaking . 01-04 Driver Side axle for the XC since the other one broke while I was removing it. Not to shabby, never worked with those before but used to sell the Daikin and Fujitsu stuff .
  19. Yelled at it and almost just pushed it out the garage and called the scrap guy ....
  20. Look at those pythons Nice job on the car, I was talking with your dad about it for awhile and great job reviving it ! I think my one arm might be bigger then you .....
  21. R Dual Mass On top T5 Dual Mass on the bottom. Center Diameter is different which cause the R clutch not to engage with the fly wheel and why I couldnt shift ...
  22. Didnt get anything done today ... Swimming tomorrow so Sunday it is LOL
  23. IIRC I think this is out of a 05 ? I am not 100% sure .I should have photos up tomorrow night as long as everything goes good pulling the tranny out the side . First time doing it that way ...