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  1. Well the real question is can you bolt a non dual mass clutch to a dual mass fly wheel ? Does anyone have photos of both ? .....
  2. You know how to solve that problem have the check go in on Friday and be ready on Saturday ... one day wont kill everyone . Well if it does ... they really need to adjust their priorities in life ..
  3. They probally thought that Tip was a tunnel and they were trying to drive through it . You know that popped into my head that maybe I was using a single mass clutch on a dual mass flywheel and that is the reason why it would work ? I will take photos of it this weekend , I do have a lot of random parts floating around in new boxes so maybe thats the issues ?
  4. The whole thing is when a ATM, Self Checkout , or even Easy Pass does a better job then a human does ... well no need for that human. Prime example for the Easy Pass is exit off the Ohio Turnpike. They have a Credit Card machine but random hours they have some grumpy as bitch of an old lady. If there is a credit card machine why is she even employed their ? I go in the bank maybe 1 time a year and that is due to I need to get more then $400 cash out which is utter BS. And grocery shopping ... I put my order in ahead of time and pick it up and go and only have to deal with one person and 0 lines. And that is the solution to every single problem, If you dont like your situation do something to change it. If you dont like your wife or GF drop them and move on and find another. If you dont like your job find another one. If you dont like how much money you are making , educate yourself and plan on getting a new . If all you do is bitch and do nothing to change the situation your in , well you can go fuck yourself and be miserable for all I care. I agree the " minimum wage" should it be raised for cost of living sure. Should you be able to live off 40 hrs a week working at McDonalds . No.
  5. I wish they were, they were at first since there is no way to tell the difference . Swapped them around and bleh. Any idea on the cost of the tool or part number ? I might just buy one so I know I dont have to do this ever again.
  6. Nope never had to on the last 3-4 I have done. I even checked with Hussein and he has never done that .
  7. Its all new P2R Parts , R clutch , R slave , new external slave so not sure why its not working. And yes the car starts and if I push the clutch in and push the shifter into 1st or reverse the car will move slightly...
  8. blahblah blah blah tranny is now comming out the side ... argh
  9. I am on the process of ripping the tranny back out to replace the brand new slave cylinder that doesnt seem to be working ... fuck
  10. Bled the brake lines and tried to bleed the clutch again....... fuck internal slaves I hate this wagon !
  11. And thats when you go younger ;-) Or stay at 40 if you have taken care of yourself lol
  12. 6 more years to go .... bunch of geezers
  13. Looking sexy there ! keep up the good work ! We all feel that way on everything we buy and nothing we sell LOL
  14. Well that would only happen at a Popeyes or a KFC not at a Dinner or at a PF Changs .....
  15. He ain't cracker like me lol. Even that would be a stretch calling me a cracker.
  16. How many black people have killed each other since the Mexican shot the black kid ...... And no one in the "OMG they kill that kid carrying skittles camp was murre erred" is mentioning that. Only reason this has gotten any news is because the Mexican looks kinda white to dumb idiots.
  17. $300 new in box never removed. I am going to pittsburgh this weekend and wanted a easy place to sell it and such. If you want I could meet halfway or something like that in the next few weeks. I will be down south of baltimore again in a few weeks for work. LEt me know
  18. Yelled at it and called it an asshole for not starting.........
  19. Agreed, And buy my saffron bumper off me ... and pay me when you get the money ......
  20. It's now in all four wheels just won't start doh !
  21. $100 worth of random crap from IPD , $100 of random small parts from Waltrip. $100 worth of random crap from local dealer ... Dont need to buy anything else ! Just need another day to finish it . ( tom mail me my axle ! )
  22. It was sitting around from when I was going to put it in the S60T5M LOL . I still have the wheels and the upper engine mount