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  1. Well at least there putting Adam to some good use ...
  2. almost .... done ... Cleaned up the garage also !
  3. Just the Saff C70 and the 01XCM and the wifes. Eventually it will be just two cars and my company car . No
  4. That powered the old volvo amp or antenna not sure which . Not used any more in that car.
  5. it summer time and finally warm enough to spend all day working on a car. Going to spend all day Friday also ! Need to get this shit running yo !
  6. Talk to ghoast shadow . And yes you are correct . Why I am sticking with Tomtom for my GPS needs ;-)
  7. A few weeks ago in Montreal . Dark blue V70 with Steelies OBX and V70XC Grill tinted and lowered.
  8. LOL now thats funny comming from you Hell no that shit hurts way to much , the shadeing on the bomb hurt like a bitch . I have another 1.5-2hrs left to color her in yet. Already working on left shoulder and chest design right now.
  9. Got this started ... And saw this guy in concerte on friday . Tiny lead singer is tiny ...
  10. Hey got a BJ big deal at least he balanced the budget. I would vote for that guy in a hot second ! yes reallly , if your to dumb or poor to spend $32 every 4 years I dont think you should get a say in what goes on around here . Why should you get a say when you dont contribute to the bottom line ? It woudl be just as stupid as letting and iIllegal ( chose your country ) to vote . Also dont you need your DL or ID Card to do anything anymore ? I needed mine to join a gym .
  11. I peronsally dont see the issue with make sure voters have some sort of ID to prove who they are . Granted it might be a made up fear but should you have some sort of ID saying who you are if your choosing who will be running the country ? And if you cant afford $32 or such every 4 years should you really be alowed to vote in the first place ?
  12.!/entry/matt-taibbi-reveals-how-romney-made-his-fortune-it-aint,504181cb444f67894744d7dc No different then what the mob does but some how this is legal .... To there death . Unless they are mentally ill, the government should have no say in what you do or put in or take out of your body.
  13. So the question to Dave is then what is the horrible things has he done then ?
  14. Who cares what they do to there own bodies , its there stupid deseicion to F it up , I for one have stopped carring what other idiots due. I see more damage done due to idiots eating fast food then removing a parasite from a persons body that they dont want . Also doubling of the Stock Market since he has been office ....... what is he doing so bad again ? :mindblown: I can see your side of info its defitnaly more belivable then the fucking retard vew of the Jehovahs witness , fucking idiots think humans have been on the earth for less then 6000 years .... I mean how fucking retarded do you have to be ? Granted they are only .7% of the US popluation and I can belive 10% of the popluation of the US is full of mentally handicaped cult worship assholes. Woops did that slip out .... fuck it :lol:
  15. Huh ? I need some details on this . Everyone is tech already has health care just alot tend not to pay for it .
  16. I pay for my own health insurance , what would the goverment fund me at all ? I agree with tihs , and I will never ever ever ever spawn crotch fruit - I live in the highest school district tax rate in PA also 2% - Justin is on 30 mg a day of Adderall XL and what enables him to slow down his thinking process and put it in a legiable format on the screen :lol:
  17. To the simple fact , a persons body is there own and what ever they decide to do themselves wether its good for them or not is not up to the Goverment to decide and espically not some religious fanatic either.
  18. Wait the south park episode isnt all that I need to know about mormons ? Crap ! - I personally dont care what relgion he is ( as long as he keeps his religious belifes sepereate from work ) , I am more concerned about past work history and all the crap that he pukes out that is flat out untrue.