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  1. Dave I am seriously surprised you would vote for some who is in a cult . Also Not only that it seems these cult followers like to lie left and right it's been counted of over 553 lies in 30 weeks from Rommel And this his mindless twat side kick I don't have a side at all but I can plainly see what side is evil, granted I am bias against old white dudes who follow cults and pressure others to follow there plainly wrong and fucked up views . That can be proven a lie with a little googling. Grant the cognitive dissence is strong in this thread . -Alan sorry if this offends you and is not pointed at you what so ever , and if more were like you I wouldn't have my grudge against them all.
  2. Put it this way if a JW ( .7% of the US population )was to ever run for president I guarantee you I will be the one to hand him his death before he could ever hand out his cult views to anyone else . And I really don't want a cult that only speaks for 1.7% of the US population running it either.
  3. Or pushes there faiths morals on the general public . What yout think is not the same as what I think is ok . Especilaly since this country was built and based uppon religious freedom Only in the 50s did we due stupid stuff like " in god we trust " on our money and such . Your relgion and polotics should not have anthing in common . If you disgree lets ellect some idiodic Amish and drive wagons every where . - fck the amish - sweet jebus wheres the spell check around here ? I cant read half the crap I type . 100% agreed !
  4. No clue I just see the one commerical over and over , and along with a few other things I rather stick with who we have . Stock market has doubled while he as been in office.
  5. http://www.rollingst...apital-20120829 The guy is scum all around , and dont worry rape babies abort themselves Instead of building new companies from the ground up, we took out massive bank loans and used them to acquire existing firms, liquidating every asset in sight and leaving the target companies holding the note. Cuttyshark boyies ! - Goodfellas - I thought I was being original with this idea LOL ..... I am not damn :(
  6. I agree I am very biased agasint it .
  7. Watch the crapy TV commericals , its nothing different the mafia does. Grab a buisness , sell everything off thats worth anything , bury all your debt from someplace else on it then file backrupcty and screw everyone else that anhything to do with it . I need to get in the buisenss I could be a millionaire ...hmmmm ideas .
  8. Dude ... do you see the crap they do ? I am not political at all but serious Romney is a freaking death threat to the US Economy . The guy runs all his companies like the mafia does . Also the simple fact of the bible should have no influnce on how you run a country either , that is to me the most scaryiest thing that a Kids story book runs the lifes of this idiots .
  9. Doesnt Romney busness pratices resemble the Mafias ? Get a buisnes , suck all the money out of it , then file bankrupcey and claim a profit . - Goodfellas
  10. Psh spider man has 4 movies out about him . God has 0 Thats enough proof right there :lol:
  11. What you dont think everyone should get something even thou they dont pay for it ?
  12. Its the same bumper , its just a second cut out nothing else
  13. Needs some spacers in the rear other then that . AWESOME !!!
  14. Never mind guy is to much of a PIA to deal with . Dude I said I wanted them 2 days ago and now 100fuckingmillion emails later I dont care. No I cant come during the week I work 8-5 and your three hrs away And no this weekend wont work and next weekend I will be in newyork so ...
  15. hahahhahahahahahhahahhaahahhaahahah
  16. I have to think now its more of me then her . Thanks thou !
  17. depends on how this weekend goes pretty much.
  18. Agreed you could be looking at getting a divorced and having to liquidate your volvos ........ lol wut
  19. 15 min from harrisburg wouldnt be bad , still overpiced for that house in that area.
  20. 500k house ..... F that house payment . other then that sounds like you have it all worked out