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  1. Pics of wheels/tires?!! If 142's are anything similar to 240's (which I assume they are) adding a rear bar definitely makes the back come alive. Makes a 115hp NA B230F feel like a big block V8 in the rain :)
  2. Doesn't seem like the lift is very aggressive but that's a shit load of duration. You won't be getting a lot of low-end torque with that baby :lol:
  3. Wagoneer855

    Eriks 850

    Glad to see you have it started! Whoever you're building that for is a lucky man ;)
  4. Lets not forget that doing so would be at least a +20yr investment, and they really can't afford to go into more debt. Especially when every American is screaming for short-term gains right now. Needless to say it's going to get worse before it gets better. Better do something, if the States goes down we go with them :lol:
  5. Coooooooooool! I love 140s almost as much as I love 1800s. Very excited to see progress of this. And it's by someone who doesn't cut corners, going to be nice to see some non-tbricks modifications on a RWD!
  6. Wagoneer855

    Eriks 850

    Looks sick! Stance is perfect. Don't like the tinted corners though, makes it look like it has chubby cheeks.