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  1. theres a thread for beeeeeeeer, post in that one so it gets bumped up!
  2. awesome thank you both. im handicapped with reading comprehension . and instaling forge cbv = worse than banjo bolt BUT from what ive gathered ive never seen anyoone , well reporting of it at least online, take the cbv apart then install it onto the car with the top section off. then its super easy to get to the bottom bolt from under neath the car. (dam big hands) . then install spring and top sections and bam. only took me 4-5 hrs to figure that out (and if someone did say that dam my searching skillz) also when i first got my cbv when i put it in its spot and oriented it correctly that stupid 90 degree vacuum elbow hit the water pipe(like what i searching told me). so why not take the cbv apart? then u can "clock" it like a turbo and have the vacum elbow aim str8 up. (same orientation as wastegates vacuum niple)
  3. what are they called/where could i find those metalic clamps that hold the vaccum lines onto the tcv? (other than dealership and junkyard) and i just recieved my forge cbv form viva but it only came with the cbv and allen head bolts, no springs of any kind? i called their number and just get an answering machine of "sprint voice mailbox" the last sentence "Our CBV Upgrade for the Mitsubishi TD04HL turbochargers is fitted with a "Stock" spring (green), capable for up to 1bar boost. A "Tuned" spring (yellow) is available for purchase for up to 1.6bar boost." lead me to believe id be getting a spring but not such luck. did everyone else get one and my package just failed qc? or does stock green spring mean the one that came with the turbo and oem cbv.
  4. engine brake downhill/hold your speed easier downhill for johann it was for awhile
  5. can i borrow yours? with all the negativity from your posts me thinks it turns your on. either that are for dang sure i know now your a glass half empty kinda person. are you part of the stanced groupies or somethin or do you want to brighten my day about natural selection. im just glad im giving something for you to post about. :tup:
  6. clean ima go post it on reddit and see how it does ( ive never posted anything before so here we gooooo)
  7. microsoft, we dont use floppys much anymore. please change your save icon in word to a thumbdrive or something more relevant :lol:
  8. wrd, if anything im throwin ideas out there.i love learning from people with knowledge and it helps me out by leting me know whats been done. thats whats great about this forum or any at that matter. diversity, why go out and do research when i can be on a forum that has as much diversity as anyplace have you never been to a sleep clinic place before? my father went recently and he has sleep apnea or something like that. he sleeps sometimes now with a breather mask and says he loves it. i wonder if your getting enough oxygen while you sleep. do you snore?
  9. id love to but id problably bore you with my lecture about emotional intelligence
  10. i dont want to sound like im stating the obvious but its your stress/mind set that your taking with you. your mind is taking that stress and it follows into your sleep and it disrupts your cycle. i bet your falling in and out of the various stages of sleep because half of your mind is stressed while the other half is trying to calm it down. dreams in a sense are a continuation of your thoughts, especially those that you have as your about to fall asleep ( not for everyone but something ive gathered and eventually want to test. fuk me sideways tho if its already been done) . next time you take a nap do it while watching tv/music/or some other white noise so it gets your thoughts off of the negativity and it lets your mind wonder, especially at the point of no return when you do finally pass out. if youve already tried this then.....dam ill think of something else to try eventually (of course theres the old fashion way of spankin one out to get those good chemicals flowin in your body) it sounds silly but to help me sleep i start a dialog/storyline and i run with it. ill think of a tv show and ill impose myself into it and ill just start my own dialog and sometimes that helps me nod off
  11. so thats what they look like . i sometimes pile up the catchup on drink lids would it be worse than saying nascar sucks? or vote for hilory? or country music is rubbish?
  12. since some of our engines are called white blocks, would it be racist/ignorant to get a sticker that has the tagline "white power" ? kinda like iwntpsi ?
  13. your license plate says vvt. this means you must do an engine swap with vvt in it!!!!!!
  14. they wouldnt be defined as rambunctious then
  15. dam i miss playing with mah laser pointers. let my buddies borrow them for their house parties bought some 405nm blu rray diodes another booster circuit i need to buy a 100mw green. lost my last one at a house party, tho i bet someone took it http://laserpointerforums.com, such an awesome place for argon laser goodness
  16. no lie watching the groupies blow up on vs has to be some of the most entertaining reading on here lately, specially when the stanced groupies get their coils in a twist . a reasonable person expects to get negative comments and adjust themselves accordingly. while others think its a personal insult for some reason and their post shows it. thanks to vs ive found this out and its helped me mature and accept that theres always the other side of the coin, so to those who dont learn i actually empathize for. if my posts upset you(you = whoever is reading this post) then i apologize in advanced, everyday i learn something new and try to better understand.
  17. ?did the tow truck drop you off there? do you hate the physical car or the rambunctious culture thats tied to it?
  18. washed it since the first time since......fugdeedged cant remember win.... i know shame on me :(
  19. (dude answering the phone i wanna say is one of the badass dudes at darell watrip)