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  1. cleaned up the front end a little with jewels/xc grille. need an R bumper now but I need an ARD tune more Also new wheels/tires
  2. waiting for a new rear o2 sensor and vacuum lines
  3. Came with a free copy of protools 8 Spent about an hour messing with the "plexi" amp model trying to cop EVH's tone. Recorded this.
  4. I thought about it but I would have gotten the Palit superclocked 1 gig 460. Several of the 470's have rebates going. I couldn't find a pic of the MSI version but I got that as it's $299 + a $20 rebate. so for the extra $50, I get the 470 which can be overclocked to near 480 performance. To me, the extra $50 gives me a bit more future proof~ness. I'm selling my GTX 275 so with any luck, I can get $150~ish for that and not be out of pocket very much in the end. I plan on getting another 470 when the prices drop and I can get one used for a good price. Should be able to handle crysis 2 and rage at full settings when they come out.
  5. I've got a lot of iphone 4 friends who are more or less dumping AT&T and are considering switching to verizion to get one of these. I'm sticking with Tmobile and will probably be trading my mytouch for the samsung galaxy S9000 (or whatever tmobile is calling it). due saturday (hopefully!)
  6. It actually runs really cool. It's a much more spacious case than it appears. It's essentially a full mid tower design laid on its side. It has 2 120mm fans inside that pull air in from the sides of the case (which basically pulls cool air in across the drives and then the 120mm and 80mm exhaust fans and slot cooler exhaust fan gets the hot air out. I made sure there was enough room behind the entertainment center for the hot air to move away also. I ran a 24 hour loop of 3D Mark Vantage to test stability with the overclock and the BD rebuilder encoding software will more or less peg every available CPU core it sees to 100% for 5~9 hours straight when encoding bluray movies. It's done 3 back to back batch operations (roughly 17 hours straight of 100% cpu usage) so the CPU overclock is stable. Core temp reports highest CPU core temp is around 41*C
  7. built an HTPC last week using some old parts. E8400 clocked to 3.75 ghz Abit IP35 pro motherboard 2 X 1TB western digital black caviar drives 1 Samsung F3 2TB drive (hopefully showing up before the weekend) 4 Gigs Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 10X LG Bluray burner Corsair 620 watt psu Turtle Beach DDL sound card Linksys wireless N pci card Noctua NH-U9B SE2 92mm CPU cooler Powercolor Radeon 5750 graphics card All stuffed into a Lian Li PC32B case And finally Logitech Cordless MediaBoard Pro The case, bluray drive, video card, sound card and samsung hdd and keyboard are new purchases to get it all up and going. Been busy dumping all my dvd's to the harddrives and using BD Rebuilder to compress the massive blurays from 45~ish gigs down to around 9 gigs without any noticeable video or audio quality loss So far, using XBMC, I'm loving the setup. Fully anti aliased and higher res gaming isn't too bad either.
  8. Yeah I saw that in one of the reviews... insane... TWICE the price?!
  9. yeah all the reviews have been really good for it. I'm hoping it will prove to be a fairly capable alternative to my EOS when lugging an SLR around isn't practical.
  10. Wife killed my trusty old Canon S50 New hottness should be rollin in from B&H on monday Lumix ZS7. Thing's got built in GPS for automatically geotagging picture locations It was a tough call between it and the new canon SD4000 and SX210 but I was a little disappointed to see canon skimp out on shooting options and control over the camera. The ZS7 has everything and the kitchen sink to manually configure if desired.
  11. Nice! I bought a set of the 55 watt 5000K's for my wife's car last night from Sharp.
  12. Pray you don't have to go through the ordeal me and my mechanic dealt with when trying to get the axles out of the hub splines. Needless to say, have a sturdy hub press tool on standby...
  13. From the wife for my birthday (this coming saturday) We're having a big cookout and my grandad's ancient grill's burners have finally started to rust and open up resulting in a huge single flame on one half of the grill The concept behind these new charbroils is pretty cool. A flame under this large bowl heats the bowl and the heated up bowl radiates heat up to the big porceline coated grills above it. I was skeptical at first but after reading a lot of reviews praising it for flameless heating, using FAR less gas to generate the same grill surface temps and no fat dripping flare ups or messy cooked sauces to clean up off the burners, I decided to give it a shot. I cooked 2 NY strips, 2 salmon fillets and a pair of turkey thighs last night and literally everything came out to perfection. Beautiful seared grill marks, perfectly even cooking and took noticeably shorter amount of time to cook vs a few other grills I've used. Speaking of using less gas than a conventional grill, I accidentally left one of the burners on last night on the medium heat setting and saw it this morning. went to turn it off and heard the gas "woof" shutoff... reached down to check and see how much propane was left in the tank and it still feels full! :lol: