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  1. I can't believe that you giving up ! Keep it. Go back to OEM pistons . Create powerful daily driver , Not undrivable monster .
  2. Good!!! Home depot pluming department will go out of business now. BTW before Carlisle I need to make you a "nice header heat shield"
  3. I have a complete swap from 05 s60r , Just got it couple days ago . Cables shifter . Should work on it this week. I need to finish pickup before Carlisle
  4. I saw it in person, looks great , fits like it belongs there . And it works ! Great job Hussein . Stop bitc....... Everyone .
  5. that's what I am talking about . Make sure to blow the hood off and then shower it for 2 mins . No wiping what so ever
  6. Now the biggest trick will be to do nice work on the bottom . Vent will be mounted right where main hood skin support is .
  7. You have enough knowledge about turbo chargers , I am pretty sure that you are able to feel the difference. Also journal bearing has a different oil inlet and you would have to use other type fitting . It has balls
  8. I told you that turbo noise when I was in you car 3 months ago isn't normal BTW people that is another fact about SPEC stuff . Lots of people heaving bad experience with their parts. Including me and several more people at this forum . DON'T BUY SPEC STUFF !!!!
  9. Now that is a clutch set up. I know that this will not fail no more , I installed something very similar on 1983 ferrari 512 boxer , 2 weeks ago . It was factory twin disc set up . But quality of AP stuff is great . Oem supplier for ferrari clutches Now the f.... turbo . I will make you a nice heatshield with fresh air inlet , just to keep it cooler . Pinky promise
  10. That's what use to synchronize this guys , with home made adapter
  11. He got a wagon and he I a teacher. He is perfectly safe