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  1. Drove 600 miles (without AC!), met Tim in Washington who...recharged my AC, checked my brakes, fixed my turn signal, replaced my XC grille, drank the beers, ate the pizza. Hung with Mary & Jess & Tim while amazing new wheels were fitted to Mary's Yellow and the mysterious boost problem was diagnosed in 5 seconds flat. Rediscovered the joys of convoying without sweating like a pig. A Good Day.
  2. I wasn't being entirely serious about the blue...and it's weird how many people actually like the saff & white! It's temporary...
  3. and thanks for the deal! Did you cook up a price for the rear bumper?
  4. You think I'm leaving it looking like this? I'm going to enjoy all the double-takes for a while then get it refinished and painted...laser blue.
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    Saffron going White

  6. So! Last thursday I was cleared to lift more than 10lbs (recent angioplasty) so I had my first car day for a month. Rear brakes (akebono, worth it) front ss brake lines, oil change, vac tree repair, cabin filter and finally installing the iPd HD CBV. Found a split elbow from the fcp pcv kit I installed a month ago, plus one of the fcp ss lines was blocked and had to be tossed. With the vac leak fixed and the cbv I can feel 1-2 lbs of boost for the first time.
  7. Found a split inner CV boot on the passenger side, not there 3 days ago. Said a bad word...
  8. Atlantis 18" XC90 rims, Kumho LX Platinum 225/40/18 tires, and a 4 wheel alignment. Rims look excellent, really update the look of the car. However, they also downgrade the speed of the car as the hub centric rings were lost in the post (found out late Friday, of course...) and I can't drive the sod over 60 mph until I get some more. Help! Maybe I should have gone for pegs after all....:(
  9. Pop-rivetted PS mudflap on AGAIN, pulled 3 turkey baster-fuls of the Mobil 1 Synth ATF from the PS reservoir & replaced it with Lucas PS conditioner. Steering now feels sane again (previously sloppy across the center 10 degrees of travel) Anyone else have steering as sensitive as this? Ordered Akebono rear pads from FCP as my OEM pads have gone from new to 2mm in 9 months...brake dust begone!
  10. Thanks to unexpected artery (in)activity on Friday and the subsequent hospital stay I'm not allowed to lift anything more than 10lbs for a while, and 90% of car jobs are therefore banned. So I took it to the indy with a clear conscience to find out WTF is going on with the suspension. Turned out to be a dragging front PS brake caliper and slightly dragging rear brake pads too, cost me $50 for the diagnosis & fix. Car now drives like it ought to... Also discovered that, post PCV job, ALL of the minor turbo related oil leaks have desisted and the block is clean and dry, even after standin
  11. Broke down & decided to keep the Atlantis 18" rims I picked up on Craigslist for…$150. That's my second set of $150 rims in a year. Where to buy the hubcentric rings? And the biggie - which tires?
  12. In this case, PM means Papal Mandate. Do you get a lot of Mandates? :lol: :lol:
  13. Looked fine - no cracks or deterioration, but at $55 bucks for peace of mind, replacement is cheap. The LH bushing is the easy one, if you followed the pinned howto and do it with the delta arms on the car, but the RH...I'll find the photos... PS Delta link from above As this so clearly shows :rolleyes: there's a 12 inch 3/8 extension going through a small gap in the PS delta link to connect to a 3/8 swivel & 18mm socket. I think it's a toss up whether your tools will fit - mine are Craftsman so reasonably common. There's "that" much space to get the swivel & socket in. An
  14. Could that be the accessory socket? That's yellow and down there somewhere...
  15. Replaced the delta link anchorage bushings, both sides. Indy wanted 2 hours a side, which is about what it took me, but it would have been MUCH easier with a lift. Came up with a method of torquing down the bolt holding the PS bushing that differs from the pinned writeup and doesn't take a week, I'll post. Took the car out for a quick drive - 40 miles later, came back with a big grin. The ride is 120% improved, I should have done this months ago. PS - whoever designed the delta link system was on acid, I'll swear. "Left" and "right" take on new meanings previously used only in n-dimensional
  16. Well, you know you'll never sleep easy unless you do... This is another thermostat bolt situation, isn't it? Going to use our metal shop to build a bracket that goes around the vac tree and holds it better than that stupid tab. Mine is currently RTV'd in and clamped with a washer - certainly isn't whistling anymore and my vacuum is improved ! +1 on waiting for warmer weather to sort it out. Finally found a write up... Ordered Volvo delta link bushings (both sides) Stop snowing, damnit!
  17. And you should! If you "feel" that there's a minimum price, then set a reserve. If you're wrong, you'll get no bids. Shoddy behavior, tell everyone!
  18. I'm officially insane - pulled the manifold, flung the clamp god knows where. Lost a manifold bolt in the dark, don't care, will find it tomorrow am. Car purrs like a kitten, vacuum was 19 at cold start 30*, 21 when warm (corrected for my cheapass VDO gauge) so I'm assuming that my impromptu vac tree lashup isn't too shabby. Now I can goto sleep easy. Must see therapist!
  19. Its now 12.06am...and I'm calling it quits. PCV job started at 2.00pm...all went well until I decided to investigate the vac tree which I've sworn I've heard whistling. The top of the bolt spun right off, leaving about 2mm protruding. Cut a slot in it, PB Blasted it, waited, came back, no joy, repeated cycle twice. Plan is to leave it soaking in PB overnight. So I clamped it down with a washer trapped underneath an adjacent bolt and continued putting everything back. 9.00pm, started the car & was greeted by a huge audible vacuum leak and shitty idle. Must be the vac tree, right? Wrong - af
  20. Half way through the PCV job (everything removed & cleaned, plus a couple of diversions to clean ground connections, establish that the air pump does have failing mounts and to de-rust an old battery spillage) - really not that painful so far. Without a 12", 3" 3/8 extension and ratchet wrench it would have been impossible however. The PTC nipple on the turbo air hose was not totally blocked, but full of evil jizz and it took a 45 minute soak in brake cleaner to clean it out. All of the hard lines literally shattered in my hands so I imagine that this is the first PCV service the car has s
  21. Same here - but from the condition of it the LH has been replaced by the PO. Certainly looks cleaner than the RH. I plan to keep the car for a while, question is, is it sway bar time?
  22. You'll love Netflix on the PS3 - video quality is much better than my Mac Mini/Web browser/Boxee combo even if the interface needs a little tweaking. It should be integrated into the OS this year...sometime... When will netflix get around to 5.1 audio tracks? +1 for Boxee (on OSX anyway, they do WinX & Linux too) - download it for free and apply for the beta. The Best streaming/local/network media integrator out there by far. Use your universal remote or iPhone as a controller. Cancel your cable ...
  23. You mean I need to pull the rear sway bar, or that it's a good time to put a bigger one in? Obvious - I understand. The diagrams for the iPd sway install make it very clear. Question is, should I be doing both of the bushings as a precaution. How often do they tend to go? The left & right rubber bushings look fine, it was the collar around the PS bushing that snapped off the mount.