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  1. Potato pic cause camera broken-ish
  2. Yeah No go for me. Tried last couple days and like 5 minutes ago. It doesn't work.
  3. Oh yeah, there are aftermarket better replacements (killer B motorsports makes the pickup tube for example)
  4. NA's are not as problematic (aside from headgaskets and oil pickup tubes) it's usually the turbo ones having the big issues
  5. Yeah a brand new car with denied warranty because it was "his fault" the oil pickup tube failed and he spun a bearing.
  6. Nah, I just blew the engine once. But those are the "common" issues with all the 2.5 liter engines.
  7. Ringlands, headgaskets, spun bearings, oil pickup tubes cracking ...
  8. I was looking to replace the subie for couple months now. For some reason that car didn't feel right. And there was always the possibility of the engine exploding in the next weeks/months.
  9. traded in the Subie for this 2005 with 63K Miles, 6 speed, nordkap interior
  10. Oh just tell them. If not I'm gonna do it! Hint: Kevin will be his best friend.
  11. ​Waiting for Kevin's comment on how BMW is the superior and best selling car ever ...
  12. ummmmmmmmmmm 17MPGs@70mph Oh now You complain??!!
  13. Gabe, I averaged my S60R on the way from Carlisle at 32MPGs. And the key to this (and this will sound weird) is to keep it at 83mph.
  14. Ha! And I still ran the River Run like a boss with that leak :P
  15. It just seems so random that the hose decided to pop off. I would keep an eye on it for the next few days.