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  1. I don't own an S60R no more anymore For the BBS on the STI. EDITED for Timo
  2. I can relate to that. Sometimes it's even colder in the garage than outside.
  3. And by the time the season for those events actually starts, he's gonna blow up an engine or a transmission
  4. I did! And that was before all the "4C delete" hype on Swedespeed.
  5. Looks awesome. But the $6500 price tag is just a little bit too much
  6. You probably get a hard on for anything that has a BMW logo on it.
  7. Soon. Already a few companies in Chicago doing installs and couple gas stations in the city.
  9. It was more for a reference how it should be installed and that there is more parts involved then the install kit.
  11. I know the stud is there. That's why We never accomplished Lee's timing belt at Your parents garage during that winter meet. But when We did Tommy's timing belt, We cut the old one, and the new one just slipped right in. After about 20 minutes of fighting with the god damn thing.
  12. Cut the old one and wiggle the new one in. Patience is the key.
  13. It's like comparing apples to oranges. I love the Subie, but I just miss my Volvos Especially the 5 banger. That's why I'm looking for a decent/clean 242 5 banger swap
  14. Do it! I miss mine I actually miss both of my Volvos