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  1. Pushrod on brake booster might be too far and it's compressing the master cylinder a bit causing the brakes to drag ?
  2. 1988 celica all-trac But they use the same proportioning valve on different toyota/lexus models nowadays. They haven't changed it since 1984.
  3. I mean the proportioning valve is bad. This just happened on my buddies Celica. Brakes worked fine, bled them, squishy pedal, bled them another 20-30 times (no kidding) still the same. New proportioning valve, bled once, boom. Good as new. There has to be something about them getting air or something, cause we pulled 6 junkyard ones and they didn't work. Had to get a new one ($180) but brakes work perfectly.
  4. just one. For now. Picture borrowed from google:
  5. Does this belong in the pissed off thread? Oh, it is in the pissed off thread
  6. Basement: Pioneer VSX-1022 with a pair of JBL E90 floor standing speakers 2nd floor home theater: Pioneer VSX-822 with Jamo S426HCS3 Computer speakers: Technics SA-GX190 with a pair of JBL LOFT30
  7. Stage 1 for now. Still have to decide on what I want to do with the exhaust. Probably a Magnaflow catback for now and a downpipe in the future.
  8. I think he used to be an electrician. I hope he takes good care of my CF Hood on from the V40 Anyway, back on topic. Self employed for 5 weeks now. Can't complain. Low voltage technician
  9. I had the Sparco knob in the S60R instead of the stock leather knob and it looked good and worked great
  10. I had the Carbon tune on my S60R. And I was very disappointed with it. The car didn't feel any faster, and the dyno numbers didn't show any significant gain over stock dyno run. Additionally, the first time I received the tune, it was spiking up to 25+ PSI, Lucky trying to tell me that it was something wrong with my car, and after three weeks, THREE WEEKS, after I another member pointed me to a thread on Swedespeed, and I emailed Lucky about it, he now changed his mind and said the tune is fucked up. I've been on the down low about saying anything, but the truth needs to be told. If I ever get another Volvo, I'll definitely will NOT be going with ARD Tune.
  11. Oh I'll be here. Too many good people and friends to leave behind.
  12. Night and day. Yup, and not to worry about angle gear exploding. $4000 @ 155K miles, missing 4C shocks, axle seal leak etc.
  13. No, there is a "Volvo Moose" sticker on it ...