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  1. S60 AWD struts on the front, and 4C struts in the rear.
  2. Not today, but anyway. Proper 4C delete on the front struts.
  3. Loose the bottle caps. Now.
  4. I'll bump this. I have a day off so I can meet up with You guys.
  5. well maybe they'll be better than the last motorola set I had. NO BASS at all ...
  6. Summer wheels on with new rubber
  7. Yup, thats what I heard. As long as they survive this summer I'm not worried about the age. Car will be traded in probably beginning of fall/winter or early next year
  8. replaced inner and outer tie rods (Thanks Gabe for the pipe wrench tip!)
  9. Which lip do You have? Side shot After looking at the pics in the "How Your car sits" it looks like the same one. s204 lip
  10. Replaced the thermostat ... what a pain in the ass. Serpentine belt had to come off, power steering pump moved to the side and the bottom bolt on the thermostat housing was a bitch ... 2.5 hours later, runs like a champ.
  11. Just an FYI Newegg has them for $7.99
  12. You are my hero for posting this pic! I was looking for a resistor with a radiator for a while to improve the 4C delete on the R! Now it's gonna be done the proper way! Thanks!
  13. You talk about Europe, and then post a pic from China? And a Euro plate on a American car would be very dumb ... Can You imagine a Buick with Euro plate?