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  1. It's dirty but whatever it's been raining. I love this car!!! 2006 BMW 330i with sport package and logic 7
  2. Poly control arm bushings. Huge difference! My car doesn't scare me anymore.
  3. I won't be available until 8/15, 8/16 but I can get it done. Larry's Volvo is a great place and reasonable price if he can't wait or if no one else is willing.
  4. So they are taking away our rights to protect us from those who want to take away our rights!?!?
  5. ARD Green Tune. $200 local pickup.
  6. Another yellow is dead.
  7. Timing belt and water pump. The idler pulley was looser than the last slut I dated. Glad I changed it.
  8. Got the updated heater core for 850/70 series if anyone's interested. Was supposed to go into the GF's car but it got totalled. $30
  9. If you can let me know about the rears as well if they fit.
  10. Here's the writeup: All I had to do was switch the rails over and cut and splice a few wires. The seats were from a 2004 S60R. I heard the 2005+ may be too different. I only did the front but Im probably going to pick up the rears soon. Having Atacama front seats and tan interior is whack looking. Need to do a charcoal swap now for the carpets, dash etc.
  11. Installed the S60R seats into the 850. Well worth it. Way better than the 850 seats.
  12. They said $150 for the turbo. They won't sell the lines.
  13. I'll ask tomorrow when I go pick it up. Probably a lot though. I paid $415 after tax for both seats and they couldn't move on the price because the car hasn't been there more than 90 days. If anyone else is interested putting s60 seats in a 850 here is the writeup:
  14. Just bought both these seats. Going to put them in the 850 tomorrow. #winning
  15. So the GF got hit by a taxi driver in her rental. She was on 2nd ave and he really wanted to be in her lane so he took it.
  16. Yeah ripped the control arm out of the subframe. Car is most definitely totaled.
  17. GF got her new car hit today. Someone took a left into oncoming traffic. Danny your wagon still for sale? She has to wait to see about her insurance. The person who was at fault and hit her was uninsured. :(
  18. Sounds like someone needs a flaming bag of shit on their door step.
  19. GF bought a white v70 about a week before you posted yours for sale. As for me still recovering from taxes plus a rebuilt head is cheap.
  20. Time to rebuild the head. Leaking valve stem seals. Anyone use Clearwater heads?
  21. 214k? Craig told Megan 120k this afternoon lol
  22. Yeah the GF also said the salesman told her the car has a timing chain not belt lol Im pretty sure he knows nothing about the car but it has R bumper and Pegs. Who's could it be?
  23. Anybody know anything about this car? Has a 120k miles, girlfriend wants to buy it.