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  1. Those are the people who have no respect for life. I hope your definition of flying down the road is going the speed limit. ;)
  2. What type did you have? I've heard good and bad things about them. Not sure if they are the right pet for me.
  3. I went through a lot of gas somehow and I drove mayb 40 miles. I need to stop flooring it from light to light... About to go and clean all the trash out. It looks like I live in my car. I have before but it was cleaner then, actually I've had to live in every car I've owned. There is something wrong with this...
  4. I need to brush up on my French because I can't understand anything... 6 years of the crap language for nothing... Here is one with Ol Dirty and Afro Jazz
  5. I drove to work, drove to get some food later on and take a break, then went back to work. I got home and found a note that my girlfriend needs me to pick her up at 10. I get there. She wasn't there. Drove for 40 minutes looking for her. Gave up. Went home. Then I went out to Burger King and the gas station to get cigarettes. That is the adventure of my car and I. I'll update my awesomeness for you guys everyday! :D
  6. Wow thats a lot of smileys... I got banned once and I'm not on the list yet. They need to keep these things up to date. I talked to Chuck and apparently I was "accidentally" banned. It was supposed to be a silent warning. I'd still like to be on the list though...I know how you feel.
  7. This one is funny because I'm Native American!! Anyways I don't have a problem with people here, I do have a problem with people that have not earned their citizenship. I have two friends that came here from Canada and another that is Australian and they all worked very hard to get their citizenship. Some people think I get mad about should see them.
  8. Awesome, thats what I wanted to hear. I need to get one now if I will get one before they start appreciating...My Dads car has appreciated 7k in the past 2 years! Check this out if you haven't seen it already. Its the CSI which I can't afford...
  9. Cool, unreliability drives me away from cars real fast. So the V8 is better. I don't mind normal wear and tear items but if my engine seizes I'll be really mad. If I get one of these cars it will be a car I'll probably keep for the rest of my life. My whole family does this thing. My Dad got a 1983 Porsche 911 sc my mom got a Jeep Wrangler (got a new one now because of the lifetime warranty) now I want one of these... Definitely won't be a Daily Driver though. Thanks for the advice! Has anyone here ever owned one btw?
  10. Yeah, I might just do that. I can get a V8 version for the same price as a V12 with more miles on it. I haven't read any bad reviews about the V12, just that it was way over engineered for its time. Do you know what exactly is wrong with the V12? I may test drive this one soon...
  11. Yeah I know, I'm probably going to get a swift kick in the nuts anyways when work has to be done on it. Lets see I'm pretty sure there isn't a Haynes manual for one...I'll have to check...
  12. Well, I am now trying to figure out if I should get a BMW 850i. They are dirt cheap now. I can get one for less than 20k, seeing as how they were 100k new. It is the best looking BMW IMO. Plus a V12! I am scared to test drive one because I am scared I'll like it too much...
  13. Racism, trolling, or spamming in the comments section is strictly prohibited and will lead to your account being banned.
  14. Definitely true about oil. People say we went for oil but Iraq hasn't had a geological survey for the past 40 years. They could either be the richest country in oil or the poorest. Seeing as how Mr. Insane tried to invade Kuwait for their oil, I doubt he has any. Another thing, people are like oh there are no wmd. Research some more. My Dad brought back pictures of biological weapons that were made. It makes me laugh when idiots say there are none. Also why did he have three stage rockets? For his space program that he had? Another thing what did he do to the Kurds. He used Biological weapons. My Dad was one of the first groups to go into Iraq. He got to see all the messed up things like the torture rooms and rape rooms etc. He told me that his sons were worse though. They would drive around and find a girl to have sex with and if they didn't they would kill her family. I can go on all day about why its necessary that we are there. I look at facts vs. the news. Watching the news will give you about as much information on the war as watching cartoons.
  15. Yes, I have. You should see how much he has aged in the past few years too! He's under too much stress. I still want to sit down and talk to him though. He has to be the funniest guy on the planet to talk to now.
  16. Austin H