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  1. It's nice going to the bar and the bartender gives you money. My life is awesome.
  2. Yeah the only good thing is its easy to talk them down in prices. They tried to charge me $40 for some interior trim pieces and I told them its too much so they sold it to me for $10. I like Aurora Auto wrecking better but they are pricey.
  3. Bought another one from Northern European. Shady business as always from them. This time the dude was smoking in doors. Last I could remember it was state law you can't smoke inside businesses.
  4. Anybody ever crack the torque rod bracket thingamajig mount? Running black Polly firewall and blue Polly engine mount. There was no give which is probably why it cracked.
  5. In Seattle city limits? Our roads are hurting pretty bad.
  6. Taylor we have more room. Just need to deaden the room. Concrete and loud noise doesn't mix well.
  7. I've got so much space now Rye. Fit you easily. I think last time you stayed at my place it was Spencer, Justin, you, Allison and Elisha in my 900 sqft contraption. Hahah
  8. Woohoo! Got a new house! 1800sq ft. On an acre of land. 2bed 1 bath with upstairs living room, downstairs family room and an office. The band should fit in there easily now. Taylor and I have been pretty much touching shoulders during band practice due to no room.
  9. Looking at a 2 bedroom 1800 sqft home tomorrow. I could definately use that space. I need a bigger home. It's also on an acre of property which will be nice for my Pug.
  10. Thank god I've been looking for a house. Called my landlord and apparently he lost his other house...
  11. I'll keep that in mind. Walking distance to any bar is really a plus. Wheels are going a metallic gray whatever spray paint I just bought. Yellow attracts too much attention. You should know this with your bright as yellow car that gets paced by aircraft and gets a speeding ticket lol
  12. Spencer has a point with the too many skanks thing.
  13. Time for a change. Also need a bigger house for my studio. White Center = Gangster (doesnt bother me) Beacon Hill = Crack Heads breaking windows for change for more crack (bothers me) When I lived in Mesa, AZ I lived in the highest density of convicted felons and got along great. Also when I lived in LA all my neighbors were ex Pasadena gang members. Had like city of roses tattooed on them along with other gang related tattoos. Shared their prison stories with me. Non of that bothered me. Crack heads do though. So pretty much just a place without crackheads. If I can find that place in Beacon Hill I'll move there lol Not to put off that I'm either place is my first choice though. Idealy greenwood, greenlake, fremont, Ballard etc but those places go fast. I'll call up a place that was posted a day before and it's already gone.
  14. Be on the look out for homes for rent or if you know someone let me know. Looking for a house. Budget is $1500 per month. Must accept my pug also. Looking in the area's between White Center and Shoreline. Avoiding Beacon Hill though, Capital Hill etc. Thanks!
  15. The compression sucks on 2 and 4. I would think rings but you say it isn't burning anything. Oh pieces of oil level senders aren't supposed to be in there btw lol I do wish I had an oil level gauge though. Just low oil pressure that's it :/
  16. Taylor came over for band practice today. Brought all of his shit but his amp. Taylor your a doofus. lol.
  17. lol though it was funny I'm compiling my screenshots for my new tumbler, "texts from Winkler"
  18. Isn't your car RWD? Will they fit mine? If so I would love to. Aren't you using them?
  19. Not it was a plastic trash can. Luckily it was empty too lol. I didn't feel like picking trash up.