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  1. Hahaha I won't get married homie. Too young for that. I'll try and find a pic of...
  2. She's a project coordinator, hot, going to law school and has a BMW. This doomed doesn't sound so bad lol. I'm getting old spencer and I've exhausted all my options. I'm not coming back from Vegas single. I'm marrying someone or something, preferably a beer if it's something.
  3. Her and I are jokingly getting married. We're going to Vegas and Im going armed with a prenup lol
  4. Story about Anna, she's hot and I convinced her to buy this car. We stopped talking for a few months and now we're friends again so I get to work on it. The car is effortly fast to drive. 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and it handles better than anything I've driven by a long shot.
  5. Woohoo!!!! Free tomorrow evening/night? I've got to put a catback exhaust, intake and tune on Anna's 335i. Should he finished by then.
  6. Talking about the other guy. Julie is cool yo! I so want that picture lol. I wonder who got yours?
  7. Kaylea Nixon is bangin. Future wife maybe? Just need to get rid of that other tool.
  8. Bachelor status is the way to go, keeps the options with the pouncing open lol. Never too much info lol I guess it was a recipe for disaster though. My neighbor would come over drunk just to hook up then leave. She never spent the night, didn't have my number, no crying. It was the perfect relationship for me. I miss her...
  9. Well I was looking for just a roomate and the occasional booty call and while the booty call was good (she was a squirter!) the roommate situation was bad. Not looking for a GF for a while and she was sending all sorts of mixed signals regarding that. I'm young and there's too many single women for me to pounce on that I can't settle right now. Also she made me rearrange my furniture and I was like I'm a dude. I put furniture down when I move and it stays there ever since. Trying to control my life damnit. I don't know maybe I have a problem too. I don't negotiate or compromise in situations. I make people fully aware of this but they feel like their different and it will change for them...
  10. Nope thank god! [quote name='RZT5' timestamp='1322301297' post='2040412'] Where have you been? she went batshit crazy apparently..
  11. Ah na it came from your sisters tits. hahah
  12. Right there with you. When I was in Alaska I got a little 8oz bottle of maple syrup for $18. Best waffles ever!
  13. Just woke up a half hour ago. Making some waffles!
  14. Hey Spencer get to the crocodile right now. All drinks are on me. Oh wait your in fucking California. I hate you.
  15. Yes sir. Done last Thursday, got home Friday. Oh hey speaking of which when you going to PDX? Also I got a new phone so pm yo # please or text me. I didn't backup my old phone lol
  16. Umm Robbie asked about some guage and if I knew anything about it, then wanted me to ask you about it, then I tried, then you didn't respond to my text, then I cried, then I remembered you have no service, then I told Robbie you have no service then yeah....
  17. 1. He has options...move 2. He can be homeless, won't change my life. Little rule to live by. Don't complain about something unless you have a solution. I just see complaining.
  18. My roof has a 20 year warranty. So assuming you will keep this new roof for 20 years that's 250ish a month. You spend more than that on cigars each month.
  19. I know right? Chuck wants 10 a gallon but bitches when netflix increases their prices. lol