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  1. Did you impress any lady's with this awesomeness?
  2. Adam how much attention is your car getting from the public now?
  3. You know I'm a natural with a bow and arrow. I can shoot over Magnolia to Bainbridge fucker. lol
  4. No joke every single police officer I know doesn't follow tint laws. For some reason every police officer I know also has a brand new (less than 3 years old) BMW 3 series.
  5. Taylor did you get your turbo on? I've been fighting a wicked cough and just would have vommited everywhere.
  6. You need a motorcycle endorsement for that anyways so just take the money and buy a motorcycle.
  7. Pffft the moped runs on hopes and dreams.
  8. Spencer yeah I may just fall off the boat trying to get it on. Hopefully the moped makes it to your place. Two stroke engines are finicky.
  9. I've see the stock one stretched for it.
  10. This has been covered many times. Your holding your phone wrong lol Sent from working iPhone :D
  11. You can add me. I don't have anything to hide. Haven't been in the witness protection program in years.
  12. ahahahaha. I had my gf go up to him and ask where his tow hook cover was.
  13. Stay away from 18 yo. They think they have their shit together but they don't. Plus most of them are still dependent on their parents. Careful Brah.
  14. So fucking drunk. Someone pick me up. I'm at the rickshaw!
  15. F America? The whole world hates us? Did you ever think that maybe at some point in time people from all over the world came to America and developed a nation and continue to do so? Ever sit down and think we are the product of what the world wants? I'm just saying... It does sound like you need to get laid real bad though but if you continue being a whiney bitch good luck.
  16. 10k times better than dicks. The buns arent stale like Dicks, the fries are cut right there infront of you. I fucking hate dicks. Sorry bud but since your living it up in Cali you got learn to love it plus Carls Jr and all that good stuff.
  17. It doesn't matter you can give out scholarships to everyone but us Native Americans will take our land back. First we are hitting your finances with our Casinos. At the last Pow Wow right after we finished making our loincloths we discussed making even bigger bows and arrows...just waiting patiently. That time will come. :ph34r:
  18. I think you have a drinking problem lol
  19. Better. Any reason why you don't put together a PC? If you can read and use a screwdriver you can build a fast computer for dirt cheap. Or be like me and have more into your computer than you do both your cars combined lol.
  20. Talking about where the oil tstat is? If yes it's above the oil level in the sump iirc but you'll still have oil coming out of the lines.