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  1. 1 tab at a time unless you open the same file twice.
  2. No biggie, let me help. So basically you're opening the program twice. Not the file. Go to your programs list, open excel, then open the file you want. Drag that first instance of excel onto your second screen. Then go back to your programs list and open excel again, then open the file you want in that instance. Keep that one on your first screen.
  3. open XL again, then drag your file into the browser window. oh, and hi everybody, ive been lurking for evr.
  4. Got (4) wisdom teeth and (2) molars removed yesterday. I don't recommend it. Comming out of the good night juice was fun but right about the time it wore off, sucked. Then I was dizzy all night. They gave me some pain pills but I took one and got all dizzy and nauseous then too. So none of those for me. I'd rather be in pain then feeling like I'm going to fall over and vomit. /rant p.s. Pras, this is what you're going to be doing to people.
  5. He should work for the DMV, or a low rate car insurance place. Or a check cashing place.
  6. Starting the build...

  7. That is the worst crap I've ever heard. Who told him that was okay?
  8. I have no school this summer so I will emerge from my cave..... :ph34r:
  9. The motherboard lets you clock whatever. pretty cool. I did the math on the i7 920, it's technology would be like having a 2600mhz FSB. I heard of a guy clocking his at over 4ghz but I wouldn't do that. LOL I got this crappy video card tho, it's 768mb 500mhz dual monitor board from nvidia. When I can drop some more coin I'll go for the GT260.
  10. Just built an i7 machine for my studio tonight. Took 3 hours to build, setup and install the basics. This is bar far the fastest machine I've ever built. :D
  11. Thanks, it's just a pain in the butt. Paypal will refund my money if this guys flakes out. I'm taking that into consideration. The guys a musician so he travels too. It's just kind of asshole-ish to sell something on ebay and not keep up on the progress. I have every bit of info anyone could want on this guy. Name, address, family members, wife's name, kid's name, phone number, band names, where he works, age, he likes long walks on the beach.... So if I have to file a police report, I have info. Hopefully he'll get his head out of his butt and does the right thing.
  12. (enter random rant) I paid a decent amount of cash for a digital mixer - interface on Friday. It was a PayPal transaction through eBay. The day before the transaction I sent an email asking a question about the item. The seller responded quickly. Later that night to be exact. Now this guy has had my payment since Friday night and funds were taken from my account Monday and he is MIA. I sent the guy two emails. One on Saturday and one on Tuesday. What gives? Maybe I'm overreacting but this is crappy. He has my money but can't answer my emails. He has other items that ended yesterday. So he should be checking his stuff. I'll file a claim if nothing happens by next Monday. (/end random rant)
  13. Seems that lately I'm on here debating Mac vs. PC an awful lot. In my quest for infinite knowledge, I stumbled upon an article that I though really summed up some of the differences in the platforms from the creative market’s standpoint. I thought I would share for those who are interested.