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  1. Very cool, will be even better with an M66!!! It's a Spektrum color, 91 Blue. It's the OEM winter wheel and tire package, can't even fit my finger in the gap between the caliper and the inside of the wheel. Honestly this thing has enough power stock, I'm driving this alongside a 90 hp TDI and a 150hp Beetle so it's enough to get me in trouble. It is called '91 Blue after all!
  2. Out of the Volvo game for a while longer... 2018 Golf R, 6spd manual with Driver Assist
  3. Says the guy with two VWs Is VS Tapatalk compatible? I've only ever browsed at a computer...
  4. Mostly the whole forum...getting more and more rare to see older 850/V70/S70 cars on the road - most of us who owned one in their prime have gone in to different things
  5. You'll miss the mechanic, responsive and kinetic feeling of the M3, but the MK6 R is one of the best cars to have if you're only going to have one.
  6. Looking for an 850 wagon? I've probably said this before watching your fleet change over the years but too bad I'm 9 hours away in a different country...
  7. I have an old VW diesel for the commuting MPGs but I want an 850 wagon for weekend hauling, around town driving and highway trips.
  8. This is amazing, one of these days I need another 850 only this time it should be a wagon!
  9. I'd say leave it stock and enjoy - all the new stuff past 2000 (my old V50 included) was too computerized to me. Great fun if you have ViDA (which I do) but I couldn't even swap out the stereo head unit. They're great, advanced cars compared to the P80s but not worth messing with. AWD should be great in this weather we're having!
  10. After I finally got rid of the blue one I'm done with S/V70s Congrats on your new wagon, after my V50 blew up I miss wagon life...
  11. Tell me about it, I've looked casually since I wrote mine off in 2014 and can't find anything I really want I'd take another N/A but ideally I'm in the market for a turbo wagon with a manual which is near impossible even when they were more prevalent I'm wondering if somehow, someway I could import one
  12. Glad it helped, I recently went through a DMF to SMF conversion, mixing and matching flywheels on my VW so the whole thing is fresh in my mind. I need to get another 850...
  13. I think you need the R DMF as well if you go that route, have you read this?
  14. Toasted the engine in the V50 2.4i, coolant hose popped off on the highway and it overheated. Looks like the last Volvo in the family is about leave...
  15. Wet/Dry vac for the house and to clean out the cars before major snow hits...