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  1. Freshly installed Bilstein Sports with H&R Sport springs and Powerflex front control arm bushings. Rear Powerflex bushings to come soon. I also just installed a SNABB intake pipe and OBX catback exhaust system to compliment the OBX downpipe I installed when I did the M66 swap. This car is coming along very well.
  2. Beautiful E36!! I love those cars in white. The only change I would make going by that pic is the motorsport wheels and factory rear spoiler. Otherwise, perfect. I honestly think an E36 M3 is the only car that could ever replace my wagon. I have lusted after those cars since I saw a '95 Lightweight in person in '95. I have gone through (bought and sold) over 40 vehicles, and for some reason I have never picked up one of these cars...
  3. I have been eying those BBS wheels since they first came out. That looks good!!!!
  4. DscottM, car looks great!!! I appreciate everything about it's looks. In my opinion, perfection.
  5. There's an 850 in my local junk yard in that color. Quite the bummer. It's a beautiful car.
  6. 944 Turbos are just plain badass. Period.
  7. If you had snow, your car would be dirty like this. Grrrrrrrr...
  8. Uuuuugh....soooo dirrrty!
  9. Gary, I'm really looking forward to see what you do with that car.
  10. I always felt the IS-F looked best in white. I used to LOVE driving those cars when I worked for Lexus. That and the LFA. We had a silver one with pollished wheels. It was what I thought was the best looking LFA EVER! LOL
  11. Installed a bRand new Volvo batteRy in my caR. Also modified my centeR console tRim so my shift boot will stay put. I finally located a manual tRans console tRim and cut out the boot securing poRtion and glued it to the indeRside of my oRiginal wood tRim. After thRee yeaRs, my manual tRansmission swap is finally 100%!!!
  12. Finally installed V70 upper tail lights on my 855R this past Friday. It's amazing how something so minor as a clear turn signal lense makes the back end look so much better. Also changed the oil, rotated and balanced the tires. I will be dropping the gas tank this evening to replace my fuel pump o-ring and the evap hoses on top of the tank. I will also be installing some white x70 exterior door handles if time allows. Oh yeah....might wash it tonight too...if time allows. It's so damned dirty I feel bad/guilty. And since I rotated my tires, my rear wheels are now dirtier than the front. HAHA