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  1. I feel your pain. Maybe keep it simple?
  2. ErikS

    Eriks 850

    That's what she said. No, they are KWV2 installed with some neg camber. Iphone pic distorts it, they look straight in person.
  3. ErikS

    Eriks 850

    Went out two weekends ago with some locals. Next to a custom painted V70 "slab." Blew an intercooler hose on Sunday trying to get a log, glad I had a vice grip and leatherman in my dash.
  4. ErikS

    Eriks 850

    Yes, 3 and 1/2 years ago.
  5. ErikS

    Eriks 850

    Seats look like new, as when I got them. I think this car has less than 3000 miles in the last 5 years. I suppose a cage and harness are next if i can get the car tuned properly.
  6. ErikS

    Eriks 850

    Steering wheel and fire extinguisher mounted. I also had paintless dent repair done to the whole car. For $400 all six panels look like glass. I cannot believe how good it looks. 23 years of dings and dents gone.
  7. What color was the box it was delivered in?
  8. For the common person, who is not really into guns, their motivation to own one is usually home protection/personal defense. I need to protect family/property. I am fine with someone like Chuck owning an arsenal, because that's what he does, but for public health people who think they need one and getting one to be "safer", all data shows it only increases their risk of being shot by owning one. What say you Charles? Should there be a gun in every home, car, carry, and purse?
  9. I am fine, we made sure to buy our first home in one of the highest points of inner Houston - with good drainage. We did get 8-10 inches in an couple hours three separate times. The culverts on both sides are about four feet deep from the lawns. My street on the 2nd of three bad rain events from Harvey. Aaron Hehr is also ok and his shop didn't get flooded as far as I know. Lucas I do not know about, he lives south of Houston and they got it worse. Juan had one of his his Volvo's flooded but I didn't here anything bad about his home or family. Many of my friends had their houses completely flooded, and still have feet of water in their homes as of now, and are not allowed to go to them.
  10. That really got to you last year, sorry about that. I stopped caring once I found out how small-minded the prick was behind them.
  11. I think this guy could be president someday. He's your typical liberal pussy. Moulton pivoted to the president. “When people say Donald Trump ‘tells it like it is,’ it’s a crooked way to get at the same thing,” he said. “Like, they’re so anxious for somebody who will just be honest as a politician that they voted for a guy who’s absolutely dishonest but he just says things in a sort of, quote-unquote ‘real’ way. Right? That’s what people are yearning for...Of course you should expect your leaders to tell the truth. When I went through [Officer Candidate School], you could fail a test, you could fail an academic test, an athletic test—like, they give you a second shot. But if you lied about anything, you were gone immediately. Pack your bags and you’re out. And by the way, when you fail out of OCS, you don’t go in to be an enlisted Marine—you just go home. Like, that’s how important integrity is. And so we just need more of that. And people in America know that.”
  12. Please, let us know when Trump decides to be president.