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  1. Off Topic: The Thread

    Tin snips and dykes are two different tools. And it's called "dikes" cause they are diagonal cutters, not lesbians.
  2. It's as easy as one, two, three... One you want (R), one you have (Japan), and one you don't want (850)...
  3. This information is all over THIS and every other Volvo site. Try ANY '04+ 5 cylinder, it's not just "R" cars, it's just call that, mine came off a '04 xc90. You want one that looks like the top one, the bottom is the 850, you have the Japanifold, which is similar to the 850 but better flowing than the 850 and isn't prone to crack like the 850.
  4. Not new to the site, new to awd

    The driveshaft CV joint can be rebuilt or you can get a completely rebuilt one from Colorado Driveshafts. The thing to do is change out the rest of your motor mounts as that leads to the motor rocking and wearing out the front CV joint.
  5. Off Topic: The Thread

    ^ Couldn't agree more. I did the same.
  6. Off Topic: The Thread

    I'm going to make that my next car too. Why not just use the one in your car?
  7. Is this the 850 exhaust manifold you are referring to? Not the Japan-manifold. It's not a big surprise that it flows better, I could tell when I switched from Japan to R manifolds, it's just nice to have some real numbers... Thanks for making it official!
  8. How Your Car Sits

    There is a similar Husqvarna version of that riding/swivel mower that I regret not getting vs. the Husqvarna riding tractor I got. Also much better than the zero turn mowers too.
  9. 2016 Carlisle picture thread

    Flew in from SF on the redeye Friday night (my flight was delayed 2hrs) arrived in DC @8am. Drove up to Carlisle and had a great time. But in MD on the drive home Saturday night I hit an expansion joint hard enough to blow out the front tire. I still had suite case and gear in the back so I had to move that all out till I could reach the spare. Didn't get home till after midnight. The next day I went to tackle the tire and found the wheel bearing was damaged too. So all yesterday afternoon I worked on that and didn't get to bed till 1:30 and then up at 5am for work today. I'm dragging today...
  10. 2016 Carlisle picture thread

    Yeah, it was a really LONG weekend with not much sleep for me...
  11. Torque converter is a cheap upgrade. They can be had from other places on the internet or at your local trans shops much cheaper than Level 10 (under $200). I had a local shop built one for my AW55, with a higher stall of 500RPM over stock. It does make the car move fast once I'm . On a modified car it makes sense to adjust the stall rate to higher. Also having a tune that removes torque limiters and gives you full boost in 1st and 2nd are a must before you do any trans work or your just wasting your money.
  12. 2016 Carlisle picture thread

    Rmorse, Bobby... Was good to see a bunch of old faces there, not as crowded as previous years I'm guessing cause of the weather.
  13. Stiffer nivomat springs

    s70 AWD non Nivomat springs are not shorter but they are stiffer as they do the heavy lifting compared to the Nivos springs. I'd suspect worn or broken bushings over a broken spring as bushings will also make it appear that one side is sitting lower/higher then the other. Since Nivo springs are helpers they aren't under a lot of stress, but if you have a lot of rust I guess anything is possible. It will be easy to find it you have a broken spring by just looking under the car. Regardless of which springs you use and with new Nivos your car should never sag, unless freshly loaded. Once you drive a round a bit the Nivo will extend to its standard length/ride height. The stiffer spring will just prevent the rear from compressing as much, but it could ride very stiff especially when not loaded. And it could sit a bit higher in the rear. Similar to IPD overload springs.
  14. Off Topic: The Thread

    I got my Vibrant clamps thru Amazon Prime.
  15. Off Topic: The Thread

    IDK if they will work for you on the OBX, but Clampco and Vibrant are good companies. I'm running them on my DP that CJ made. I think Vibrant is slightly better than the Clampco.