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  1. NEU added a post in a topic Midsummer Rally in Northern Virginia on August 8th   

    Something funny with the links here, but this the site
    Unfortunately I think I'll still be out of town on business, but I'll keep it in mind IF I return early. A few NoVa/MD guys here, maybe try Swedespeed too.
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  2. NEU added a post in a topic The Nec Thread   

    Hey guys, bad news, no R-BQ this summer.
    My work schedule is in overdrive this summer and I'm traveling for a good chunk of time too. It's even cutting into my vacation plans. The only good thing is all the OT I'm getting.
    So maybe later in the year, but not this summer... Sorry again...
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  3. NEU added a post in a topic Big Brake Kit 17 inch wheel fitment   

    Use the 320mm kit (DVS bracket and 320mm discs) but instead of using the stock brakes calipers you could upgrade to the Corksport Mazdaspeed 3 upgraded caliper kit. You can also use Willwood 4 or 6 piston kits. If you look up Focus or Mazdaspeed 3 320mm kits there are quite a bit out there. 
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  4. NEU added a post in a topic The Nec Thread   

    LOL! John, now that you aren't rocking a Lezbaru we could let you hang... And did you pick up the Plat that was for sale on CL recently?
    So I'm now leaning toward making this a GYOF. Catering would be low less work, but might make it unappealing $$ to others and with GYOF folk can share something unique or different. But I'm always worried about everyone bringing the same thing, hot dogs everyone?
    As for dates I'm still looking at late Aug, either the 22nd or 29th. But I'll keep Sept. 5th in mind, if that works for others. That would be cool to make this a Labour Day weekend event.
    As with last year I'm opening this up to all my car friends so makes like Subaru, Lotus, BMW, Mini and Deloren may be making an appearance, but I'd love to see a fleet of wagons in front of my house.
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  5. NEU added a post in a topic The Nec Thread   

    Still looking into the exact date as I've got some travel for work that's coming up, but it will be in late Aug.
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  6. NEU added a post in a topic Hussein's 1998 V70 Xr : The Force Awakens   

    Quoting this as I agree TOTAL with this statement.
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  7. NEU added a post in a topic The Nec Thread   

    Charcoal? This is a "gasser" grill event!
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  8. NEU added a post in a topic The Nec Thread   

    OK, need some feedback from attenders/attendees.
    So I'm not motivated in being Grill Master this year and would like to work as little as possible to have this happen. Last year was fun but I felt like I didn't get to enjoy it as much running around. So either we do cater BBQ, but it could be up to $20 a head for just food. I'd need to know a head count to get an idea of the numbers we are looking at.
    Or we do "GYOF", grill yo food where everyone kinda helps themselves to grilling tasks or we have someone (Tiz) do grill duties while I supervise.  I also am going to station myself outside the bathroom with a tip jar.
    And Mike, don't worry I'm looking into non-meat catered dishes. Also if we do catered, the grills would be available to anyone that wants/needs to cook something special too.
    Weather permitting I'd like to do this in the backyard with cars parked in the lawn, we did this couple years ago and I can fit quite a few if we really pack them in...
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  9. NEU added a post in a topic The Nec Thread   

    OK guys I'll start planing
    And Tiz, BIG thanks for being first in line to volunteer!  I'll keep you posted.
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  10. NEU added a post in a topic The Nec Thread   

    ​I know you aren't the only one reminding me that it's coming up... I wanted to have it catered this year as cooking is getting to be a full time job or asking for volunteers to work the grill. I should post something soon.
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  11. NEU added a post in a topic Off Topic: The Thread   

    I've only gotten a hiway best of 28mpg on stock tune and 3 people plus luggage in the car on a drive up to NYC one year average speed of 70mph.
    I've noticed recently since adjusting my WGA shorter, that I've gotten a bump in +1-2MPG.
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  12. NEU added a post in a topic What Did You Do To Your Car Today.   

    ​Mike next time you are in DC I'll take you for a spin in mine and let you be the judge of it.
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  13. NEU added an answer to a question What position and code in the vin indicates AWD in a 98 V70?   

    ​The '00R is the only AWD exhaust that has duals and the driveside isn't blocked off completely. It's open to let some of the exhaust sound out but not much exhaust flow.
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  14. NEU added a post in a topic What Did You Do To Your Car Today.   

    When I worked indoors, I've used my shower stall when I had an apartment. Heavy duty chemicals don't matter and you don't eat off of it. And you have shower to wash it down.
    When I work outdoors, I do it over the lawn. Might turn the grass a bit brown if you don't use a lot of water to dilute degreasers etc.
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