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  1. Project AW55-50/51

    Don't know if this information will help you hunt down the 2-3 flare shift. But this is what Sonnax trouble shooting guide says to look at And have you changed the B4 servo cover? yours would be old enough that it might not have and that does 2-3 flare shifts.
  2. If I can't fit it into the wagon or on the roof, I don't want it! ;)
  3. I've got the same boost gauge from VEI, the High Res version. I've had it for years and love it!
  4. If you are referring to the center carrier bearing it isn't available to swap out. You need to get a rebuilt from Colorado Driveshafts. The only thing fixable on the driveshaft is the CV joints everything else needs to be replaced by the rebuilt...
  5. The Nec Thread

    Seriously guys this was the best Tail of the Wagon ever! When I saw Shawn and AJ roll up, then Wayne, then Chirs and Todd, I new we were having a special event! A BIG thanks for everyone that made it out, especially Mike and Tiz! You guys are the best!
  6. Project AW55-50/51

    I recently got mine back from the trans shop after it spent a week longer then it should. He was having issue with it clucking shifting into reverse. After replacing the OEM valve body for the second time it was better. But it was still having issue, I took it for a test drive and noticing it was overboosting bigtime! I took it home adjusted the WGA to have it less preload then it had. I can't tell you what PSI but it was around 7psi cracking and was just barely hitting overboost where the ETM closes. After about a week of adjusting and resetting the adaptors I got it to where I thought it was OK, but when it got hot it would start getting sluggish with the downshifts. So I kept adjusting to where there is barely any preload, it was shifting great all day even when hot, but when I really get on it I'm hitting fuel cut off at WOT... I need a MBC run in parallel to cap it or maybe boost pills to slow the boost onset. I will mention that the higher stall 500 RPM torque converter that I had built really makes the car FAST! From 50+mph the car FLYS! My low end torque has diminished a bit, which is not what I wanted at all, but I'm still seeing how it runs to see if I like it better this way or stock. I need to live with it a bit longer then a week or two to see how I like the difference. And it is differnet, even at cruising speed. What's odd is that fact the old trans could run so much preload on the WGA and now I can't. Not sure if that's due to the trans is slipping less or because of the torque converter stall RPM is higher.. Next up for me is adding a oil cooler too, but with winter coming I'm not in that big of a hurry. I can tell when that trans is working hard cause my cooling fan runs for long periods after I shut the car off. cutting the return line to add in the coolerI'm mounting mine behind the drivers fog. Thought about running a line to the passenger fog to give me some extra cooling but I'll just do the drivers fog first. I'm going to use a dual pass frame rail oil cooler, about 12" long from Summit. Something compact and easy to mount. I'm considering the 2 of small finned AL heat sink coolers since they are so compact. I just want the biggest and that will hold the most amount of fluid. I need more research on that to decide between the 2 styles but the heat sink is #1 since they hold more and are passively working when you are not moving unlike the standard cooler that needs airflow.  
  7. Andy's 1999 V70 R

    Fixed... ;)
  8. P2 Radio in a P80 Yes Please

    Is it just me or do the pedals and gear shifter not match???
  9. Project AW55-50/51

    Good stuff Josh! And very timely for me as my aw55-51 crapped out last week after 170K+ miles (it was replaced under warranty sometime before 60K). The 9yrs and driven 115K+ miles since I've owned it haven't been easy on it. The last 3+ have been VERY VERY hard as I've had a tune with the 1st and 2nd gear torque limiter deleted from the tune. It was time and I knew it was on borrowed time too. I even got a spare with 150K on it for free just in case... I'm getting mine completely rebuilt with some extras like a slightly higher stall torque converter and an oil cooler. I think these trans get terribly hot and fry themselves to death. Keeping them cool is a good upgrade, even if its just a small rail cooler it's more then what it has currently has which is barely adequate. Volvo has always undercooled its auto trans. I had to add a 740T trans cooler to my old '92 245 with the aw71. That's really good info on the oil temp and level. I've noticed after that sometimes when I'd check my level it would be over the HOT mark (ie after a hot run in Aug). Now I know it should never be above the T. I'm going to have to check out the Rostra long snout solenoids. Again good stuff!  
  10. The Nec Thread

    Tail of the Wagon #5! Now it's official!
  11. CV axle vibration?

    They get a lot of play, like a bad tierod when they are really bad and you can also get vibration. If they have over 100K mile they are due for a change soon.
  12. CV axle vibration?

    Could be wheel bearing.
  13. If it's the Nebs with 38et you can run as wide as 235/40-18, that's what I run on my Ultraleggera in the same offset. I'm also running Yellows with H&R and had very minor rubbing at full lock and at the outer lips of the fenders front and rear. If the Neb are the 49et you'll have to run a 10mm spacer to stuff those under there with that rubber size, I'd run spacer with that offset anyway.   Keep in mind that the AWD rear axle is wider then the FWD so you will have to pay more attention to the outer lip for contact. 
  14. 17" OEM wheel weights

    IPD has an OEM wheel weight page Seems like the big weight savings is if you do a narrower rim (7" vs. 7.5-8") for OEM. Most of them are in the low 20's, I know my Titans are 21lbs, Thors are 22lbs. Tethys are 22lbs and Arrakis are 23lbs according to IPD.  The Segin off a XC60 are the wides, lightest wheels according to that chart at 20lbs and 7.5" wide. But aren't terribly attractive.