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  1. Was never in the Navy I work for them now... And yes I still get sea sick... Glad my job is mostly on the land. Dramamine does nothing for me, sea sickness patch (scopolamine) works but I get super dopey on it, it's the "truth serum" drug you would see in old movies. The only thing that works in the sea sickness watch, it's basically a tens unit on your wrist and "shocks" you nerves in your wrist to keep you from puking... I usually keep in at 1-2 on normal rides, but the sea state 6 I had it at 5! it would make my hand ball up out of my control... I use to play a game "Who can take it at 5" and nobody make it past 3 without dropping it... Mighty Servant 3 sunk and they salvaged it (the first photo I posted of it under water) cause they are so expensive to rebuild, and all it needs is s good cleaning and partial rebuild. The second post where the Mighty Servant 1 is partially under water is how they load, is submerges to load cargo, the floats it up. There are some videos on YouTube to show how they work.
  2. Yep, they are... They submerge to load payload. Oil rigs, ships, etc... I was part of a series of tests were we used them to load and unload Navy supply ships using LCACs (bottom two pix). And don't get me started on sea sickness! I've gotten sick in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Norfolk, Key West, Panama City, Puget Sound, San Diego and the English Channel off of Normandy France... The worst was Normandy, our port was landlocked at low tide and I was stuck out there for 12hrs. It was so bad I puked everything out of my stomach and couldn't see straight and the next day I was still dizzy. I was shooting video and looking thru my view finder most of that day before it started, worst part about it I was on video joking about it before it happened...
  3. I've been in a storm in the Gulf of Mexico that was sea state 6 (20ft waves) on this thing. The Mighty Servant 3 which is a heavy lift ship. It was pretty bad, I was located on the main deck in a connex box for living quarters. Folks on the upper decks had it much worse as it's 7 stories up, furniture was rolling down the hallways. I ended up spending 3 days in my bunk and I get sea sick pretty bad, but never puked! I use an electronic sea sickness watch that I had cranked up on full power for the entire time. I've been in some bad storms but this was the worst! I was compounded by the fact that the Mighty Servant 3 had sank before and they had photos of it all over the place just as a reminder that the ship was under water...
  4. I have my sons Recaro child seat in the back passenger side of my c30 and it fits perfectly. My boy is only 5 and he's not big enough to fit in a booster. He can get in and out on his own, I just put the seat forward and he climbs in and I buckle him in and out. There is plenty of leg room for him and the passenger isn't crammed either. I do have the power seats so that makes it nice that I can adjust it at the head rest controls. I'd say go for it the c30 is an awesome car!
  5. Get it you won't regret it unless you poke it up some how... I loved the '11 XT but the ex has it now. I like that car more than my R and just as much as I do the cR... My buddies' has '03 xt, that he has the sti trans in. He had a motor built for it and blew it. 10.5:1 cr and 5lbs of boost with a big turbo on e85 before it blew, cause the company that built it did the rings wrong and wouldn't warranty the work! So it's been sitting the last couple years till he could afford to have it done again.
  6. Is that Elevate tune stage 2 tune and DP but still stock muffler. I see you have all the larger intercooler piping, ported intake runners installed. What about the 70mm throttle, are you running that too? Did you notice any hit in torque? I've heard the intake manifold you loose a bit of torque, they were referring to the Anembo, which seems a lot bigger. I want to make mine just a bit better but don't want to loose any of the torque. I keep thinking about a stage1 and exhaust, maybe a DP but don't want to loose MPG. I did see a slight drop since I installed Kristians turbo inlet, but that could be I'm harder on it that I was before. BTW what torque mount are you running? I've got the factory upgrade with the R but I'm considering the E-Focus or harder Powerflex insert. But I hear with the AW55 softer is less vibration.
  7. I thought installed the k16 and most of the goodies that you got a while ago. So what are you running on the now?
  8. Lots of MD guys are on turbobricks, you should post there.
  9. So maybe this wasn't a long shot! So doing more research on the fob that I have it's a 433mhz made by Remote Control Solutions, model RCS-433CTG1. It mentions it's a rolling code which worries me, "KeeLoq Hopping Code". The fob is about $20. I'm hoping to use Homelink, but don't want to have the apartment management help me program it since I'll be doing 3 cars. But I'll settle for anything whether it's a universal fob or Homelink or the fob above... Again thanks for your help.
  10. Long shot but I figured someone might know the answer to this. I moved in August and my new apartment complex has Viking Access Systems G-5 swing gates to get in and out of the secure garage parking. I'm trying to find a way to clone or use a universal opener to get in. I have one remote but would like two. I'd rather not send the fob off to get cloned and would like to keep is simple. My vR has Homelink and would get if for the cR if it worked, but I don't see Viking as one of the companies that works with Homelink. Any of you guys have experience with this or ideas? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. This link didn't show in my last post. Jan Woth R Line page about the R manifold. Here's' his quote from that. "More power and better response is the main features and if you're are about to upgrade your car with a bigger turbocharger then you should absolutely consider this manifold." Now that question is what does he refer to a "bigger turbo" 19t? k24? or something bigger? You could email him to see what he's talking about and Like Johan stated maybe there are other reasons why the R is better than the Japan. I've always been curious about how the R and Japan ported will do. I love the sound of the Japan, but love the flow of the R...
  12. IDK, I figure things evolve for a reason... Since you have so many manifolds lying around maybe you could get them flow tested and to some before and after testing? Do some dyno runs? Drag strip runs? Maybe then you could port and polish both and see which ones would be better after modification? Maybe try them on all of your cars to see which one works better on which car/turbo/etc... Lots of ways to prove these guys are wrong. Otherwise I'm not sure what you want out of this if you aren't going to contact them for there data and you aren't going to provide any yourself... Its down to believing them vs. you... As I said with my experience, boost would start around 2.5K RPM with the Japan, with the R it would start around 2.3-2.4K RPM... Seems to be in line with what they were stating. What's your experience with the R over the Japan?
  13. What kind of proof are you going to provide for your claims? I will say that my own personal before and after experiance with the Japan and R on my vR had similar results to IPD claims. Most think they are a pretty reputable source for data even if it was Lucky that posted it... Also Jan Woth an ex Volvo engineer that worked on the s60RR makes claims similar to IPD. Are they all deceiving us? I think you need to provide us with something more that your word over there's. And are you claiming that for the B5254T4 motor they chose the inferior R over the Japan, which was on the shelf, to save a couple bucks vs. using the better performing manifold?
  14. I could care less, so believe my "blabber" and YOU prove IPD's wrong.
  15. Have you contacted IPD about there testing? The post I was referencing is on Swedespeed in the IPD section posted by Lucky back in '09-10 when he still had a job there. I'm sure Lucky has a copy of that data too.