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  1. This link didn't show in my last post. Jan Woth R Line page about the R manifold. Here's' his quote from that. "More power and better response is the main features and if you're are about to upgrade your car with a bigger turbocharger then you should absolutely consider this manifold." Now that question is what does he refer to a "bigger turbo" 19t? k24? or something bigger? You could email him to see what he's talking about and Like Johan stated maybe there are other reasons why the R is better than the Japan. I've always been curious about how the R and Japan ported will do. I love the sound of the Japan, but love the flow of the R...
  2. IDK, I figure things evolve for a reason... Since you have so many manifolds lying around maybe you could get them flow tested and to some before and after testing? Do some dyno runs? Drag strip runs? Maybe then you could port and polish both and see which ones would be better after modification? Maybe try them on all of your cars to see which one works better on which car/turbo/etc... Lots of ways to prove these guys are wrong. Otherwise I'm not sure what you want out of this if you aren't going to contact them for there data and you aren't going to provide any yourself... Its down to believing them vs. you... As I said with my experience, boost would start around 2.5K RPM with the Japan, with the R it would start around 2.3-2.4K RPM... Seems to be in line with what they were stating. What's your experience with the R over the Japan?
  3. What kind of proof are you going to provide for your claims? I will say that my own personal before and after experiance with the Japan and R on my vR had similar results to IPD claims. Most think they are a pretty reputable source for data even if it was Lucky that posted it... Also Jan Woth an ex Volvo engineer that worked on the s60RR makes claims similar to IPD. Are they all deceiving us? I think you need to provide us with something more that your word over there's. And are you claiming that for the B5254T4 motor they chose the inferior R over the Japan, which was on the shelf, to save a couple bucks vs. using the better performing manifold?
  4. I could care less, so believe my "blabber" and YOU prove IPD's wrong.
  5. Have you contacted IPD about there testing? The post I was referencing is on Swedespeed in the IPD section posted by Lucky back in '09-10 when he still had a job there. I'm sure Lucky has a copy of that data too.
  6. I was looking forward to more c30 updates...
  7. I've had them in for 3.5 weeks so that's the longest HID I've used without an issue. One of the guys on c30crew that sold HID (miller something??) clamed that only the classic c30 had the wiper motor/ CEM issue and all the kits he sold had the canbus/anti flicker module. Everything seems good so far... Watch it's gonna take a $hit this weekend now that I've tempted fate...
  8. More updates... Had to do a 3rd round of HIDs after blowing the ballast on the drives side headlight again and also blew pass side fog that I installed 4K HIDs. This time I when with the Canbus/Anti-flicker module to the 55w headlights ballasts and so far so good, might do this to the fogs if I get another set of 35w ballasts. I love that I can return them to Amazon without issue after they go dead so it's not too much trouble and they are cheap and easy to install. Trying not to mod this car too much is torture! With parts being so cheap and readily available I want to keep to small mods but that's not happing! Couple weeks ago I was up against my 75K mile service which included air filter, plugs and oil change. I decided to replace the paper air filter with a drop in K&N filter considering the K&N was too more than a good paper filter. With only the filter change I noticed that the car had less hesitation at low RPM and was a bit more responsive less laggy. My paper filter wasn't that dirty so I concluded that the stock filter with a felt prefilter is just very restrictive. Was also looking to replace just the restrictive resonator coupler at the turbo on the intake but the cost of the Samco coupler is $100! Then over Labor Day weekend I saw FCP had a big sale on Snabb intake parts, for a bit more than the Samco I could get a whole new intake pipe. I picked up the black powercoated finish with black silicone couplers for the stealth look. I've noticed with the Snabb pipe that again throttle response was improved even more over the K&N at low RPM but the bigger improvement is at upper RPM where this car flies! From a stand still at WOT it seems more powerful and pulls harder. I've only had this in for a couple days so over the next couple weeks I'll see how it goes. After the K&N and before the intake pipe as part of the 75K service. Not being one that believes in the OEM plugs Voodoo I added a set of Bosch FR7MPP10 plugs, they are platinum/iridium combo. Searching for new plug for '11 c30 on Boschs app came up with nothing but I searched under '07 sR and these were listed. After pulling the OEM plugs I saw they are the same plugs. They are even stamped with the Bosch symbol, made in Germany and FR7MPP10 and printed FoMoCo and part #on it. The Bosch plugs cost under $30 where a set of OEM was $60! Next, installing Kristians silicone hose kit which I also picked up this week on sale. I got them cause when I did my 75K service I noticed that OEM hoses are paper thin! So they will need to go soon anyway might as well go for something that will last the long haul and take the pressure, pun intended! I'm also going to have someone at work 3D print me up a 14mm ECU spacer I found here. This will be the last thing I do to the intake system. My goal to make it breath as best as it can. Still need to install the 320mm big brake upgrade but keep reading about the '14+ Focus ST 332mm brakes for the front and 302mm Volvo p3/Mazda 5 upgrade for the rear. I love how cheap both these upgrades are for OEM parts nothing custom...
  9. These are hard to find nowadays, especially in good shape. If you do find a set most of them have broken hooks that go over the glass. I found a set in the yard and one of the hooks was still good, I installed it for my son in his car seat and within a week the hook broke. I had thought about fabbing my own hooks out of metal. That may be your best bet if you can find a broken set and can make your own hooks.
  10. Any '00 bevel will work. Hussein has a good write up on v70R about the difference in drivetrain components.
  11. I think the RS and ST are different when it comes to brakes suspension, I'm not 100% sure on that... (edit... Found some new info they are the same ST to RS upgrade) I was referring to the Mk3 ST, which has a revised Mk2/p1 suspension with different geometry, different axles, knuckles and bearings and used the same 320mm (12.6"). Ford has upgraded them to 332mm (13.1") I converted it wrong, it's not 336mm. You can swap the p1 to the Mk3 ST for better steering response, better caster/camber and a better bearing design. ST 12.6 to 13.1" brakes The rears upgrade is using a Volvo p3 rear 300mm rotors with a Mazda 5 bracket and you reuses the same caliper. The thing I noticed is the ST uses 271mm rears and the c30 uses 280mm, so it's a slightly bigger upgrade for the ST guys. And apparently the RS uses this similar set up (edit... Not 300mm, 302mm I must need some caffeine.) ST 300mm rear upgrade. Both these upgrades are as easy as the 302 p80 upgrade.
  12. Thought about it, but it's a long drive. Still might if I feel up to it.
  13. I love my P1! Such an easy Volvo to mod (compared to my 245 and my p80R) with all the Mazda/Ford factory and aftermarket parts to choose from. I'm not sure how different the AWD rear suspension but my cars handling def benefited from a rear swaybar. I'm currently looking at upgrading to larger 300mm rear brakes after I install my 320mm for the fronts. The '14-15 Focus ST has a 336mm upgrade that uses the same caliper as the 320 but a different bracket, similar to the p80 302 bracket. From what I've read all the US facelifted c30 R-designs came with Midir in 7.5" wide and the 8" only came on the c70 R-design. I'm sure you all had much more options that we do. I have the Nav too, but have never used it since I got my car earlier this summer, best part about is that you get the Premium stereo system. Look forward to what you guys do next with it...
  14. Brake, ABS, DSTC and Cruise all sound like ABS module.
  15. I asked him the same thing and he never responded...