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  1. My 850R Holset hx35, Video Clips.

    Any auto parts store will carry them, or online. OEM/Wahler design is garbage and prone to failure. In the 20 years that I've been using them on 2 different Volvos, I've had several fail within the 3-4 year mark. So I'd say your luck is about to run out.
  2. If you need to open up the bore and don't want spacers you can always DIY it use a router.
  3. Gary, more than likely the offset will be too high for most p80 application and would require custom spacers with 2 different hub bore sizes for the wheels and the hubs.
  4. Radiator question

    As I stated the oil cooler is on the oil pan, look on the back side under the car. For ME7 p80 radiators ('99-00) they are either auto or manual, auto has trans line, manual has no lines at all...
  5. Radiator question

    Sounds like he has a '99 produced in late '98. If a '98 rad doesn't work and you have green plastic clips and a the oil cooler on the oil pan it's a '99+ car. Other giveaways would be ETM and short intake manifold runners.
  6. You can use the "R" coils and replace the rubber boots with the longer 103mm non R boots and stretch out the contact spring to extend it, or reuse the 103mm spring. IPD even sells replacement boot and contacts for the 96 and 103mm coils. The 96mm "R" coils have about 20% more power than 103mm non R version and were about the same output of the old IPD HD coils, which for me was a noticeable upgrade.
  7. Yep andI'm not drinking the Tesla Kool-Aid either... I'm waiting for the bettercar, not the latest fad.
  9. If you wanted to drive farther then 300 miles you need to charge it somewhere? If GMset this up stations at their dealerships you could drive coast to coast. Maybe I'm missing something but how would you drive a Tesla cross country? Ultra long extension cord? Solar panels? I see that as being an inconveniences... Maybe it's just me, but I'd never buy a car located next to Spencer's Gifts...
  10. Tesla has a huge uphill climb for charging stations. If GM, BMW,etc. put charging stations in half of there the dealerships in the USthey'd still beat the pants off Tesla. Tesla is boutiquey for my taste. We have a "dealership" in my local mall. I like the idea of making my own EV car. I've been toying with the ideaabout making my Porsche 914 an EV.
  11. P2 mystery shimmy

    How are your wheel bearing? That could cause some vibration too.
  12. Maybe it's just me but I'd prefer the BMW or GM over that Toyota or Tesla. That Toyota is hideous! Darth Vader Hybrid? And the Tesla looks like a Mazda 3 without the smile.
  13. Lightened Crank Pulley

    s70R, most mods are "marginal" gains, (i.e. NA cams, turbo intake pipe, open filter, spark plug cables, intercooler, RIP, etc. etc. etc... see what I'm doing?).But when you put several of them together you get a "substantial" gain. You could replace lighten crank pulley with anything in your list of mods and say "alone it's not worth it". Your opinion whetherthe lighten pulley isworth it or is going to destroy your engine, especially without proof and backpedaling, isn't helping you convince anyone... Find some proof, stand your ground and you mighthave valid debate, but without it you're just spouting your opinion, parroting internet myths and swaying in the breeze.
  14. All the p2 cars run 235 on 7.5" widths wheels.