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  1. Thought about it, but it's a long drive. Still might if I feel up to it.
  2. I love my P1! Such an easy Volvo to mod (compared to my 245 and my p80R) with all the Mazda/Ford factory and aftermarket parts to choose from. I'm not sure how different the AWD rear suspension but my cars handling def benefited from a rear swaybar. I'm currently looking at upgrading to larger 300mm rear brakes after I install my 320mm for the fronts. The '14-15 Focus ST has a 336mm upgrade that uses the same caliper as the 320 but a different bracket, similar to the p80 302 bracket. From what I've read all the US facelifted c30 R-designs came with Midir in 7.5" wide and the 8" only came on the c70 R-design. I'm sure you all had much more options that we do. I have the Nav too, but have never used it since I got my car earlier this summer, best part about is that you get the Premium stereo system. Look forward to what you guys do next with it...
  3. Brake, ABS, DSTC and Cruise all sound like ABS module.
  4. I asked him the same thing and he never responded...
  5. Did my second round of HIDs. Recycling my 5k bulbs but upgrading with 55w ballast. I'm hoping they last longer than the last set that the DRL killed... I'm planning on upgrade the fogs to 3k, 25-35w HIDs. Now the real fun, I installed a Hotchkis 32mm hollow rear swaybar on the stock endlinks on the less stiff setting, This was as fun upgrade! Really transformers the car in the turns and doesn't make it too noticeable other than a minor bounce or a little choppy on the hi-way.. I'm thinking about adding bigger front bars or adding poly bushings and HD endlinks to crispen it up. I really don't want to make it too stiff... Took it to Volvo of Charlottesville, Shawn hooked me up with DRL software and fixed my AC (bad low pressure switch) and resetting the receiver for the TPMS and the keyless entry/start. Everything works! Got 28mpg on my way down and my daily MPG is going up. 22.7!
  6. Bosch Super Plus, copper-iridium. Amazing plugs for the money and last forever if you regap them. I'm running IPD HD coils at standard gap without spark blowout.
  7. I'd up the tire pressure, its free to try. On my '00R I run 38/41psi, just make sure you rotate your tires often if you do.
  8. I have that 320mm set up already, I got it for the p80R. I got the adaptor brackets for the p80, new EBC slotted rotors that that I got on CL for $30 w/Hawk and Akebono pads and rebuilt calipers for $100. But if I can upgrade to bigger 336mm from another Volvo with everything off the shelf I could go for that too... Especially if I'm upgrading to 302mm rears.
  9. Interesting stuff, I've found some of the Focus ST guys are running s80 336mm rotors with Wilwood calipers. I wonder if any other Volvo caliper would work. And p3 v70 302mm rear rotors with Mazda5 brackets with the stock calipers. BBK are so easy with off the shelf Ford/Volvo/Mazda parts!
  10. That will be NEUKAR! I was going to get NEUCAR for my plates, but that was taken and NEUKAR isn't.
  11. If I keep mine halogen, I'd upgrade to a brighter bulb than 65w. From my experience with upgrading halogens, I believe the extra 10w will not do much difference. I'd look for 75-80w range, but I worry about burning out relays and wiring harnesses with that much of an increase. So 65w is a safe bet... Ultimately I'd want HIDs again... When I ran them even the 35w kit was plenty of light. LOL, I remember you telling me and AJ at Carlisle that you were considering building one. I remember thinking you were crazy. Well maybe not so much now...
  12. There is nothing wrong with cutting springs. That being said you can't cut p80 front springs...
  13. Thanks for the link. I read thru some of that, but from my understanding the early and later P1 cars have a different Pulse Width Modulation system? My issue only happened after I left it on DRL for a long period, got the bulb out warning and noticed it have failed shortly after that. That's why I want to get them switched off. Plus I go thru a check point where I need to shut them off and would prefer them switched off, vs. using my parking lights, cause I always forget and leave them on... The stock halogens are just too dim for me, I have a set of H11 100w halogen but I'm afraid of frying something in the wiring harness... Thanks it was a really good score and I REALLY LOVE this car! That's why I'm too eager to mod it, I know why Hussein is modding his after he said he wouldn't. 1) it's just too easy with all the Mazda and Ford parts on the market not too! 2) The car just begs to be taken to the next level, with it being so light and nimble extra power and handling are really desirable on this platform. Just wish it was AWD. I haven't driven the '00R much since getting this. I'll be using it soon to haul some things and I know off the bat it's not a comfortable as the cR, but it has the torque that the cR doesn't, less drivable and more brut force power. It's like it doesn't have a throttle, just an ON/OFF switch for the power. I think part of that is the HPT motor vs. the LPT.
  14. I've had the car for 2.5 weeks, put maybe 2K miles on it. Took it on 2 road trips to NYC and to Culpeper Va. Got amazing highway mileage at my best 30mpg, at my worst 24mpg. My normal daily city driving I'm getting 21mpg with the AC, my lowest 19.5mpg. Best I ever got on the vR was 28mpg and my normal daily city driving was 15mpg with the AC. So this thing is paying for itself. Haven't done any mods to it except put in my sons Recaro car seat. I replace the halogen headlights to 35w 5K HIDs but the DRL killed one of the ballasts. I plan on having Shawn at C-ville Volvo hook me up with the software to get rid of it. I also picked up the hard cargo cover for $60 on CL. Now I don't have to worry about everyone checking out what I'm hauling. Only issue is it does block some of the rear visibility at the bottom of the hatch. Also noticed that the Bridgestone's that are on the car are run flats. Along with the stock wheels they are pushing 55lbs. Can't wait to get a set of 245 or 235 summer tires for the Ultras and regular tires to be under 44lbs. I keep telling myself I don't want to mod this car much but I keep finding stuff that I would like to spend money on... Muffler, turbo pipes, intakes. I think a tune is a must, I'm leaning toward the Shark tune after talking to some c30 guys at the Scandinavian Auto car show in Md last week. Going to meet up with more c30 guys and see what I like about there cars before I pull the trigger on anything...
  15. Blah, Blah, Blah... DC has the worst traffic in the Blah blah... You should see the Blah blah blah... Every day and the blah blah blah... Drivers are bad all over, nobodies special...