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  1. I piggybacked the Kensun HID Canbus/Anti flicker modules to my Innovated slim 55w ballast for the cR. Got them on Amazon for $8. Much cheaper than getting the all in one HID/Canbus/Anti flicker modules for $60+. I had issue with the 2 ballast blowing on the driver side in a month period before I added them (Amazon replaced the ballast under warranty). After adding them hadn't have one blow in 7mths.
  2. I got my original set from DDMtuning several years ago and are still going strong. They were there cheap ($30) 35w all in one ballast (simialer to the ultra). Now they've switched to the 2 piece ballasts. Only issue I've had is with one of the bulbs going bad in the 4 I got for headlights and fogs on my vR. Not sure if the current kits are as reliable as the older kits. I am currently running Innovated slim 55w ballast in my cR headlights, that I got thru Amazon ($25). Been running those for the last 7mths without issue once I added Canbus/anti flicker cancelers. This was because of an issue with the p1 not the kits. I had a set of 35w but those seemed to be a bit underpowered, 4.5K bulbs were blueish and 3K bulbs were a bit greenish and never seemed to get bright enough compared to the DDMtuning 35w.
  3. You hook the gauge up to your wastegate. There is only one connection to it. And the setting depends on your turbo. If you Google there is a chart and a How to video by IPD.
  4. They are all the same... I have one left over from my 240 that's the same as my v70R. Same design same gasket... Personally I'd run the Super Stant cause its a better design but IDK if they come in 82.
  5. Stant 13918 180/82 temp thermostat
  6. From my personal experience with my '00R with the stock Japan and swapping to the R. Get the R mani. And if you don't believe me maybe this former Volvo engine and power train development engineer might persuade you.
  7. Check out Daniel Stern Lighting. He explains a lot. Some of those bulbs are just gimmicks... Not worth spending that much on halogen light... Personally I'd go with HID and an Ecode or aftermarket headlight. The best light output is white, 4.5k or 5k color temperature. A good 35w units are under $30. I've run DDM tuning 35w in my vR Ecode and Jewels with great results for years. IDK about using a 55w that might be too bright. Although I'm running 55w in my cR projector without any issue of blinding anyone. If you choose halogen go with a higher than standard wattage, again in an Ecode or aftermarket lens. Stock USA lens suck and scatter a lot of light. Only issue with halogen is that it get hot and melts housings and lens if they are plastic. I've melted wiring and relays because I was trying to draw so much power thru the stock system (80w thru a '92 245 system). I eventually upgraded to a dual relay to get the most voltage and bypass the stock systems. You can learn more about them on Daniel Sterns site too.
  8. Looks Nice! Do the diesel R-design get all the suspension goodies as the t-5 R-Design? What else have you done to it?
  9. In my folks old '71 w108 Mercedes, that I restored dad in High School. I ran 80/100w H4 and 100w H1 e-Code quad headlights with 100w h3 fogs. I was able to run both high and low beam in the H4s too, a total of 760 watts! That was the best lighting I EVER had with Halogen... I think your right high beams are H9 some places say it's 9005. The lows are H11. I have some HID bulbs and they have h11/8/9 on them so they are all kinda interchangeable. Like you show in your pic the center pin is the biggest difference and the base is slightly different but they will work. I have a stash of leftover bulbs halogen and HID from the vR as I upgrade to the Jewels so I've just grab what ever I need from them in a pinch. Have you upgrade any of the exterior or interior bulbs to LED? I did my running lights in the headlights (inner most light by the grill and amber ones in the outer corners). I also did the licenses which are a oh yeah! to do! That connector falls apart! I saw someone makes a complete lens LED replacement but I managed to get the connector to work. Interior lights I've done the dome front and rear but the ones I used for the fronts are a bit too bright and blinding at night, but so crisp and white, I might find some dimmer LEDs. I kept the map light as is so I can use that if I need a dim light while driving I thought about replacing those with red. I need to replace bulb for the HVAC temp control as ones burned out and would like to replace all the dash lights to red LED like I did on the vR.
  10. I've been hosting Tail of the Wagon in mid Nov. for 6 years. But I've been thinking about hosting a spring version and opening it up to more folks, nothing too crazy. I invite the Va/Md/DC locals and friends with wagons, especially the rare color cars. We start Skyline in Front Royal have a picnic half way thru and end at the Devils Backbone brewery south of Charlottesville it's and all day event about 110 miles. I'll keep you all in mind. I normally make a Facebook event and invite everyone so hit me up on PM and I'll give you my full name. @850R427 If you want to meet up some time I do Cars and Coffee @ Dulles Landing when the weather is nice. Hope you can meet up sometime...
  11. Mine are the Hella Optilux Extreme Yellow XY H11 55w I got from Pepboys, they were on sale for $19 with a web coupon. They are more orange (amber) than yellow. I had a set of cheap h8 35w yellow bulbs off Amazon that had a better color but the output wasn't nearly as bright as the h11. But one blew within 2 months... I have a set of yellow 100w h11 that I was going to put in the high beams, but I'm afraid they'll melt something... Have you had anyone high beam you for having 65w? I haven't had anyone complain about my upgraded fogs yet... And I drive with them on all the time.
  12. I do have a mechanic friend in MD that used to have a shop that he did side work. I'll ask if he's still doing big jobs like that. More than likely it would just be easier to swap engines vs. rebuilding it. Other thing would be to contact some of the local shops, see if they are up for the challenge. But I can guarantee that it's not going to be cheap!
  13. Never had an issue with the vR and HID ballast or bulbs in the 7-8 years I've run them and my headlight wipers worked. I do notice that my current ones on the cR do have a bit of warm up time now with it being cold, but by the time the car is warmed up it's not an issue. I do a lot of early morning and night driving and need the extra light with my "old eyes". I just prefer the crisp light output of the HID @ 5k. Whether it was the stock p80 lens, e-code, jewels or the stock c30 projectors. Halogens are just are too dim. And the cR stock 35w fogs was a joke too. Nice touch with the relay remembering that you had your fogs on. That would be nice if it was that way stock like on the p80. I'd prefer that over having them on with low beam.
  14. Thanks for the P/N I'll ask my friend that runs a Volvo service dept. if he can get his hands on it, but like I said I doubt we can in the US. And I'm very aware of the PWM voltage. I was blowing them on a weekly basis for the headlights and fogs till I got Canbus canceler/ Anti flicker modules for the headlight HID. Haven't blown one since I added them 5months ago.
  15. I'm not a big fan of these new electronics too. Had issues with mine. Thought it was a DIM, then CEM had them both sent to Xemodex and it came back fine, turned out to be a bad power steering controller unit. It was causing the car to stall and all kinds of fault codes that were unrelated. Dealer thought it was a bad ECU, replaced that and still had issues. Then finally traced it to the power steering. Thankfully they didn't charge me for the ECU. This car def has it's advantages over the p80, but traction in the snow is not one of them. I tried to find the software to have fogs on while my high beams were on but can't find it. I'm sure some of the Euros could tell me it if I dug deep enough, we probably can't get it here... I also had my DRL disabled after I added 55w HIDs. I need to shut my headlights off when I enter my bases checkpoint. Its odd Volvo lets the fogs stay on when you shut the headlights off to parking lights... I upgraded mine fog light bulbs from the 35w h8 to 55w h11. Had HID in for a bit but keep killing the ballasts and when I switch the high beams on and off I'd notice they'd take a bit to come up in brightness so halogen was a much better solution. And you can get the h11 in amber much easier and cheaper then the h8... Interesting about The Belgium light mods. Not sure I dig the twin rear fogs. That always irked me as others might think it's brakes. But that could be a good thing... LOL!