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  1. It was about 22 cars total. It was nice to see new folks and ones that I hadn't seen in a long time. I'll do it again sometime soon.Folks went to Katie's Cars and Coffee down the street before they stopped by. We did get kicked out after folks did some WOT runs before leaving. We re-grouped at another location, the cops were cool about it, they had seen us before and someone complain so they asked us to just move the party somewhere else...
  3. Your Fusion is a Volvo platform. So you can play. We're going to have all kinds of cars, BMW, MB, Subaru, DMC... Plus I might have some spares for your Laser. ;)
  4. I'm back hosting Volvo gigs again! Join me and the usual suspects in Tysons Corner Virginia. We will meet in a back of a vacant office building parking lot at 7925 Westpark Dr. Tysons Corner VA 22102. I'm shooting for 9am to 9pm? You can bring food/drink or there are plenty of restaurants in the area if you want to make a run. There is a grocery store within walking distance to stock up too. Make it a day or just for a short stay. You are welcomed and encouraged to invite fellow Volvo owners (and other car owners) to join to make this a HUGE event! And remember if you can't make this look forward to my gig in Nov's Tail of the Wagon on Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park from Front Royal VA to Devils Backbone Brewery in Roseland.
  5. C30 (yes this is happening)

    I've heard of a guy on C30crew that swapped a mk3 ST suspension to our c30 but haven't heard of anyone doing the Revo...
  6. As I mentioned, nobody has done the s70 non Nivo springs with Nivos, so your guess is as good as mine. Could be nice and firm or too stiff, it's unknown how that combo would work. But since the spring coil is only 1mm thicker and they are meant for a sedan vs. the heavier wagon, it might work out, and be balanced with IPD blues. This was going to be my set up when I rebuilt the rear end, but now I've got my cR so this is not a big priority at the moment. But now I might go for the Revolv coilovers as I do like the option of lifting the car for winters and lowering it in summer. As it is now in winter I'm a snowplow and I'm not super slammed. That's something to consider too. Or you could do 2 sets of struts/coils for winter/summer but that's a lot of work. Air ride would be another thing I'd consider if there was something good available.
  7. Easiest (and cheapest) thing to do is get the Euro Nivo (25) and cut 2 coils off the stock spring and make your own drop spacers. This set up gives you a decent ride, not too stiff, but when the Nivos wear it will soften up. If you add the Euro Nivo and drop spacers without cutting the coil it will be soft with a bit of bounce to it. Not great if you are running stiffer springs/struts up front. I'm running H&R up front with Koni Yellow and that's a good balance. If you are going to use IPD blues those might be a little stiffer than the rear set up. Also the drop in front might be too much than the rear and you could consider upgrading the rear coil to something stiffer. The s70 AWD non Nivo spring is stiffer by a bit (12mm vs13mm coil thickness). You'd still need to cut coils to get it lowered but how many is uncharted territory... And Euro Nivos are stiffer valved than stock, well worth the extra cost over stock if you need ride leveling. I use my wagon to haul... You can do a homemade coil over set up mixing and matching parts or Nick and Tom @ ReVolv will have cheaper 4 corner set out soon that they were showing on Toms olive R at Carlisle. Or you can pay thru the nose for Kaplan's stuff, but considering that it will cost more than the vR is it worth it? If you want a turnkey coil over go with Revolv. The TME kit is a rip off as the rear is the stock spring minus 2 coils, plus my front coils were garbage after a couple years.
  8. Carlisle 2017

    In for another decade of Carlisle... And Caravan from NoVa... Anyone want to tag along?
  9. Off Topic: The Thread

    They are all the same... I have one left over from my 240 that's the same as my v70R. Same design same gasket... Personally I'd run the Super Stant cause its a better design but IDK if they come in 82.
  10. Off Topic: The Thread

    Stant 13918 180/82 temp thermostat
  11. I should have know Mike is into "fashionable footwear"... For Timo it's a given... LOL! AJ. Nothing like hopping out of your bunk straight into a set laced up boots to hit the deck running. Literally!
  12. I prefer the Worx 5622/5611 by Red Wing. They are bullet proof and so comfortable and light with the carbon toe. I can be on my feet all day with them too and have. My first pair spent a month in saltwater and are still going that's why I upgraded to the 5611. Although being waste deep in the Gulf of Mexico they are going to get wet no matter what.
  13. Off Topic: The Thread

    Was never in the Navy I work for them now... And yes I still get sea sick... Glad my job is mostly on the land. Dramamine does nothing for me, sea sickness patch (scopolamine) works but I get super dopey on it, it's the "truth serum" drug you would see in old movies. The only thing that works in the sea sickness watch, it's basically a tens unit on your wrist and "shocks" you nerves in your wrist to keep you from puking... I usually keep in at 1-2 on normal rides, but the sea state 6 I had it at 5! it would make my hand ball up out of my control... I use to play a game "Who can take it at 5" and nobody make it past 3 without dropping it... Mighty Servant 3 sunk and they salvaged it (the first photo I posted of it under water) cause they are so expensive to rebuild, and all it needs is s good cleaning and partial rebuild. The second post where the Mighty Servant 1 is partially under water is how they load, is submerges to load cargo, the floats it up. There are some videos on YouTube to show how they work.
  14. Off Topic: The Thread

    Yep, they are... They submerge to load payload. Oil rigs, ships, etc... I was part of a series of tests were we used them to load and unload Navy supply ships using LCACs (bottom two pix). And don't get me started on sea sickness! I've gotten sick in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Norfolk, Key West, Panama City, Puget Sound, San Diego and the English Channel off of Normandy France... The worst was Normandy, our port was landlocked at low tide and I was stuck out there for 12hrs. It was so bad I puked everything out of my stomach and couldn't see straight and the next day I was still dizzy. I was shooting video and looking thru my view finder most of that day before it started, worst part about it I was on video joking about it before it happened...
  15. Off Topic: The Thread

    I've been in a storm in the Gulf of Mexico that was sea state 6 (20ft waves) on this thing. The Mighty Servant 3 which is a heavy lift ship. It was pretty bad, I was located on the main deck in a connex box for living quarters. Folks on the upper decks had it much worse as it's 7 stories up, furniture was rolling down the hallways. I ended up spending 3 days in my bunk and I get sea sick pretty bad, but never puked! I use an electronic sea sickness watch that I had cranked up on full power for the entire time. I've been in some bad storms but this was the worst! I was compounded by the fact that the Mighty Servant 3 had sank before and they had photos of it all over the place just as a reminder that the ship was under water...