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  1. How do you ship wheels?

    I've shipped a couple sets with tires thru UPS. They were about $80+ from DC to Upstate NY and Boston area. I used HD plastic wrap and cardboard to protect the wheel face, also wrap 2 tires together with the wheel faces together and place bubble wrap to give it an extra cushion. Shipping with tires makes it easy as you don't have to box them... Brian, bDiMag, told me to do this as he's done that for every wheel set that he's shipped and hadn't had any issues with them arriving damaged.
  2. 98R Steering Rack replacement

    How are your wheel bearings? That can wobble when worn.
  3. QBM vs IPD hd endlinks

    I've run IPD and homemade QBM style endlinks, from Midwest Control. IPD last longer preform better than stock (flex less), and cost less IIRC. But QBM are much stiffer and adjustable. My vR is lowered with IPD sways I made them an inch longer so the swaybar sits not on an angle like with stock endlink lenght. The down side was the hardware was hard to keep tight and then froze up making it hard to remove when I swapped out struts even with boots. With them longer they made the front bar work better. I've currently running IPD again (got them on sale). They are very good and but if you want the best performance out of you endlinks, make some QBM...
  4. Can't post reply in off topic thread

    That did it... Thanks... Good thing we have a bug and error support, cause we got a lot of them...
  5. Off Topic: The Thread

    John that's really crappy of them, I'm sorry you guys have to put up with there garbage... If they are going to stand there and live by those word and chastise others you better live by them completely or you look like a hypocrite...
  6. Can't post reply in off topic thread

    Yeap it's the quick reply box and Submit reply. Same work computer, Internet explorer, haven't cleared anything, but will try, this in a Navy/Marine Corp Network (NMCI) computer, they block a lot of things and I'm limited in what I can do but I'll try. It worked the other day and worked on v70R today, but nothing this morning here. I was also having issue with sending PM like everyone else too...
  7. I've tried to post a reply SEVERAL times, it kicks it out to error page HTTP 404, Web page can not be found. I'm on a windows machine and can post on v70R without issue. Lets see if I can post here...
  8. 98R Steering Rack replacement

    AWD only have the front hydraulic mount (motor mount under the intake).
  9. Secret Santa 2015

    It's no secret who gave you those^ LOL!
  10. A friend had the Phillips Hue and they are pretty cool.
  11. You can't mix the N cams with the RN head. Do more research about cams for the RN if that's the route you are going with to find the best one.
  12. Rn swap...first time for everything!

    It's Bawlmer, Hon... Named after Loord Bawlmer, it's as plain as the mustache my face. Now wer is my Natty... OP, also I recall a place out in Jessup that rebuilt turbos, used to do a lot of Porsche work, near Crazy Rayz on Rt 1. Or if you get down to DC in Annandale there is Tim's Turbos, He can do them and they are kinda reasonable... I'm going to have him build me a spare 19t out of a 16t I have.
  13. My H&R (fronts only) are not progressive, they are liner. And with my Koni Sport set to soft are very comfy.
  14. Possible Axle Vibration

    I've had wheel bearing only vibrate at certain speeds on the hiway and it wasn't an out of balance tire. Vibration was still there when I swapped tires, replace the bearing, problem gone... If it's really bad it will vibrate all the time, you'll even feel it in braking too. Easiest way to check is jack up the car grab the wheel at the 12 and 6 o'clock position and shake it, if it's got play it's bad.
  15. I did the same thing as Andy but left the banjo fitting in place with the vac line hooked up, I just didn't hook up the coolant to the fitting. Ran it that way for years till I my cam seal blew and Jeff (Volvo5.0) added it back into place, he also used '01+ banjo fitting that has a check valve in it to prevent boost in the line. He added this for an extra safety measure. And it's a lot easier this way (without the coolant lines) than hooking it up the banjo bolt. Even the way I did it with the vac line on the banjo it's STILL easier... Howard, I'd also add cleaning out the lines (or replace) from the PCV to the PTC. Most folks don't and that can clog and blow out your cam seals... Jeff knew it was the culprit for me before he saw my car that that was the issue with it and it was...