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  1. Bought new daily driven V40 2.0tA 2003 Classic 248tkm. :)
  2. Friends V40 650hp vs GSX-R1000:
  3. We use also only JE pistons in our high power white block engines. :) 700-1000hp 4-5cyl. ;)
  4. Wheels are on. :)
  5. Those are Special edition 17" wheels for latest x40 volvos 2003-2004 year made by bbs for volvo and very light weight also. I ran these end of 2017 and no problems and no cracks. 16" wheels bbs are more common and these 17" are very rare. Volvo stock color for these was like darker gray and because these are used wheels there was some stone marks on paint and looked no good. Now paint is bbs normal brighter color which i like very much. :) I did retard exhaust cam 0.5mm for this year to get more aggressive spool and will test it more when summer comes here maybe next month when snow melts. :) Spool is good and no need for more modern turbo because then engine will brake :D 650nm is maximum torque which it hold in long term. Have driven now 10000km on this engine and no problems :)
  6. New correct BBS color on my 17" BBS summer wheels. :)
  7. Brake boosting 1.5bar @ 4500rpm :)
  8. 0.5g now 3.gear vs. earlier 0.45g. Cool tires! 8-)
  9. Original Volvo BBS RX217 wheels + Federal 595RS-R 215/40/17" "street slicks". :)
  10. Normal tires and boost button in use. :)
  11. Slicks and full grip on max boost. :)
  12. Boost by gear knob installed. Button up 2.2bar (590hp/550nm) and no wheelspin on 3.gear. Button down 2.6bar (666hp/620nm) and its still good to drive flatout on higher gears. Max boost 2.8bar (707hp/655nm) is on traction limit (4.gear) and on some roads it still spins tires @ 240km/h / 150mph. :D
  13. Vekku Volvo V40 T4 1005hp 210mph / 339km/h @ standing mile run video!
  14. Hankook evo v12 215/35/18" normal tyres +15c weather 2.2bar (590hp/550nm) maximum that leaves only light skid marks on road on 100-180km/h acceleration 3.gear. :) So tuned for maximum acceleration: 100-160km/h 3.6s 120-180km/h 3.2s
  15. 83mm block so no tuning needed to keep it running safe. ;) I have about 707 reason to keep this car stock. :D
  16. It could be. :D S40 is also still daily driver when needing faster milk shopping. ;)
  17. Bough nice stock Volvo V40 2.0t Classic 2004 196000km driven to my better half. Completely stock and 160hp. :) Mitsu 12T power. :D
  18. Friends V40 T4 was on dyno on his similar darton whiteblock b4194t2 engine with BW S476 turbo. 3.2bar boost 2.5bar exhaust backpressure. Goal is 340km/h on standing mile this summers. ;)
  19. Swapped stock T4 radiator back in and out was china crap aluminium radiator which leaked from end tanks and radiator core connection point when engine got hot. No heat problems ever with stock radiator even on standing mile 0-310km/h which is 30s on WOT.
  20. 2.0bar (30psi) 550hp is low boost for winter driving. :D
  21. Cold start and winter driving like stock Volvo S40 T4 on E85 and 707hp. :)