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  1. gmsgltr

    Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    oh baby. nothing like a clear red r bumper! 😎
  2. certainly get a photo up... also share the pipe diameter size... there are a few variants of this pipe around. Also, the PTC element, if it is included and what the barb looks like... there are a few revisions there too.
  3. i wanna put a japanafold on mine - i miss the 5cyl burble i have the r mani and a EST turboback exhaust 3" dp to 2.5" cat back
  4. WOOT! What color is that, special order color? I know Canada has some better options on the R than US. Get a JB4! I havent seen too many 17" wheels that fit over the brakes!
  5. gmsgltr

    Simply T-5R, The Build Thread : A New Hope

    pretty cool man - i read the abstract congrats and looking forward to updates on your car!
  6. gmsgltr

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

  7. gmsgltr

    1998 S70 T5 Oil Leak

    Oil cooler in the radiator? Check the lines that go into the bottom of the Radiator.
  8. gmsgltr

    FrankenMoose 2: The Quickening, Part 2

  9. gmsgltr

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Which MAF(s) do you recommend then? The Aluminum ones with the honeycomb straighteners on eBay etc?
  10. PICS MAN! That is the same wheel and spec I am looking for and I am thinking I am going to just have to order them... let me know if you dont like em and want to sell em! haha
  11. close off the grill and it looks kinda like a model 3 rimz, tint, puerto rico flag from rearview and bedazled license plate surround and it will look just like one i sit in traffic with every damn morning :p
  12. gmsgltr

    How Your Car Sits

    Which Aaron? VA5T? That is BEAUTIFUL!
  13. far left is the "R Manifold"
  14. gmsgltr

    Lack of performance '96 850R

    "oh well" is a friendly bump or a little temper tantrum because nobody replied to your thread within 20 hours of posting? You know this forum is dead, right? what is the car? 850r or 98 v70r? auto or manual? what tuning if any are you running? when you read 12 psi is that on a stock gauge (if you have an 850r) or an actual boost gauge? what is the situation with your MBC and TCV? Are they in parallel? What turbo are you running? What is the condition of the WG and CBV... new hoses are great but what is the pre-load on the WG, is the CBV torn?