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  1. nice! my uncle just bought a new one... i never see the new ones on the road. must not sell as many anymore or just not in my area
  2. I cant say I know much about suspension but my opinion is the IPD springs provide a nice drop, but that's it. I love where mine sit. I think they have too many coils for how low they are and I cant imagine they are a desirable rate to match with a strut/shock that cannot be adjusted. (I have ipd springs and koni yellows) The details on the house look really nice - I liked seeing the ones you posted in the past, I think that was FB though. Any mods on the R like an intake or tune though?
  3. i forget exactly where on the rack but now with that lift its easy... get under the car and look for the brand on the rack i remember my blue v70t5m had a replaced rack and i found it on the rack itself. just dont remember where lol
  4. Sweet How high are your ceilings in there? Mine are a little under 8'. The quick jack is meh. It works, its definitely better and higher than stands but not as easy as what youve got there! With the bigger blocks on it the car is up 24" I'd say. If I had more room I'd have the maxjax for sure. I thought about it too... I only have a slim concrete slab but wouldnt be too bad to remove out a section, put a sono tube down of some thick concrete and bolt to that... you keeping koni's and lowering springs on this R?
  5. woot! you just drill down to determine concrete slab thickness and you already had enough? if i had another foot ceiling height in my garage i would have bought one of those instead of a quick jack for sure the garage/car looks great!
  6. saw you there the other day - thought id stop in and watch but had to get home to my 7 kids and passed out wife
  7. couldnt agree more. im STILL mulling over the bc racing coils or a major step up to the jrz ones and im terrified because once its all in i wont have a single place around here i can trust to get it aligned or even corner balanced
  8. Maybe THEY forgot where THEY posted - DONT BE SO INSENSITIVE!
  9. Matt this is soo cool man - ive said it before... i hope you are proud, this is amazing.
  10. nice^ was gonna get the 4s but they were backordered for months for me - wound up getting their slightly lesser competitor, the continental extreme sports havent tried em yet. car is still up in the air but I know they are going to be great compared to what ive had
  11. anybody got one for sale on here?
  12. i may have a set of used ones for sale soon - redoing my 855r suspension
  13. did some market research after listing lol... ill take $40 for it - you pay shipping Greg
  14. R Exhaust Manifold Removed from my 850R - I ran this for about 10 years and 20k miles Its stock - not modded No issues/no cracks/no thread issues - for sale because I opened up/smoothed out a Japanifold and running that now Dont want to ship it but I will... CONUS only though. $60 + shipping. Let me know if interested, I can text/share photos as well. Greg