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  1. they had nice aluminum trim in them too really nice car and ahead of the game in 2007
  2. that was a fast sale - you really cleaned that car up too, good luck with the cx5 and s70 - nice combo of cars there
  3. meh - its at least car content! yeah the cx5 turbo didnt get the best mileage but really not bad... i mean i had cruise on 80-90mph nearly the entire way. loaded down car, winter, high speeds: 23mpg
  4. my friend got a cx5 carbon turbo and I just drove it from PA to Denver Colorado - really nice car. Love the turbo and the read leather seats on his!
  5. I want to know how that s70 has a center speaker set up - i thought that was only on the SE and C70's and R's! Nice find Alain!
  6. 'i could eat off of that engine bay' - never cared for that comment but you actually could on yours now lol!!! yes doing it all myself - currently have scaffolding up on two sides of the house doing sheathing fixes, air sealing, new house wrap and new windows and siding and gutters/downspouts. Lil more than halfway done the house. My dad helps me too and my wife used to on the other two places we did but with a near 3 year old and another one soon shes busy with more important things!
  7. i already activated the nuke. its too late. on topic... i wiped the dick that was drawn in dust on my windshield on the R this morning. could be one of two people; my wife, or my friend that was over to 'help' but we golfed and drank beer instead last week.
  8. for sure. i love home projects of all sorts. its why i dont have time for cars anymore. i've enjoyed the progress shots youve posted here and on fb - love the details and breezeway design i did a townhome, condo, and now in a pretty large single family house thats kicking my butt. the goal is to do it perhaps one more time so i can buy a nice chunk of land and build my own home
  9. helluva project you did i could tell. we went with quartz on this kitchen... it wasnt my first choice but i got over it lol
  10. get on it i need to take pics of mine. all dusty in the air in the garage not finished.
  11. Think im liking the movement in that granite more