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  1. and the white R is facing the wrong way on that side of the road (in 'merica). brad, c'mon mannnnn
  2. none of your fucking business. post some pics of your new R. or else.
  3. 2014 XC90 - 71k miles - 1 owner and dealer maintained and in great shape - every single option possible (sovereign hide leather in CHESTNUT, 19's, wood wheel, blah blah) Selling our 2013 GLI and this is taking over for my wife. I wanted a 17+ XC90 R-Design T5 but needed something I wouldnt have a monthly payment with for now
  4. I've spent lots of money over the years with Snabb, lots lol, always good stuff... Kristian is probably just super busy. I emailed them a year ago on Jetex Exhaust and didnt get anything back... I called once too... so I went to Jetex direct and got my exhaust...
  5. always amazing - thank you also for staying loyal to VS and sharing!
  6. yeah - i think you are right. its the switch that came with the trans... glad you got it fixed man!
  7. Hmm... im manual swapped too... My reverse lights only work if I hold the shifter as far into R as possible if I dont, reverse still works fine but the lights wont stay on. im guess for me its a contact on the switch.
  8. heat pump water heaters... go! anyone?
  9. 80,000 miles, proven miles too because everyone knows the odometer gears break in these cars... original paint? not modded? clean and straight? $15-20k share some pics
  10. 0 seeing how they didnt make the yellow t5r in 96 and only 95