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  1. lol those play pens didnt last long for us - we started walking before 9 months 🤯
  2. still have your business tho too right?
  3. bought a john deere z540R this am. 60" zero turn... 2 acres in 40mins lol maybe less ITS AN 'R' guys!
  4. woah didnt know they were doing that nor caught your '6 seater' comment - interesting another day, another early AM search for a low mileage clean 13/14 xc90 for me!
  5. lol at 'herd' - what year(s) are you looking at for the xc90? im done at 1. i think. lol been on the hunt for a 13/14 xc90 R design but they have been hard to find semi local surprisingly
  6. duuuuuude lets seem some photos! you can upload and host direct to the site or imgur i remember you red wagon and bbk from many moons ago
  7. lol is right I like the Atlas, but cant do a car payment on one salary lol
  8. yeah i dont have the two big dogs (i want one though!) and how the GLI just doesnt cut it as the mom car for us gonna keep my gti because i love it but nothing better than a big oafy slow and inefficient xc90 as a family hauler lol
  9. NOOooooooooo! 😛 We are looking for a xc90 currently... prefer a low mileage 13/14 (last year of that body style) fully loaded. Looking at these because they hit a good price range where I wont have a car payment, are safe as fuck, and to me still look really great.
  10. What type of bumper insert goes in that void? It will likely conceal it from not being level anyway. Nice work!
  11. if you dont have full array tv above 55" it looks terrible - i bet yall dont have full array tv's in your conf rooms. (we dont either and it looks like crap) my new 65" sony is full array doe
  12. nice^ we got a 82" for our conf room recently too. no full array panel so it looks pretty bad IMO.