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  1. same^ the rear of my wagon steps out on mine in the rain too haha
  2. but lets be honest... most places dont care, and or wont notice... then you will be painted as the bad guy because you have to speak up
  3. looks awesome - those rear tires look tight in there! Any rubbing?
  4. yes or the grey pierburg which i think is the same but gray and comes on the higher model porsches - will need to double check myself on that in a bit
  5. yes - just not c70 vert. has to be coupe
  6. blinker fluid? i need to change mine.
  7. no longer avail new not sure if i buy one off ebay or someone from the community here/ss that is likely to lie lol thanks greg
  8. the fluid in mine is messed up - anybody got one?
  9. It’s easy to forget where you started and to be grateful with things that you have (and for significant others to allow you to take over the entire garage amen^
  10. sheesh. we in the same boat. what else are you driving? i know you got the cx5 right?
  11. nice looking x5 - ya got me looking at them now lol
  12. this is so VERY common on these haha, i only found this out recently - in fact I just replaced the resistor and blower fan in my 2014 xc90 last week! i knocked some of the junk off the contacts and put it all back together and it works great
  13. thought the rx was a rav 4 with nicer materials? the gx is a 4 runner and the lx is a land cruiser (my point is isnt the rx much smaller than an x5?)