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  1. cool^ Yeah if anything mine looks less stock than yours... but we both know they are NOT the same LOL
  2. love the plate! i forget if i had this convo with you or someone else but you werent worried about the antique plate stipulations? Or maybe thats for 'classic' - ya have to keep the car relatively stock and in your case thats the funniest thing i could ever think of lol
  3. I have - only seen them in the 20 packs locally so far and the other 19 cars in the pack are the least interesting hot wheels ive ever seen ill keep my eyes peeled and thank you for thinking of me! Ill get on it fo sho
  4. Aaron emailed me this weekend - I have to get back to him on this. Thanks for the reminder, BRAD.
  5. Looked at it sitting in the garage all dusty and the wiring harness in shambles
  6. i am tempted to pay someone to do these - i have the tool too new in box lol i just dont want to do it haha i hope you have a good build season - sorry you are going thru all that shit
  7. Forgot to share I tested another multimeter and another ECU and both gave the same results... Still havent done anything else with this
  8. This is awesome - thank you for sharing. I have the anti skid message on our 14 xc90. It comes and goes... I think a full lock left turn is where it trips on ours.
  9. been considering the same for mine just a much more toned down set up than yours lol
  10. I voted today 10am-ish. After hearing about long lines etc etc I was back home in 15mins 5 to get there, 5 to walk up and them be confused by my last name lol fill in some dots with a pen that they then quickly took from me and torched lol because germs (They really did snatch the pen and put it on a table and sprayed it) , 5 to get home i did it! yay!
  11. sorry about the trans nice japanifold - did you port it out or? (what manifold do you have on yours now?)
  12. white 855r, one of the first manual swappers, cyclist, good guy, og etc etc also i came in here thinking id see new tramp stamps