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  1. Didnt want to do the braced c70 subframe or does that not work with awd?
  2. do you drive it daily? mine did/does this and goes away after some daily driving
  3. dude - love this ride
  4. I had H&R springs on my v70 t5m for 35k miles and they were great - mild drop, reputable brand, paired well with cheapo monroe struts/shocks for daily driver use. They dropped the car about 1.25"
  5. Get some photos of the interior up! I vaguely remember this car. Gary - fwiw looks like colorado plates
  6. Looking good! Who makes the blue springs? I am now even more confused about the springs rates etc. - Yes you are AWD and I am FWD 855 but still... 700lb/in spring is about 12,000kg/mm I am not saying they are right or that their cheapo springs are actually the rates they say they are either but the BC Racing Kit which I am vetting for my car comes with 4,000kg/mm rears lol Those 700lb/in springs you've got shouldn't move at all then, right? Thats 3X the rate that comes on the BC Kit that is becoming so popular... Am I missing something?
  7. Oh boy! Cant wait! Is Maciek's 850/truck conversion still around?
  8. Awesome! Im with B dub - I love how this unicorn was just sitting out there cant wait to hear/see some progress with it Also, I second mike ^ still got a team dynamics hook up?