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  1. Looked at it sitting in the garage all dusty and the wiring harness in shambles
  2. i am tempted to pay someone to do these - i have the tool too new in box lol i just dont want to do it haha i hope you have a good build season - sorry you are going thru all that shit
  3. Forgot to share I tested another multimeter and another ECU and both gave the same results... Still havent done anything else with this
  4. This is awesome - thank you for sharing. I have the anti skid message on our 14 xc90. It comes and goes... I think a full lock left turn is where it trips on ours.
  5. been considering the same for mine just a much more toned down set up than yours lol
  6. I voted today 10am-ish. After hearing about long lines etc etc I was back home in 15mins 5 to get there, 5 to walk up and them be confused by my last name lol fill in some dots with a pen that they then quickly took from me and torched lol because germs (They really did snatch the pen and put it on a table and sprayed it) , 5 to get home i did it! yay!
  7. sorry about the trans nice japanifold - did you port it out or? (what manifold do you have on yours now?)
  8. white 855r, one of the first manual swappers, cyclist, good guy, og etc etc also i came in here thinking id see new tramp stamps
  9. gmsgltr

    Eriks 850

    damn thats a ton of work - aaron do it? Looks good! What turbo?
  10. Nice! Its sitting well! What tires/size did you end up with? Front end re-painted or is it just lighting? I like the wiper delete