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  1. The Short: What voltage should the TPS read at WOT? Because I think I have a problem... 96 850R, manual swapped, NA Throttle Body with 960 Throttle Plate, Manual Throttle Cable. When I did the manual swap (7-8 years ago and probably 7-8k miles) I replaced literally everything with new oem parts... The TPS and throttle cable were replaced... How do I know I have a problem? Aaron (VA5T tuning) can see on my logs that when im WOT my TPS is reading 70% and it should read about 83% when floored. He can obviously re-scale and compensate for this but it's better to get this corrected. I decided after nearly a 2 year hiatus of not touching the car that I am going to look into this... I decided to do this test... both my original TPS and 'new Bosch' TPS measure 3.8V when both the pedal is fully depressed and when the throttle spool is at its stopper at WOT. This guy in the video gets 4.5V all the way open... Do I have two bad TPS devices? When slowly opening the throttle the voltage doesn't jump around, they smoothly increase like I believe it should. What gives? Any advice? Thanks! Greg
  2. gmsgltr

    Impulse Buy T5M

    looks amazing - now send it to Aaron
  3. 96 850 r manual swapped NA Throttle body - no wedge on mine i have the manual throttle cable too aaron was telling me a while back that my throttle position at wot wasnt all the way open and it was the TPS... but i have a new bosch tps... so gonna test it and see
  4. mobile detailer? i took off my TPS the other day and found my old one... gotta test them and see if that is why my throttle is fucked (Aaron told me years ago that when i was WOT on logs that it was only reading 70-80% and why i thought it felt so slow also hate the play in the gas pedal and TB arm and I think that is the slight 'stick' I feel when I disengage and re-engage the accelerator
  5. gmsgltr

    Impulse Buy T5M

    lol awesome man cant wait to read/see more
  6. gmsgltr

    Impulse Buy T5M

    dont cut or burn - just do meth. you now know EXACTLY where to get it. This is awesome, but I am more interested in what Aaron is doing to the saf! Do share on that soon!
  7. I believe for your power goals Aaron will suggest Deatshwerks Dw200 here is an old thread on some details:
  8. I would run a 901 in my 850R if they werent all gray... and i am not gonna paint one black like someone else on here did haha i had a 901 in my t5m and it was really nice for sure
  9. yes he is ^ i work with him every two years id say... its all because i work on my car once every two years
  10. what a timeless design looks good
  11. I am really sorry you have to go through all this front end work again - the work and documentation, as always, is awesome and fun to follow
  12. switched 12v power connector without splicing into current lines
  13. haha - ill push it out of the garage soon then