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  1. gmsgltr

    Impulse Buy T5M

    lol awesome man cant wait to read/see more
  2. gmsgltr

    Impulse Buy T5M

    dont cut or burn - just do meth. you now know EXACTLY where to get it. This is awesome, but I am more interested in what Aaron is doing to the saf! Do share on that soon!
  3. I believe for your power goals Aaron will suggest Deatshwerks Dw200 here is an old thread on some details:
  4. I would run a 901 in my 850R if they werent all gray... and i am not gonna paint one black like someone else on here did haha i had a 901 in my t5m and it was really nice for sure
  5. yes he is ^ i work with him every two years id say... its all because i work on my car once every two years
  6. what a timeless design looks good
  7. I am really sorry you have to go through all this front end work again - the work and documentation, as always, is awesome and fun to follow
  8. switched 12v power connector without splicing into current lines
  9. haha - ill push it out of the garage soon then
  10. i dont get it? haha i have projectors and quad highs already!
  11. looks really nice! How quick is it? i still havent driven one of these... drove a v60 polestar once thats all and didnt push it
  12. so he pays you $1 and he pays shipping? Or do you pay shipping? You need to be more clear here.
  13. and good luck with that the way volvo dealers are these days
  14. i have quad highs too! love it! gotta drive it tho... 😪
  15. good question and i forget the answer - because i have had the same issue in the past.
  16. Ok thanks Mike - Stanley Stephens is closest (Bucks County). I now have a truck in the family too so I can actually haul all this stuff! I have used the LVP before, did 1k sq/ft in a condo for my sister recently. It was Floor and Decor's 'NuCore' it seems like it will wear well and looks great. Does feel a bit cheap and it snaps/butts together without an audible click or beveled seem (The beveled seem is a must to me though) I used Lowes 'Smartcore' in my townhouse bathroom over the old tile before we sold and it was really nice stuff, it did have the beveled edge and went together more like laminate click lock flooring. Read into COREtec - is that what you mean?
  17. Definitely not tile... too pricey, too much work and wont fit the 'style' - we are hitting on a lot of the typical 'farmhouse' design cues for the house so a weathered wide plank wood look floor is definitely where we are. I am gonna test a 'floor and decor' waterproof laminate soon just beat the shit out of it and soak it in water for a bit to see. Also I already tiled part of the main floor (laundry/mud room/half bath). The bamboo option is intriguing, although I have heard mixed reviews on it ESPECIALLY lumber liquidators bamboo lol with all the class action lawsuits etc.
  18. didnt buy anything yet - i fixed the current subfloor, replaced some rot etc. screwed it down, and just put another layer on top gluing and screwing in the field (not to joist). I now have a net 1" subfloor lol. It is pretty level now and VERY quiet/sturdy. I don't think I can afford to do wood floors... likely big dog soon, 1 year old, and who knows how many more. I did laminate in the townhouse that we did a live-in flip and they were great and we had compliments all the time. The laminate game has changed again now 6 years later. I did a condo flip last year with my dad and we did vinyl click flooring and that was honestly really nice stuff too.
  19. Speaking of Mike and money... Mike are you still in flooring? I need 1500 sqft of flooring for the entire downstairs of our new place. I bought some samples... scratched the shit out of them, tried to dent them, soaked them in water and I am still torn because 'laminate' seems to get such a bad rap...
  20. ah ok - yeah corded or the m18 or dewalt 20v is PERFECT for that
  21. i have all the 20v dewalt shit so i bought their brushless trimmer etc - the blower is perfect for drying the car anyway, for 1.5 acres the dewalt wasnt enough... too small a swath so i got the honda 4 stroke trimmer and its sweet did you research the rheem hybrid water heaters? i just got the 65 gallon one
  22. oooo that 20g kit is enticing! didnt know about that in the works!