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  1. if you are so interested in car faxin me check your sellll fonn ya bish
  2. how does carfax work these days - anybody on here with the hookup?
  3. haha dat camber doe you got a back up camera on that thang?
  4. i like the black optics on a white one - looks great i agree on the wheels too - first thing! but wait... you are allowed to mod it!?!?!?!?! I keep getting threats if I mod whatever next car I get lol yes lets have a car date soon, its been too long!
  5. We all have a problem. So I've got no room to comment. BUT DUDE WTF HAHA Just hit 100k on ours on a trip to the OBX last week - got 21mpg with a full car and full roof box. The car was great. Really the only modern thing I wish it had was proximity key/push button start. Wife sat in the back in the middle seat entire time to be with the kids (did you know the center armrest comes out of these?!? for middle seat leg room)
  6. same^ the rear of my wagon steps out on mine in the rain too haha
  7. but lets be honest... most places dont care, and or wont notice... then you will be painted as the bad guy because you have to speak up
  8. It’s easy to forget where you started and to be grateful with things that you have (and for significant others to allow you to take over the entire garage amen^
  9. sheesh. we in the same boat. what else are you driving? i know you got the cx5 right?
  10. nice looking x5 - ya got me looking at them now lol
  11. thought the rx was a rav 4 with nicer materials? the gx is a 4 runner and the lx is a land cruiser (my point is isnt the rx much smaller than an x5?)
  12. is that enough space for a fucking stroller under there? SIGN US UP. that is awesome. looks great and doesnt look like a 2015 either - friend just bought a new x5 and the seats cool me and massage me as we drive around town picking up biddies saw this r design the other day helping my sister buy a new car and thought of you actually... too high mileage though: 13 r design with rear seat entertainment:
  13. in the process of buying new ipd front sway mounts/poly bushings - mine are plenty old enough and have never been re-lubed
  14. Awesome - I love that the hatch opens to the cab too
  15. i think its my rack too - i need to purge/replace fluid to start i just had a pretty lengthy alignment at a local shop after re-doing the entire suspension with coilovers... my alignment, to me, is fine only things that arent new are the control arms and tie rods (but they have less than 20kmiles but are probably 10 years old) and to add - the steering is only super loose on highway - i can make minor adjustments with the wheel and nothing happens. my buddy said to adjust toe to see
  16. how often do you kids replace your control arms on your p80 AND with what? Lemforder is the OE right? Its the only thing in my entire suspension that I havent replaced as of late in years (its been done back in the day) and I still have loose steering on the highway (maybe its the 'toe'?) and what hurts the most is some noises/clunk on small low speed bumps (axles are relatively new too - raxle axles in fact)
  17. Zero time wasted! Damn! Glad its off to another volvo person though!
  18. Totally agree ^ - i actually made an offer on a 15.5 xc70 t6 with every single option a few months ago now and glad i didnt get it - 98k miles 23k doll hairs. thats nuts. ill let someone else eat that crazy markup haha. this is why i sold my gti and only have the R. The kids rarely are with me or if they are we are all together in the xc90. im working from home mostly. I keep asking myself why do i have the R? to fucking drive it and enjoy it. fitting my dual exhaust xc bumper today on it and welding full 3" dual exhaust this weekend. want to get it like you said... where I can enjoy cleaning it not rebuilding every corner of it haha.
  19. what a salesman nah it looks awesome - wish you kept a volvo for a little bit but hey, you always seem to come back
  20. yeah i picked it all up today - now to get the old rusted shit off
  21. picked up my painted car parts - including my rear spoiler! yay! broke one of those rear bumper bolts last night on the R so tonight is extraction/make another plan time those stupid rear bumper brackets on the 850 that rust into nothing... its the only rust on my car but they are destroyed
  22. hear ya on the projects/family too. i can go on and on about this subject... i like what you said, "but I found it taking up too much of my mental space. Times when I should be present but find myself thinking about what I need to do, order, etc. I’m ready to cool it for a bit." this is exactly why im making a big push on my R at the moment... too many projects (mostly the house) but I have caught myself this last year really yearning for some of that head space back