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  1. nice work and glad it was a safe and easy fix
  2. canards - thats what they are called Andy I love your car/wheels/color but what are ya gonna do with the headlights? 😛
  3. you cant get flamed on vs anymore, there isnt anybody here to flame you 😞
  4. dude. again, congrats. this is too cool.
  5. ...and i know why... it doesnt have tint and pegs and an ard tune...
  6. where is that? kodak building?
  7. wut its a 93/94 old volvo where the hell do people trade in cars for what they are worth? dealerships ALWAYS shaft you... how do we know it really has 106k on it oh you are saying get in on a "min trade" incentive... even then, in the fine print, dont they say that the car has to be of a certain standard?
  8. Now THIS is nice. I love how clean and bright! Love the vent gauge too! That interior shot just needs a cigarette lighter cover and that passenger air vent straightened out... 😛
  9. you'd really trade it in? what will they give you, a pack of bubble gum and a new Juul pod for it? Sell it on your local craigslist or bring it to a scrap yard and get $100 for it in scrap.
  10. Brother in law has chest and both arms full sleeves, his line of work though lol if you didnt have tats you'd really question him - drug/alcohol recovery coach He was smart though, they end a few inches above wrists so no way of knowing with long sleeves for me, i just have an "850R" tramp stamp
  11. yeah, he's not done being creepy.
  12. oh wow^ ok - nice. I bet its sweet to begin with... had a friend in high school with one and it responded well to the basic bolt ons
  13. Kev I thought you worked for Volvo! Is owning a Saab and working for Volvo allowed in all the fine print? (Nice car - gonna mod it!?!?!)
  14. Just watched the entire video - wow The dyno paperwork says you have a 4cyl haha 😛 Also thought it was funny the habit of putting your seat belt on when you got back in once to dyno haha then you quickly took it off ^im only picking at you now because, well, you have a 600whp t5r!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats man - i bet this feels really good after all the hard work and unfortunate set backs along the way
  15. nice ^ i love cold fall evenings splittin logs
  16. Looking for detailed pictures of the CF Lip... It was never mounted? No cracks? No holes? Where in CT are you? Perhaps we can arrange a pick up as I will be up there in August.
  17. OH LAWD! Fuck man. Let me get some of that. I want more videos. I want kill videos in mexico.
  18. but remember the 850 has a smaller wheel well 🙂