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  1. speaking of autodimming - mine is brokeded, anybody got one around?
  2. now i have a black CF one on there - any better? 😜
  3. ive asked before ill ask again or i buy them new from viva i guess
  4. at this point I would have one made/make one - buy some walnut - get a lathe
  5. Did some things recently: JRZ suspension - Took the R manifold off and put on a ported Japanifold - took the 20t off and cleaned up some shitty threads - Got rid of the BOV and cold side pipin did Forge Wastegate and Forge CBV - Replaced everything possible in rear suspension (not fun lol) - 17" pegs powdercoated with 215 45 continental extreme contact sports 5mm spacer in front 20mm in rear - had a real alignment from a local shop that actually tracks cars instead of a 'tuner shop' lol - had a custom center midship brace made to clear a full 3" dual exhaust that is purchased/designed just not welded yet. I am VERY happy with how the suspension sits/rides/quality. I think new, sticky tires with more sidewall helps too. I miss the eye pop of 18's and now think I will get 18" pegs to have too. Got a bunch of parts at a local shop for paint (including my rear spoiler for you haters) and got a carbon fiber rear spoiler so that I can now find carbon fiber mirror covers and front lip! coming up on 112k! Drove it 300 miles in a year - going to change that as this is my only car for now!
  6. beautiful - wanna make projector kits for the 850's now? hehe
  7. k24 with a hybrid wheel yeah i rotated my battery too... had a meth tank there as well. I think I am going to relo the battery to rear wheel well and get the meth system back up and running and run the tank up front still. (I dont want a visible tank in the rear of the wagon) this will then allow for nice size custom air box. ive got a massive bmw 540 maf now and open filter and it looks stupid.
  8. i have a snabb one - custom run... its massive. i think 3"? and when relocating battery will have enough room up there to make a pretty aluminum air box
  9. Jetex Cat Back Exhaust New, Dual outlet, 1 resonator/muffler, 2.5" stainless piping It is $750-$1000 new and out of stock! Asking $650 for two reasons: -Its cut in one spot where I was going to do a transition and v-band to my current 3"dp. you could weld it back or use a slip coupler there. It's in an easy spot to fix or mess with. -The points where this exhaust slips together and then clamps are pretty poorly placed. I used this to copy some bends to create my custom 3" dual exhaust. Currently not willing to ship Located in West Chester PA 19382 Willing to meet up to sell within a reasonable area $650 Thanks, Greg
  10. Replaced the rear trailing arm delta links yesterday using the volvo tool. Still what a bitch of a job lol. old ones were fine. didnt need replacing. Entire suspension is new now. JRZ set up isnt dialed in yet, alignment next week then relocate battery and corner balance.
  11. anyone on here can check a vin to see if it has the polestar optimization?
  12. thats going to be awesome - keep us updated on that! which k24 are you getting? one of those hybrid 75mm units?
  13. all timken bearings as well - replaced everything I could get/find when i had the manual box open
  14. but mine is new in box unpainted - should i put it on black like my rear wing? hmm
  15. got a carbon fiber one now and yes do plan to get the one ive got in the basement painted red with x70 handles too. and the xc70 rear bumper. and the rest of the shit i need to do
  16. LOVE the 850R spoiler. I want an 854 that isnt bastardized like my 855 lol.
  17. yeah spam. his comment didnt even make sense. could be esl though too and then in that case im a jerk.
  18. isnt 280 a bit low for k24 and all those supporting mods and dynojet? or am i still believing all the kids that used to come on here "300whp with my 16t!" lol