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  1. Looked at it sitting in the garage all dusty and the wiring harness in shambles
  2. i am tempted to pay someone to do these - i have the tool too new in box lol i just dont want to do it haha i hope you have a good build season - sorry you are going thru all that shit
  3. Forgot to share I tested another multimeter and another ECU and both gave the same results... Still havent done anything else with this
  4. This is awesome - thank you for sharing. I have the anti skid message on our 14 xc90. It comes and goes... I think a full lock left turn is where it trips on ours.
  5. been considering the same for mine just a much more toned down set up than yours lol
  6. I voted today 10am-ish. After hearing about long lines etc etc I was back home in 15mins 5 to get there, 5 to walk up and them be confused by my last name lol fill in some dots with a pen that they then quickly took from me and torched lol because germs (They really did snatch the pen and put it on a table and sprayed it) , 5 to get home i did it! yay!
  7. sorry about the trans nice japanifold - did you port it out or? (what manifold do you have on yours now?)
  8. white 855r, one of the first manual swappers, cyclist, good guy, og etc etc also i came in here thinking id see new tramp stamps
  9. gmsgltr

    Eriks 850

    damn thats a ton of work - aaron do it? Looks good! What turbo?
  10. Nice! Its sitting well! What tires/size did you end up with? Front end re-painted or is it just lighting? I like the wiper delete
  11. damn - never knew that was what you did... i knew you traveled a lot tho I have friends all over the place on this... some that refuse to wear masks even in stores and make a big stink and some that wont even come over to my house to have socially distanced drinks in the driveway. just to add to what I said earlier... im nervous. i dont want to get sick. i never get sick. i go years without getting a basic cold. im healthy, but the underlying heart and lung issues some people get after the fact are fucking scary. i want things back to normal too... but unlike most amongst my millennial brethren i know it take a little work and discipline to get back to normal here... it seems my age bracket is really messing things up lately regarding covid with the highest transmission rates etc. (20-30 years old) and i know exactly why... they got their photos on ig of their masks and they are just tired of it now, they dont want to do this anymore, and mom and dad cant fix this problem for them... they cant go on their vanity trips, they didnt save any money these past 10 years from getting out of school, the list goes on. Did i ever say i hate my generation? GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY LAWN TOO.
  12. exactly the way i see it i can work from home, so i am... my wifes side business is doing well enough that we decided on another year of her staying at home with our now 1.5 year old and not putting him in a day care and her not going back to teaching basically 1 salary again for another year but we both have high risk immediate family members and daycares and schools are the last place I want my wife or son in i dont go anywhere and im fine with that - this house im renovating will just get done faster
  13. VS IS BACK! YES! Dude dont bother racing your unmodded 22 year old front wheel drive volvo from stop lights... especially in your rainy state. im not going to tell you its unsafe or for kids... you are just gonna lose, a lot.
  14. sold my t5m with 201k miles and the motor was in great shape - the rest of the car showed 201k lol my dad had a 280k 1988 244 5 speed - original motor AND CLUTCH (he was original owner too)
  15. EBC Redstuff was a slight upgrade over OEM on my GTI... better feel and a little less dust For daily driving on my 302's on my R and v70t5m I used the Akebono Euro Premium Ceramic and they were great
  16. wow yeah drive it for a few years put tons of miles on it and sell it for the same price you bought it for nice deals! More pics! haha
  17. VERY cool - how many miles? I couldnt find any under 100k. I was looking at these when I bought our 14 XC90 recently...