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  1. Paint code

    Any idea which color these are ?  
  2. Paint code

    Thanks. . . . . .Doesn't seem like they can agree on the codes or the color names. 932 Anthracite silver or soft silver. and 934  Anthracite bronze . . . ??
  3. Paint code

    Anybody know the paint code for the factory silver for Comets ?   
  4. Comet

    In need of at least one 7.5X17" Comet.                                                                           Thanks,Dave
  5. 00 V70R - B5244T3 W/ M66C

    That SUX ! ! ! If I can give a hand just lemme know. . . . .On another note, Got your old auto in & workin last Fri. All is good. .................Dave
  6. Back In The Game

    I still have my 00 VR (Needs tranny), My 06 VR(Needs Clutch) & an 00 Aero wagon(needs Motor !) Lol Oh, & 2 94 9000 Aero's To many damn cars.
  7. Back In The Game

    Aero ? Thats Saab, not Volvo. . . . . .Nice
  8. 00 V70R - B5244T3 W/ M66C

    Terry the Lead machinist at Autosport is a long time friend. He use to build all me race motor's. He's waiting for me to tear the head off my 00 VR so he can check it for me. BTW Whatya doin with your old auto ? ................Dave
  9. The "turbo, Rwd,5 Speed, K-jet" Project

    No, the DS is another guy's. He has a 66 Saab 96 completely stripped on saw horses to the left. You can see my double stack tool box in the back ground. He Never sell's anything. lol He's also color blind so he likes bright Bright color's. & he also knows I can reshoot it white for him if he wants to go back after I shoot it green. He own's probly 30-40 cars, mostly old 3 cyl 2 stroke Saabs 1953 92b's a few late 60's Sonnets, an open wheel Saab race car & a Factory Saab 99 Rally car. & a 66 Mini
  10. The "turbo, Rwd,5 Speed, K-jet" Project

    You asked for my buddy's R5. From my understanding it's even More Rare. 81 Turbo 1 R5 w/ what's refered to as a 747 dash I believe he said. You can see the Header on the yellow cabinet, There's also a larger Turbo & Coilover's on the floor next to the header. More than likely I'll b shooting it Kawasaki Green.
  11. How Your Car Sits

    The Neb's looked good, Why'd you go back to the Volan's ?
  12. How Your Car Sits

    Might just be me, but I can't see your pix.
  13. How Your Car Sits

    To bad your on the wrong coast, I have a trans out of a 97 855R w 89K original mile's on it sitn at the shop.
  14. Cross Country V70t5m

    Is there a reasoning behind your 4X4 status ? that car would look Hot lowered. Coil over's or even just spring's. . . . . . .& DEF get the tint done. Luv the car tho ! ! !
  15. What did that setup set you back ? Who's rising rate do they use in their kit ? That is one nice lookin intake ! ............Dave