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  1. Just took this the other night.
  2. Some photos from throughout the last year...
  3. cool. simbin rocks, but wow the new S60 is ugly.
  4. I don't care about this silly sport chassis. Volvo are ruining the look of their cars with these ridiculous fronts. BMW too It's just not dignified. Have you seen the 2010 S60?
  5. And, frankly I can't believe the amount of ignorant comments I've seen on this site about this election. You all drive Volvos, common now, you're supposed to be intellectuals. In the past I've voted either way, democratic, republican, but what I can't stand is people believing all of the BS they've been fed these last few months. It seems that the republican party is in a very difficult spot right now. What happened to the intellectual republican? Upholding real American values, those practiced by the founding fathers, constitution etc.? It seems that now the republican party caters to the Bible belt. And what have we learned from history that mixing church and state has taught us? Right now, I'm proud to be an American. I haven't said that in a long time. We should be very proud of ourselves - we made an incredible statement to the world with this election. In a way, I think we've 'redeemed' ourselves in the eyes of many other nations. The young people have spoken, and I think we chose a damn fine president last night. Now I have to go to class, cheers,
  6. LMFAO grant left you a comment!!!!

  7. MMmm....another VS hottie =)

  8. Most of these were taken with a Nikon D200 and a variety of lenses. Of course, I specialize in automotive photography, but here's some of my other stuff motorsport photography:
  9. cleaned the MAF with CRC MAF Cleaner - runs GREAT!
  10. MrTopher

    CBA_7984 copy.jpg

    yep they're 18x8 225 40 18s they rub though. might get 215s next summer and lower it thanks though, I'm lovin em
  11. MrTopher


    clean. time to kiwi dye the trim
  12. MrTopher


    Ditto that - I too have lip lust. It might just be a lip for another car like a honda accord slightly modified to fit the 850 bumper (?)...I've seen a few variations of these type of lips. It would be nice to know what fits, though. please tell! Also there is a much larger selection of aftermarket parts in europe, pickins in the US are pretty slim Cheers, Chris