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  1. "One could" but there's no end to that argument. Sh*t happens. You live your life in isolation, then one day some mean, ugly people show up with superior weapons and your way of life is over. It's Istanbul, not Constantinople now. Yes, Obama was born to an American mother IN an American state. End of that discussion.
  2. Is this a joke? Obama was born in Hawaii. Period, end of discussion. Anyone who's tempted to put a "yeah, but" on that sentence is welcome to put down a deposit on Ted Kacyynski's cabin, if you're not already living there. :D
  3. Well, I certainly agree with this part, at the very least. It's still jaw-dropping that so many conservatives think Obama is a "Socialist" after he invited the Wall Street crooks who caused the meltdown onto his cabinet to help "fix" the economy. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot if you'll pardon my NATO phonetics. I'm a big-picture guy, and the big picture here is that it matters poke all if a Democrat or a Republican is in the White House so long as corporate money continues to so thoroughly corrupt our politics as it does today. Obama is not so significantly different than Bush, once you get past
  4. You need to look a bit harder. It was tried during the Great Depression by Hoover and failed. It took WWII and the WPA to bring the country back. It's being tried in Ireland right now with no success and the British are trying it, too, though the civil resistance there is proving to be a real obstacle. Our "revenue expectations" would be much better if some people would pay their fair share of the tax burden. Unless you're proposing that no taxes is a fair burden for some people....? Anyway, the GOP/TP is on the record for wanting to starve the government and now they're trying to
  5. Please cite one historical instance where this has worked.
  6. Holy crap! I think hell just froze over a little bit. :lol:
  7. This is a great example of how TV has monkeyed up any chance for reasonable dialog on this subject: This is much more likely to be just a recap from an episode of "24" and not an actual incident. Too late for that. Does anyone on this board ever travel abroad, know any foreigners, and bother to listen to what they have to say? It is over. We have flushed our values down the drain pursuing a 'war' that scarcely deserves the name, and we no longer have the respect of the rest of the world. We put people on airplanes and take them to shithole countries to be tortured. I guess tha
  8. Nothing personal, but there's really no point trying to have a reasonable political discussion on the interweb. Like Justin said, there's really no point bothering even with spelling, never mind sentence structure, grammar and logic. I come here mainly for my own amusement, and you have said you come here to vent. In person, it would be a different story. I'm sure we'd still disagree, but basic human decency would keep things more civil and constructive. This is just a digital freak show. ;)
  9. Keep telling yourself that, but it doesn't look like your math adds up. :lol:
  10. Yeah, spelling, grammar and all the other tools people use to organize the chaos of their own thoughts is sooooo 20th century. I bet if the Founding Fathers Pops loves to quote were alive today, they'd forget all about spelling and grammar and write the Constitution using Text-Tard abbreviations and emoticons. :lol:
  11. Translation: A Republican President broke the law. I vote Republican, so monkey it. I'm sure Boehner will use the subpoena power of his House to investigate Chief Executive crimes, though, as long as they involve a Democratic Chief Executive and his dick. Wow. "Who gives a stuff" and "meh" used in back to back posts to explain how the poster feels about torture being our new normal. How monkeyed up are we?
  12. I know Conservatives have an almost religious belief in the power of capitalism to regulate itself, but even a modest knowledge of history shows what folly that is. An excess of unregulated capitalism is precisely what caused our financial meltdown. Not poor black people taking out risky mortgages, but rich people gaming the system so they stay rich in perpetuity. And guess which party was instrumental in allowing that to happen while at the same time bogging us down in two un-winnable wars AND cutting taxes. Hello deficit spending! So now the economy is largely stalled. The only
  13. Jesus Christ this is sad. For the record, I went to an anti-interrogation school while in the military, and the consensus in the curriculum at that time was that torture doesn't work. As a nation, we hadn't systematically and legally employed torture before George W. was President. Sad to say it's STILL our official policy under Obama. (Power corrupts, eh?) Imagine the United States holding the Nuremberg trials now. Imagine us attempting to prosecute the soldiers of another nation for war crimes. Imagine that we still had the moral authority to pull it off, because imagination's a
  14. He evidently can't ever be bothered with grammar. I find it a bit sad that someone who fancies himself a defender of traditional values can't be bothered with punctuation, grammar and logic, yeah. But like he said, he's not here trying to make an argument, he's just ranting, so I guess it's all cool. :lol:
  15. So if the FBI guns down members of your family while pursuing a terrorist will that be an "acceptable" amount of collateral damage to you?