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  1. Do you even wonder why I stopped communicating with you? It's how you assume I am good with a 3rd unknown party picking up the merchandise, being not available(volcano interior) is a moot point(I am not, Justin knew this when he bought my Propus wheels). You want something pay for shipping or pick it up. That way, you don't like what you see, don't buy it. "ok, if you cant locate a seat by may 19th then i guess i will have to take myself out of the running to buy the interior. i would still like to see the pictures of what i would be getting." steve " Why would I send you pictures if you take yourself out of the transaction? No different than if a customer came into your store saying your gonna do this now, sell it to me at cost, and my buddy will pay for it and pick it up when your done. You would say, "there's the door"
  2. LOL, the interior deal is all on you. If you want something, pay for it and go get it(when something is ACTUALLY for sale, at the time it was NOT, you just assumed). Interior is long gone, get over it. BTW: The slash series is older, just pointing out a fact. HD's are newer, with XD's being the newer still(not breaking news). While I was not praising the amplifier I feel my post showed no negatives, other than the picture of the wire kit looked cheap.
  3. Hopefully that was a generic picture of a wire kit and not the actual kit, looks too cheap. Might as well use two distribution blocks then. The Slash series amplifiers is almost all discontinued(older tech). Just because the amp manufacturer states something does not make it true. Stay between 3-4 ohms and you should be fine.
  4. Picked this up off my friend for $300 and a few parts(~$50). Uncertain what exactly is wrong, but figured it was worth at least the price in parts. Still at the local yoda dealer till I get time to pick it up.
  5. Lots of screws, but a power drill passes the time quickly.
  6. Old hobby trick. Joann Fabrics had them for sale for ~$1.70 a box. I didn't add any salt, but the water I used was high in alkalinity and pH. Best results so far are heat to boil, reduce to below simmer, small parts take about 10 minutes. Larger parts will take longer, but you will need to monitor the change to keep the parts uniform. Just a word of advice, the finish or the condition the parts are now will be the same for when they are dyed. Simply put, if they are dull and scratched up then the will look dull and scratched but black.
  7. Plain old RIT dye, black. Yeah the sunroof trim is a bit large. Will need to make a container large enough to do it all at once.
  8. Middle clip is the one that's dyed. Color is pretty far into the plastic. Does not come off. SEM brand interior paint on right. Called a dye, but only topical. Leaning towards the dye since to do your trim would proabably cost a few dollars. Probably should use a UV protectant of some kind.
  9. Dyed some interior pieces black. OEM light gray, dyed black, SEM paint Still wet, but like the results so far.
  10. mkc70


    Black perforated Alcantara suede, RL appearance is a slightly lighter black than the black solid Alcantara.
  11. mkc70


    3M black carbon Di Noc, wrinkle to show it is a thin vinyl before application, available in 600 styles.
  12. mkc70

    Interior Materials

    Different types of fabrics and materials for interior restoration. Just a few possibilities.
  13. mkc70

    Perforated red Alcantara

    Small swatch of red perforated Alcantara suede. RL appearance is a smooth dark red appearance. Extremely high quality appears to be an upholstery wt cloth.
  14. mkc70


    Even worse picture, Key position II, Acc and On indicating wires are energized. Key sense wire additionally energized.
  15. mkc70

    Alternative Key

    Keyless push button start installed on my 1999 C70 coupe w/ manual transmission.