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  1. I am surprised by two things. 1. John Deere yellow pegs, and they look sweet. 2. Picture you took is clear, more surprised by this one.
  2. You can. Both sets are available fairly cheap.
  3. Removed the old pedal covers and installed the OEM C30 pedal covers. also installed last night the brass shifter bushings. They really do make a big improvement.
  4. Install info is on my photo album. I used the standard module, but there is a deluxe version that tilts both mirrors. Unit comes setup to tilt mirror after car is in reverse 1sec, then goes back when taken out of reverse. I did the second programming option that you go into reverse, neutral, reverse to make the mirror tilt. I rarely parallel park, but I was bored and thought it was neat. Modules are universal and will fit most vehicles from it's design. KP technologies makes the unit, but I bought a rebranded one by Tokensolutions since the price was better. They are open to group guys and have other cool modules that I like.
  5. Wired in a reverse mirror tilt module for parking. wiring colors in photo album, pretty easy to install.