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  1. Ihatespeedbumps

    2001 Black and blue PNP switch pin out

    Do you have power to the relay from the REM? You can find free online wiring diagrams for your car here https://cardiagn.com/2001-volvo-model-s80-v70-wiring-diagrams-online/
  2. Ihatespeedbumps

    2002 XC70 running rough at idle and stop

    Have you ever had any fuel trim codes prior to this? EVAP code won't cause any driveability issues. Once you get the the TCV installed try clearing the codes, then hard resetting the vehicle. You can do this by touching the negative battery cable to the positive post for 30 seconds. I'd hold off throwing any more parts at it until then. Keep us posted!
  3. Ihatespeedbumps

    2001 Black and blue PNP switch pin out

    Here is the wiring diagram for 01 V70. I'd be looking at the REM or the relay on the REM.
  4. Ihatespeedbumps

    2002 XC70 running rough at idle and stop

    What codes do you have stored?
  5. Ihatespeedbumps

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Nah, 2.4i. Will be for sale soon!
  6. Ihatespeedbumps

    2000 Heater Hoses Different From Older Cars?

    The early style hoses appear to be a few inches longer and have some extra bends. My guess is the hard water pipe design changed in 00, though I don't know that for sure. It's been too long since I've worked on one of these to remember the subtle differences.
  7. Ihatespeedbumps

    Looking at 2000 S80 2.9 135k

    Watch out for the shitty GM transmission, electronic throttle that WILL fail and a whole host of other unpleasantries. That's a $200 car in my estimation without even seeing it.
  8. Ihatespeedbumps

    2005 s40 crank no start p0560

    You can find VIDA and a DICE unit on ebay, amazon etc. very easily for 120-150 bucks. Make sure to look at the PC requirements before you buy.
  9. Ihatespeedbumps

    2005 s40 crank no start p0560

    That P0 code isn't going to give you the whole story. You'll need to scan with VIDA and find out what other faults are stored.
  10. Ihatespeedbumps

    How Your Car Sits

    Not yet, still need to shim my 4T5 engine and get it installed. Hopefully I'll get all of that done this winter. Can't wait to see your dyno numbers with the new setup!
  11. Ihatespeedbumps

    How Your Car Sits

    You weren't joking about that new turbo setup...
  12. Ihatespeedbumps

    Get Your Volvospeed.com Decals

    I would be in for some too, never bought in over the years...
  13. Ihatespeedbumps

    2006 V50 T5 timing belt replacement

    I find (personally) that removing the harmonic balancer makes the job much easier and faster. I'm not sure if it can be done with the balancer in place like the older cars.
  14. Ihatespeedbumps

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Pieced together my 05 center console. Found the black console from an S60 in the JY. I had to buy the atacama armrest, shifter plate and silver cup holder as new old stock. I've tried to buy one of these used for the last 5 year with no luck. When I bought the atacama armrest it said stock was "very low" but, they are still available.