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  1. Ihatespeedbumps

    2005 XC70 Alternator Replacement Help

    Disconnect battery. Remove drive belt. Remove cooling fan. Remove alternator bolt on drive belt side. Remove two lower alternator bolts (long) Loosen bottom two A/C compressor bolts. Remove battery cable and signal wire. Slide alternator out in front of intake manifold where cooling fan was. Install in reverse procedure.
  2. What exactly on the gearbox failed?
  3. Ihatespeedbumps

    S80 '00 seat heater problem

    You need to replace your seat heater grid and stop using the seat heater until it's been replaced.
  4. Ihatespeedbumps

    P2125, P2127 Reduced Engine Performance

  5. Ihatespeedbumps

    P2125, P2127 Reduced Engine Performance

    Any recent work done?
  6. Ihatespeedbumps

    Off Topic: The Thread

    Pics or it didn't happen
  7. Ihatespeedbumps

    How Your Car Sits

    Bitches please, Flash Green always wins.
  8. Ihatespeedbumps

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    @bmdubya1198Get a Xemodex unit and be done. I know they are expensive but it's a one time fix. Also, great looking stance after the lowering springs. The black spoiler makes me want to kill kittens. 😑
  9. Ihatespeedbumps

    S80 disable daytime running lights

    Attached are screen shots of all the software packages available for your car. This isn't totally the gospel since the vehicle isn't connected, but pretty damn close. If I'm guessing they might need to try headlight application 2 or 3, but I can't see much without the car connected.
  10. Ihatespeedbumps

    S80 disable daytime running lights

    This car has active bi-xenons, but does not have an auto headlight switch. You should be able to go to car menu > light settings > daytime running lights and turn it off there. You will still have to manually move the switch back and forth to turn the headlights on and off if you select this option.
  11. Ihatespeedbumps

    AWD swap

    Not a chance that's going to work. The S60 is part of the P2 generation and the S40 is the P1 generation, very few interchangeable parts.
  12. Ihatespeedbumps

    S80 disable daytime running lights

    Post the VIN please
  13. Ihatespeedbumps

    A new approach to Aw55-50/51 transmission problem

    Underfilling/overfilling this particular transmission by as little as half a quart can dramatically affect shift quality. That said you should ALWAYS monitor the TCM oil temp while adjusting the fluid with this chart.
  14. Ihatespeedbumps

    AWD swap

    what are the MY's of both vehicles?
  15. Ihatespeedbumps

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    That's clean! All of this chatter about people still adding bigger turbos has me itching to get the R done.