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  1. The first thing you need to do is send your transmission to Level 10 for a rebuild, then worry about performance mods. If you don't know what I'm talking about google "Volvo S80 GM transmission failure"
  2. You need to pickup a bootleg copy of VIDA/DICE if you are going to attempt any DIY diagnosis on these cars. You're pissing in the wind otherwise.
  3. You need to scan this car with VIDA and see what faults are stored. You likely have a fault in one of the pedal position sensors or BCM fault that is preventing cruise control from working.
  4. It's not the windshield weather stripping, you have a leak somewhere else. First pour some water in the front sunroof drains and see if it comes out under the bottom of the car.
  5. Moving this to performance for better exposure.
  6. P0015 is likely the source of your poor fuel mileage and performance. P0420 won't really affect how the car runs unless the cat substrate is broken and clogging the exhaust. Lets start with the obvious, do you have the correct amount of oil in the engine? Did you have any work done to the timing belt area?
  7. They always had a bit of rake rear to front, but it's extremely common to need new front stuts/springs on that car.
  8. No sunroof is the best option this car can have. Heat shield is missing over the turbo as well, you sure they didn't stick and engine in this thing? Either way, get a cover over that timing belt ASAP.
  9. Does it have a sunroof? If so, making sure those drains are connected and flowing freely is job #1.
  10. Good for you!! It's a terrible fucking business.