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  1. Get Your Volvospeed.com Decals

    I would be in for some too, never bought in over the years...
  2. 2006 V50 T5 timing belt replacement

    I find (personally) that removing the harmonic balancer makes the job much easier and faster. I'm not sure if it can be done with the balancer in place like the older cars.
  3. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Pieced together my 05 center console. Found the black console from an S60 in the JY. I had to buy the atacama armrest, shifter plate and silver cup holder as new old stock. I've tried to buy one of these used for the last 5 year with no luck. When I bought the atacama armrest it said stock was "very low" but, they are still available.
  4. XC 90 V8 rad fan switch

    Isn't the radiator replacement fun on a V8?
  5. V70R Manual Swap Rolls in Gear

    You sure the passenger side is seated all the way in the diff? It's been too long for me I don't remember the differences between the M56 axles vs. AW55 axles. I'm sure that info is somewhere on this board still.
  6. Camshaft Followers

    99 was a split year, early build cars still had hydraulic lifters.
  7. 2006 S60R rear headrest won't flip down

    Fuse F19 on the REM controls power to both headrest solenoids. You can manually push the headrest down as shown in the picture below. You'll need to make sure you have power into the solenoid and of course a good ground as well. My bet is you have a bad solenoid.
  8. XC 90 V8 rad fan switch

    The fan control module is built into the radiator fan assembly, which requires the whole unit to be replaced. Sorry, not like an 850
  9. Pretty hard to DIY anything on a 99+ without it. I would get a setup ASAP.
  10. Probably, have you tried monitoring the switch with VIDA when the symptom occurs?
  11. Aftermath of Reman Aw55-51SN questions

    Before you go paying to have a dealer perform an adaptive drive you need to get the transmission fluid level spot on. This will require VIDA to read the trans fluid temp sensor and comparing the level on the stick vs. temperature. See diagram below.
  12. 2000 C70 front alignment issues

    Always get the alignment sheet. I don't know the specs off hand. I want to see what their measurements are.
  13. 2000 C70 front alignment issues

    I had my old S70 lowered on that combo and I didn't have any issues. Can you post your alignment sheet before they did the tweak aligment?
  14. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Replaced the AWD collar on the XC70. Angle gear was ok thankfully. This is the first time I’ve ever been in car when the collar went, it’s quite the sensation.
  15. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    I'm assuming you've replaced the fuel pump and ignition relays?