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  1. They always had a bit of rake rear to front, but it's extremely common to need new front stuts/springs on that car.
  2. No sunroof is the best option this car can have. Heat shield is missing over the turbo as well, you sure they didn't stick and engine in this thing? Either way, get a cover over that timing belt ASAP.
  3. Does it have a sunroof? If so, making sure those drains are connected and flowing freely is job #1.
  4. Good for you!! It's a terrible fucking business.
  5. Are we talking about a DIY job or having a shop replace them?
  6. It will be easier/cheaper/faster to just get another 2.5T engine and swap it in. They are super abundant and can be had for cheap. You can source the same engine from 03-06 XC90 04-09 S60 04-07 V70/XC70 05-06 S80
  7. Great looking wagon in a great color! Welcome to the site 🙂
  8. Bitches please, Flash Green always wins.
  9. @bmdubya1198Get a Xemodex unit and be done. I know they are expensive but it's a one time fix. Also, great looking stance after the lowering springs. The black spoiler makes me want to kill kittens. 😑
  10. That's clean! All of this chatter about people still adding bigger turbos has me itching to get the R done.
  11. That's a little improvement over the 4T4 setup!!
  12. Wife's XC60 - Had leaking windshield resealed, software 2.0 installed, foglight no restriction application installed (fogs stay on with high beams) and new wiper.