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  1. Co-worker of mine got it, but nobody else did.
  2. Correct, those Torx screws are for checking valve lash with the cam cover on. The early engines had them and the late ones did not, I'm not sure when the change occurred. Yes your 03 head should be solid lifters.
  3. I wouldn't clean them with anything. I've seen worse on engines that ran just fine.
  4. It's called being a dumbass. Don't drive with your feet.
  5. Yes, if the shocks are leaking they will require replacement. Shocks should always be replaced in pairs. Extremely common for engine mounts to fail and cause a rattling noise.
  6. BCM is part of the high speed network, you cannot drive the car with the module out.
  7. The ABS unit on an 05 is not hot swapable. You'll need to install a new unit or send it out to a repair facility.
  8. Your photo is difficult to see in detail what you are trying to highlight. I've never seen that type of VVT pulley leak, but I suppose anything is possible.
  9. Should be ok. I remember doing a rear main in one years ago that had 49k on it and was still under warranty. That's a motherfucker of a job to get paid 9 hours.
  10. I thought that was determined a long time ago.