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  1. 39879277 is the bumper pre painted. I THINK the fender flare is 39882658, but I've attached a picture of the parts description so you can see for yourself. You'll also need 4 rivets 979878 and 4 clips 8659732.
  2. Please post your VIN and I will look them up.
  3. I say this because they are extraordinarily easy to bend, even if you're using a lift and all the appropriate special tools. I've seen more than bent than I care to admit. Since this condition wasn't present until you removed the transmission it's likely the case, though you could try the copper washer on the RPM sensor and see what happens. The alarm system service required message is due to a faulty siren module. It would be wise not to use the sunroof until this has been remedied.
  4. Likely you'll need spacers. Will they let you test fit one?
  5. Everyone is a bit salty around here this morning. Just when I though the NBA had the worst officiating after the game 4 debacle...
  6. Same basic clutch/slave/throw out bearing combo used on the M66's P2R's. Those exploded all the time, sounds like yours did too. Sorry about the poor luck.
  7. Not really.
  8. The reason your tach is jumping is because you bent the flywheel when you took the transmission out.
  9. 05+ also requires a control unit, which is plug and play. no programming required. If I'm not mistaken using an aftermarket harness on an 05+ requires splicing the stock harness.
  10. Shit, it is in Nashville. I thought 5 and 6 were in Pittsburgh. Told you guys I was a fair weather fan
  11. I'd love for the Preds to get it in 6, but damn it would cool to have the win here in game 7.
  12. Not the biggest hockey fan, but I've been a good fair weather fan this year. This place is absolutely nuts, never seen anything like it.
  13. correct.
  14. If they told you it needs an angle gear there is also a 99% chance it needs the AWD collar as well. They can be a bitch to get out sometimes.
  15. Car is safe to drive with the code present. Likely a bad solenoid if the code didn't appear immediately after the timing belt replacement.