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  1. Brake Light bulb out Warning on dash....

    It's integrated to the taillight assembly, you'll need a whole new one
  2. Brake Light bulb out Warning on dash....

    Sometimes poor quality bulbs will give you a false warning like that. I'd say if you rule out the bulb have a close look at the metal circuit board on the taillight itself and see if it's broken or if the plastic is melted and deformed.
  3. Will AW55 axles work with M56? 2K V70R

    If you are running in FWD mode then yes they should work.
  4. 2000 V70R Left Trans Mount... M56 Swap

    Checkout page 3 http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/164065-99-v70r-m66-swap/?page=3
  5. Can a mod please unlock my thread

  6. Will AW55 axles work with M56? 2K V70R

    Not a plug and play, look at the ends where they go through the hubs.
  7. To Resurface or Not To Resurface? Flywheel for M56

    $75 is peanuts to make sure it's done right if you are this far into a job.
  8. Error codes

    It would be helpful if you told us what year your S60 is and what engine it has :)
  9. C70 2008 convertible top clip glue

    Which clips?
  10. RN engine questions

    I find 2.5T's at the pull a part yards around me all the time for a couple hundred bones. Don't forget to look in XC90's too!
  11. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Crushed it.
  12. 2000 V70R Left Trans Mount... M56 Swap

    Yes you'll need the mount on the drivers side and it will require some kind of custom mount. @lookforjoe used to make these and if you search this site you'll find out his dimensions for the bracket. Good luck!
  13. RN engine questions

    Plus I think the crankshaft in those older 2.3L engines is something like 23lbs heavier than the later RN engines. Don't quote me on that, but I ran across that info somewhere (Dougy maybe?) Yes, all 2.5T engines are dual VVT. Have you called Erie VoVo yet to see what prices they have?
  14. RN engine questions

    Why not swap in a more readily available 2.5T and throw on a K24 with a tune? Either route you go will require custom tuning.