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  1. I would want to smoke test the intake before you move any further.
  2. Do you have a vacuum leak? What brand of MAF did you install?
  3. Moving to performance for move viability.
  4. Several different sizes available for this model, but I'm sure Interstate can cross reference your current battery. It's worth noting you will need VIDA to reset the battery monitor, otherwise the low battery message will remain on.
  5. You have the 4spd auto correct? If so, you can swap one from an XC70.
  6. Mike has so much money he can wipe his ass with rare cars. 🤑😂 He uses antique bamboo fly rods as camp fire starter. Baller.
  7. I have seen people drive with a leaking check valve for years. You will still experience the hard start unless you fix it. I have not personally done this, but I know you can splice a check valve into the fuel line. Might be worth looking into.
  8. The car should maintain 3 bar for at least 20 minutes after engine shut off. The one way check valve in your fuel pump has failed.
  9. The non spring loaded hubs can also develop the same excessive play. I'm unsure if the hubs can be swapped, never tried it. As long as it isn't leaking oil I would let it ride. When they develop too much play the hubs will rotate out of the cam seal and make an intermittent oil leak.
  10. How long was the car not running before the gauge when to 0?
  11. Very likely fuel pressure related. Hook up a gauge to the fuel rail and check pressure 20 minutes after shutting off engine. Should be no less than 3 bar. If so your fuel pump check valve is faulty (very common)
  12. Installed a GROM audio unit in the 07 XC70. FM radio was literally killing me. Also did another ozone treatment to try and remove the smoke smell.
  13. We probably need to start with the basics here. Do we have any air leaks? How is our fuel pressure? Any history on the fuel pump relay?