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  1. Car is safe to drive with the code present. Likely a bad solenoid if the code didn't appear immediately after the timing belt replacement.
  2. Title says it. I know spacers would likely be required, but curious if anyone has done it before I buy a used set of Neptunes.
  3. That coolant line is a compression fitting that has an o-ring inside that tube. Should pull straight out. Full disclosure they usually don't come out very easily.
  4. Has the timing belt been replaced recently? If not, it's likely the solenoid itself. Check the resistance, should be about 4.7 ohms.
  5. 04-07 any. Obviously AWD or R comes with more problems. 05+ got the styling update
  6. If the differential exploded it likely chewed out or damaged part of the case. You'll probably need one of those too if you are attempting a rebuild.
  7. Sometimes the oil level sensor will store a fault. Have you scanned it?
  8. I would prepare for the worst. Your GM transmission has likely given up the ghost. Based on the noise/symptom, it sounds like the differential exploded, which was pretty common in the XC90.
  9. It is supposed to register once the oil level hits the bottom of the hash marks, which would be 1qt. I will tell you I've replaced more than one faulty sensor.
  10. That shouldn't be low enough to trigger the oil level warning.
  11. when you say right where it should be, it's at the top of the hash marks?
  12. The engine oil level should be checked 15 minutes AFTER the engine has been shut after being at operating temp.
  13. I'm still interested, it's for someone who is rarely on here. How much shipped to 37209?
  14. No programming needed for the Bosch unit, plug and play.
  15. Finished my retrofit today. Had an extra set of R lenses laying around so I decided to use them. The plan is to sand the flutting on the stock lenses and swap them back in. Night time shots to come.