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  1. XC90 V8 Catalytic Converter

    In a word, no. The cats on both engines are integrated on the exhaust manifold and the shape is WAY different.
  2. 10 xc60 t6

    Nope, just oil consumption.
  3. 10 xc60 t6

    There is a fix, but none of them are cheap. The all involve resealing the cam cover or stuffing in piston rings. The aftermarket windshields are usually ok, it's just whoever is installing them needs to make sure to use extra sealant.
  4. 10 xc60 t6

    Yes they had oil consumption issues. Depending on the engine code 2011's also fell under the same concern. Also, the windshields leak like no other.
  5. March Madness 2018

    I would be in. Usually, Mike gets this started. I guess he is asleep at the wheel
  6. Two 2005 S60R manuals for sale

    Link to ad or pictures would be helpful?
  7. Interested in the strut bar conversion, DEM cover, cat back and spoiler. Please PM with pricing. Thanks
  8. Radiator cooling fan

    The fan is a PWM signal from the ECM and comes on based on a variety of factors (ECT, ambient temp, A/C etc.) I don't recall seeing a specific temp where the fan is set to "on" I think if the fan comes on when you turn on the a/c you are just fine.
  9. 02 XC70 - Issues after deep puddle

    Sounds like you got water somewhere it shouldn't have been. I think it would be wise to scan it for codes and see if anything shows up, otherwise figure out where the high water mark in the engine bay was and work from there.
  10. V50 T5 radiator removal instruction

    Drivers side is where the lower hose goes in.... You've got a lot of real world experience trying to help you in this thread...
  11. V50 T5 radiator removal instruction

    You sure it's the radiator? They are solid aluminum and I've never seen one leak. I'd probably be looking at the lower radiator hose a little closer...
  12. Contacting Mods

    Care to tell us your old username?
  13. Contacting Mods

    @Fudge_Brownie Can you help? Most of us don't have the ability to unlock. Alden or Chuck can though. Can you link to the locked thread, please?
  14. XC90 headlights

    You probably want to dig into the rear ABS sensor issue a little further. It's probably dropping the wheel speed sensor signal and thinks the wheel is slipping badly, causing the engine to cut power.