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  1. How much for the trans shipped to 37209?
  2. Did you happen to notice if the odometer turned into dashes when it felt like it was in limp mode?
  3. Do any of them clear, and if so what returns? Any recent repair work or symptoms leading up to this?
  4. Working on a few upgrades for the XC70
  5. Did you take a look at the 3 way check valve off the intake manifold? They are known for blowing apart. Give each end a tug and see if it comes apart.
  6. On the XC70: Put the pan back on, replaced the PCV system, replaced the front engine seals, put in a PA-200 amp and swapped over my Sirius setup from the 01. Also pulled some headlights from the junkyard for my projector retrofit. I'm exhausted but glad it's running again.
  7. Wow the Vandy vs Northwestern game was a thriller. Can believe we intentionally fouled when we had the lead :(
  8. What brand of MAF did you use?
  9. Got mine done at the last minute
  10. Here goes Jim talking about his cars again when nobody asked. It's like you have internet forum turrets.
  11. Excessive posting of anything Kentucky related will result in bans
  12. Blasphemy!
  13. I want to see who wins the play in games first.
  14. I think Vandy may have made it in with this win over Florida!
  15. Sounds like we have determined that the intake system is not leaking. For my 04 R I really had to adjust the waste gate setting to make it correct, don't remember how many turns but I ended up moving it 6 times before it was set right. My inclination is to go that route. Move it a full turn or two and see how far it goes up.