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  1. Selecting the auto function will cause the blower to go to high speed until the desired cabin temp is achieved. If you are only having trouble heating you may want to have a look at that heater core. They can become restricted and cause a poor heating concern. Becoming more common as these vehicles age.
  2. That's about how much you put back in when the lower radiator hose is replaced, so I'd say you are right where you need to be.
  3. If it's the same AW55 we got in the states 2002 is a known year to have problematic transmissions.
  4. Buy mine with a blown up trans for cheap. It's got ABL's too! 27th Volvo!
  5. Bought another 07 XC70 because the trans blew up in the other 07
  6. They are not the same. Your S60R has the KKK24 and the XC70 has the Mitsubishi TD04-14T
  7. I'm no subject matter expert, but most rebuilds require a balance which you need a special apparatus for. Might be worth checking out some local shops in your area.
  8. Co-worker of mine got it, but nobody else did.
  9. Should be ok. I remember doing a rear main in one years ago that had 49k on it and was still under warranty. That's a motherfucker of a job to get paid 9 hours.