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  1. The seat brackets and frames are different in 04.
  2. You likely need the replacement harness from the ECM to the Throttle body. I think Xemodex.com has it listed on their website somewhere.
  3. https://www.volvocars.com/us/own/owner-info/owners-manuals
  4. Yes, you need to calibrate the SUM with VIDA after strut replacement.
  5. If the rears are original you absolutely need new ones. Many of these won't store any codes, but are far from road worthy.
  6. Ohh that sucks. I didn't realize he wasn't making that stuff anymore. Hope you can find someone to do it for you!
  7. I just emailed him and he turned me around in about 2 weeks. I know he is a busy guy, but I'm sure he can take care of you.
  8. I bought one of the original Snabb FMIC kits way back on the initial group buy, so there was no provision for an external BOV at the time. Since then SNABB has released a kit where this is an option. So I sent my OTE pipe to Kristian and had him weld the flange on. I also purchased a Tial QRJ from him as well as the updated metal insert for the Snabb intake pipe that has the 1" boss for the recirc. hose. The recirc hose was sourced from Snabb too. I stole this photo from Snabb's website that gives you a clearer picture of the setup.
  9. Recently sent my OTE pipe to Snabb to have a BOV flange welded. Installed that, along with the new metal section of intake tube and Snabb intake. Pardon the dirty engine bay.
  10. Replaced the A/C compressor in my wife's XC60. I hope this is the last repair for a while...
  11. Paid someone to replace rear diff in my wife's XC60. Installed the upgraded unit so I don't have to worry about the dreaded pinion gear whine again. No way I'm laying on my back in the garage trying to do this. Also had them replace the broken front trailing arm bushings when everything is out. Money well spent.
  12. I see a lack of Volvo content in the posts above.
  13. I get my tires from work and sometimes tire rack. It pays to shop around right now.
  14. Installed some Falken Wildpeak Trail A/T tires in 215/60/17 on the XC70. Also put in some sub frame bushing inserts and a new left front axle to cure some vibration. Also, recently put in a 3 spoke wood steering wheel and had the airbag recall performed.
  15. Wife's XC60 has an intermittent DEM fault for the pump and a traction control icon that takes about 30 seconds to go off after start up. This weekend I removed the pump and cleaned it, changed the AOC oil and filter. Also serviced the rear diff fluid. Same symptoms as before 🤦‍♂️
  16. Turned 150k on my road trip to NC this weekend. First time in 5 years this car has been more than 20 miles from home.
  17. Swapped out an old Kenwood double DIN for a mint HU-803 I found in the junkyard. Surprisingly everything works on it and the CD player doesn't click! Also installed a new shifter bushing and took pictures of my recent wide band and Snow meth injection install.
  18. Installed my newly purchased Michelin PS4S 235/40/18
  19. Installed Snow water/meth injection in the R and an AEM wideband. Forgot to take pics.
  20. Buy mine with a blown up trans for cheap. It's got ABL's too! 27th Volvo!
  21. Bought another 07 XC70 because the trans blew up in the other 07
  22. Should be ok. I remember doing a rear main in one years ago that had 49k on it and was still under warranty. That's a motherfucker of a job to get paid 9 hours.