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  1. I get my tires from work and sometimes tire rack. It pays to shop around right now.
  2. Installed some Falken Wildpeak Trail A/T tires in 215/60/17 on the XC70. Also put in some sub frame bushing inserts and a new left front axle to cure some vibration. Also, recently put in a 3 spoke wood steering wheel and had the airbag recall performed.
  3. Wife's XC60 has an intermittent DEM fault for the pump and a traction control icon that takes about 30 seconds to go off after start up. This weekend I removed the pump and cleaned it, changed the AOC oil and filter. Also serviced the rear diff fluid. Same symptoms as before 🤦‍♂️
  4. This has been out for months. Still no ETA.
  5. Correct, lose a front axle the car doesn't move.
  6. Make sure both of your axles are firmly seated. One of them might have come out.
  7. Turned 150k on my road trip to NC this weekend. First time in 5 years this car has been more than 20 miles from home.
  8. Swapped out an old Kenwood double DIN for a mint HU-803 I found in the junkyard. Surprisingly everything works on it and the CD player doesn't click! Also installed a new shifter bushing and took pictures of my recent wide band and Snow meth injection install.
  9. Installed my newly purchased Michelin PS4S 235/40/18
  10. Installed Snow water/meth injection in the R and an AEM wideband. Forgot to take pics.
  11. Buy mine with a blown up trans for cheap. It's got ABL's too! 27th Volvo!
  12. Bought another 07 XC70 because the trans blew up in the other 07
  13. Should be ok. I remember doing a rear main in one years ago that had 49k on it and was still under warranty. That's a motherfucker of a job to get paid 9 hours.
  14. Mike has so much money he can wipe his ass with rare cars. 🤑😂 He uses antique bamboo fly rods as camp fire starter. Baller.
  15. Installed a GROM audio unit in the 07 XC70. FM radio was literally killing me. Also did another ozone treatment to try and remove the smoke smell.
  16. You definitely need to listen to Far Beyond Driven if you like those.