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  1. Logan's C70 Improvements Thread

    Well I've got one wheel finished! It's not perfect, but it's sooooo much better. Keep in mind I wasn't going for perfection, just more presentable. I don't have the money to have them redone professionally, but I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out. 3 more to go... Finished wheel by Logan Abner, on Flickr
  2. Logan's C70 Improvements Thread

    Thanks man! I'm really hoping to make it next year. Got a job interview next month that might put me up in that neck of the woods haha. I think 2011 was the last Carlisle I went to, and I miss it!!
  3. HID kit for a 1998 S70

    DDM is good. Just took out a set of 6k's that I ran for a few years. I'll sell them super cheap if you're interested!
  4. Logan's C70 Improvements Thread

    I'm starting on these nasty looking wheels finally. Got the first one off and cleaned up a bit. I had them plastidipped years ago, and there was still some remnants of that in the crevices of the wheels. That's all gone now and ready for sanding and primer. I'll be using the Duplicolor Hyper Silver kit, I've heard very good things about it. Not shooting for perfection here, just want them to look a bit better than they do now.  Wheels by Logan Abner, on Flickr Threw a wheel from the parts car onto mine, so I can still drive it in the meantime. I actually think it looks alright! Anybody know what these are called? Wheels by Logan Abner, on Flickr
  5. Logan's C70 Improvements Thread

    A good parts car comes in handy in all sorts of ways!! I made my dog a bed today so he could hang out comfortably in the garage with me haha Deuce by Logan Abner, on Flickr
  6. Begining my manual swap

    I'm getting ready to do the same thing! Where are you located? Maybe we can tag team it haha
  7. Logan's C70 Improvements Thread

    Yeah it's going to be an interesting project... My flight instructor salary is not helping things much, but I'm hoping to have most of the big projects done in time for Carlisle next year.  I live in a townhouse complex, and my neighbors love the parts car too! :D
  8. Logan's C70 Improvements Thread

    Hello Volvospeeders! I figure it's about time to start a little thread for my humble C70. Some of you might find this one a bit boring, and that's ok with me. The plan is just to have a nice, well-rounded GT cruiser that I can enjoy in the twisty bits every now and then.  A quick history of my C70, it was my first car, bought about 9 years ago as a well cared for 30k mile peach of a car. I've done my best over the years to keep it nice, and have made some wonderful memories with it along the way! I'm sure I don't have to explain why I love the thing so much, we've all been charmed by Volvos of this era. Comfortable, well made, stylish, etc etc etc. Just a perfect blend of all the qualities I look for in a car. I've had plenty of opportunities to upgrade over the year, but I could just never bring myself to sell it. Somewhere along the way, I decided to just hang onto it for as long as I can, hopefully forever!  I went off to college in Tennessee a few years ago, and my parents decided to lease me a small Japanese appliance to drive for those few years. In the meantime, the Volvo sat pretty much untouched. I tried to come home and drive it every couple of months, which kept it alive, but it was definitely neglected.  So now, I'm all graduated and with a decent job, so I have set off to make my car what I've always dreamed it could be!  Volvo C70 detailed by Logan Abner, on Flickr C70 by Logan Abner, on Flickr Started off small, new battery, a thorough detailing, an oil change, and just some general love haha. Then onto the leaky cooling system, replaced this nasty tank along with all the hoses and clamps.  Volvo work by Logan Abner, on Flickr And just been fixing up small things, interior lights burnt out, power seats not working, etc. I've really become a stickler for little things like that!  Up next is the PCV service, refinishing the wheels, and still saving up for a complete brake and suspension overhaul. Also, I've bought a $500 parts donor car for an M56 swap. I'm really hoping to be able to do the swap soon.  Volvo C70 by Logan Abner, on Flickr Volvo C70 by Logan Abner, on Flickr I'm quite an amateur mechanic, learning as I go along. So it's slow going, but having a great time! The final plan for now is like I said earlier, just to have a super clean, elegant coupe. I want the nicest interior possible for the car, slightly lowered, and a nice exhaust. That's about it really! 
  9. Hey guys, I'm parting an 01 C70 convertible. I bought it as a donor car for a manual swap. Engine seems to be seized up, it's completely dry, I haven't found any fluid of any sort in the engine yet haha. Just got it, so I haven't really begin taking it apart yet. Pros are that is has a fully functioning SC-901 with code. Rare olive green, showing some rust on the lower rocker panels, but the body panels seem to be pretty straight. Interior is decent. The top doesn't really work, but all the electrical doo-dads seem to work so far. If I find anything that doesn't work, I'll update it here. Wheels are in reasonable shape, and the tires are two different kinds, but have good tread on them.  Things I'm planning on keeping: Entire manual swap, trunk lid, wood trim.  Pretty much everything else is up for grabs. Fair warning, I'm pretty much a novice mechanic, the learning is slow going, but I'm enjoying every minute of it!! Bottom line is, if you want a part that's a bit harder to pull for someone like me, give me a little time to figure it out haha. This is just one big learning process for me.  Volvo C70 by Logan Abner, on Flickr Volvo C70 by Logan Abner, on Flickr Volvo C70 by Logan Abner, on Flickr Volvo C70 by Logan Abner, on Flickr Volvo C70 by Logan Abner, on Flickr Volvo C70 by Logan Abner, on Flickr Volvo C70 by Logan Abner, on Flickr Volvo C70 by Logan Abner, on Flickr
  10. Bought another Volvo I said... it'll be fun I said!

    Subscribed!!! Looks like a fun project. 
  11. Hello all, just got done replacing a lot of the cooling system. New expansion tank, new hoses/clamps and a system flush. I went from some prestone stuff to the proper Volvo coolant. Flushed the system with water 3 times. I had one issue where one hose wasn't tightened properly and I lost a lot of coolant, but everything has been fine since then.  But last night, I noticed a slightly lower coolant level, and what appeared to be a clear, oily liquid on the ground. Put some plastic down in the garage, and this morning I discovered that it is blue coolant. I can't find ANY leaks looking at the engine top down.. So I pulled the wheel off and looked underneath, and found the plastic wheel arch liner wet on the bottom, and the bottom of the control arms wet with coolant. There's definitely several drips coming from the system, but I cannot for the life of me figure out where it's coming from.. The liquid seems to be only exiting the system when it's under pressure, once it cooled down I didn't lose any more. Help me here guys, I'm no pro mechanic by any means, just trying to learn as I go along.    Wheel arch by Logan Abner, on Flickr Closeup of wet wheel arch by Logan Abner, on Flickr Old crusty coolant by Logan Abner, on Flickr Wet suspension pieces by Logan Abner, on Flickr Control arm by Logan Abner, on Flickr Drips by Logan Abner, on Flickr Drips by Logan Abner, on Flickr
  12. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Don't know why I waited so long to do this... This crap is nasty!!!! The tank has had a little hairline crack for ages now.  Volvo work by Logan Abner, on Flickr Volvo work by Logan Abner, on Flickr
  13. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    First real work on the C70 in a couple of years! Flushing out the coolant system, installing a new coolant reservoir and replacing all the related hoses.  Volvo by Logan Abner, on Flickr
  14. Carlisle 2016

    Haven't been since 2011, but next year IS happening! 1.tiz 2.gabe 3. gage 4. Noodle  5. Logan2224
  15. What Are You Listening To...

    Glenn Miller.. Yup that's how I roll.