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  1. Logan2224 added an answer to a question: Creaking From Front Suspension   

    I had that problem, new endlinks seemed to fix it 50k miles or so ago. Now I'm at 110k and its starting back up again. My spring seats look pretty rotted so I'm guessing that's the culprit. But I'm going to be ripping out and replacing everything soon. 
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  2. Logan2224 added a post in a topic: Spartacus Ii   

    Cool cool should be a fun project! I look forward to seeing the progress.
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I suffer badly from OCD.. Obsessive Car Disorder. I mainly obsess over vintage European cars, but I like pretty much anything. Provided that it doesn't suck haha. I'm a pilot by trade, working as a flight instructor right now to build up experience to make it into either the airlines or the corporate aviation world. I collect and restore vintage Matchbox cars as a hobby, as well as working on my C70.