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  1. She isn't one of them She is a family doctor that works at a major hospital in a clinic. She is hands on at the front lines.
  2. They might have the flu but US states aren't even testing to confirm that it is H1N1 and haven't been for months. ALL variations of the flu and flu like symptoms are being labeled as confirmed H1N1. My wife is a doctor and I have been following this very closely. CBS did some research into how accurate the #s were a while ago. I'm not saying H1N1 doesn't exist because it does. It just isn't anywhere near as prevalent as the media is making it out to be. It shouldn't come as a surprise to you that most
  3. Have you seen the actual data about how many confirmed cases there actually have been? I wouldn't worry too much.
  4. Can I use the rest of my supporting member months as a credit towards a lifetime?
  5. In the case of H1N1 the elderly are not the highest risk group. That is probably why they are not getting it. It isn't some government plot to kill off the old folks so nobody finds out that your government pensions have been pillaged. Wouldn't be a bad idea though - just not the case with this one.
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    Photos of the M59 outputs and the Axles / LSD
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    M59 LH output.jpg

    From the album: M59

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    M59 RH output.jpg

    From the album: M59

  9. From the album: M59

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    T-5 Power

    I think it would look better with Pegs :P
  11. Hopefully it will be on Xbox cause I don't have windows.
  12. Well, unless other brands than Saab use 5x110 then the whole new wheel selection won't be that huge. They probably have less choice that we do don't they? I assume the first pick isn't the actual wheels because that wheel is a 4 hole pattern.