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  1. I don't mean to pick you out just using your line as an example here... i would just like to say that if you have a problem with people on the boards or with what they say, don't bring it outside of the community. If you do, the problem doesn't get solved and then all the people who would be interested to possibly join might not. so in fact, you're only it worse by "bashing" the site. instead, why not bring it up within the site and help solve a problem? it seems that making people aware of one aspect of VS is only detrimental. We all benefit from the knowledge of all the other members, whether they be right or wrong. that's that whole point of a community like this, isn't it? to exchange help and information. Some add a tinge of crass to what they say here, but it's only because they're opinionated and i guess don't have a check on what they say, but you have to deal with that, not make it an issue for people who have no idea about how helpful the site is.
  2. i personally really like the overall shape of the car. it's a nice relationship between bulging rear and the sort of pointed snout. it really takes the cues from a car and translates them well into an SUV body style, where so many other cars have failed. (i'm thinking porsche cayenne) I'd say it's a success, style wise. but volvo is definitely resting on it's laurels with the s60 for sure. it got so much praise for it's beauty when it came out, they probably think they shouldn't mess with it. either that or ford is just lazy in getting them funding to develop cars rather than SUVs
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