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  1. Dan A

    Misc crap

  2. Dan A


  3. Order sent for one of those gold/white ones. :)
  4. why are you reviving a thread whose last post was a year and a half ago?
  5. I like how some of you answered No to #1 and Yes to #2. :rolleyes:
  6. It's a Lilliput 7" monitor with a 3m capacitive touchscreen. I custom made the bezel.

  7. Saw the Pics of your screen installation. Who makes it? I assume it is a touch screen.

  8. Dan A

    Volvo V70 R

    Volvo V70 R
  9. Yeah, no thanks. It works for some of the big items but not the zillion small ones.
  10. +1. I'd like this question answered on the best way to go about this. (I have a 96 855R parting soon).
  11. Dan A

    Car PC

  12. No shit, I can not believe people voted for him and now he represents my state. Great.
  13. Anyone know why my sig isn't working anymore? When I go to My Settings, it shows it there. When I post, I can see Sig enabled under Post Options. And there's a big space underneath my post like it wants to show something.
  14. Upper right. View new content.